Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Exciting, Eventful, Emotional and Entertaining

My last few days have been filled with all the emotions starting with E.

Sunday my best friend, Danielle's older sister had a bridal shower that my mom and I went to. I was under the impression my mom would be going to church then coming over. So I would have help between her and my sister to be able to get ready. Then she called at 11:45 which was less than an hour before I needed to be out of the house to tell me they didn't go to church. I was on my own getting ready! Terrified, just a little. I know this is an every day thing for Mom's to get ready but to get ready and be cute is different than throwing on some jeans. I some how managed to shave my legs, curl my hair and be done before my mom and sister arrived. But you all know there is a catch! This is what my kids were doing while I was getting ready....

That would be the entire contents
of Delainey's Dresser!

The Shower was great and the weather was amazing. I got asked if I went to high school. The only good news is she had no idea I was pregnant much less 30 weeks with my third child. The kids were in bed early and ridiculously easy to put down that night.

Monday,  I was woken up by a text at 6:45am from Kelly to let me know they didn't turn her down this time and she was admitted into the hospital and getting ready to be induced! I had set out my clothes the night before and got ready first thing that morning. I ran a few errands then met my mom with the girls so I could head to the hospital. My mom kept reminding me "Meridith, not everyone has freakishly fast labors like you." Which by the way I'm aware I'm a strange one but I just had a feeling Kelly was going to do great. They broke her water around 8:45. She then got to celebrate her 21st birthday via pain meds. Epidural at 11ish and baby Sam was here at 2:52. He weighed in at 9lbs 1oz and 21 inches long. He is the most adorable baby in the hospital! Sam has bleach blond hair and the cutest big ole feet! Joey and Kelly were instantly in love and you can see the gleam on Joey's face from ear to ear! Kelly did great and I'm so proud of her! I didn't want to leave the hospital at all but finally had to at 7:45 to go pick up the girls whom were once so cute and tiny!

Joseph Samuel Hash
9lbs 1oz
21 inches long

April 4th is also my anniversary. Which I decided as long as Sam gave his mom an easy labor I would share my anniversary with him as his birthday! :P Ryan and I have been married for 3 years and together for 6 years. It's crazy how much has happened in such a short amount of time. We have moved across country and back as well as an extra move in between! 3rd deployment, 3rd pregnancy and we are going strong. I love that man more than anyone could ever imagine. Being in the hospital was a little ruff for me. Don't get me wrong I was more than excited for the two of them to have such a great experience. But it made me bring down the guard I've had up for so long about feeling the emotion over Ryan not being there for his son's birth. I forgot how amazing those first moments were and how it was always so great to have Ryan right by my side during labor. I keep telling everyone I will just hold him in 4 months after his due date so Ryan will be here. Good plan right? I think so. Ryan has never surprised me with anything in that 6 years. I find everything out, its just how I am. So I saw on the bank account a few days ago that I was getting something from proflowers.com which is a site Ryan and I both use. I assumed I was getting flower, but nope chocolate covered strawberries! AMAZING! So glad my husband knows that his fat wife would rather have those over flowers any day!

Kylie and I have already
 each devoured one!

Today was so relaxing and boring I loved it. The girls got up at the usual 7:15 we ate breakfast and to our surprise their Daddy was online and we got to hear him talk and he got to see us. We are hoping his web cam works tomorrow so we can see him too! After lunch I put Delainey down for a nap and threw together a meatloaf for dinner. I have a theory that it taste better if you make it a few hours before you cook it. This meatloaf was so good I wanted to eat the whole thing raw. But I knew that would not be bright. I finally stopped picking at it and stuck it in the fridge. {Tara I am going to corrupt you into liking meatloaf I swear!} I then looked at Kylie and said "Can we please take a nap today?" She of course looked at me like I was a crack whore on the street corner. Then I said "You can play games on Mommy's computer!" She light up and was up for the idea. I set her up on the NickJr website and she played for 2 hours while I slept! Miracle? I think it was a miracle that I got to sleep that long. I woke up and jumped in the shower while I still had a few minutes. Boring rest of the day. Kylie actually ate my meatloaf! She even said "Mom this is good, you're a good cook." I feel like sometimes shes just buttering me up for something. The girls got a bath and I suddenly realized that I had 6 weeks until I was full term. When the heck did that happen? This poor baby has a woppin 10 outfits and that's it. One of them being a swimsuit with a rash guard to match. Adorable! Needless to say I should get crackin' on rearranging my tanning/guest/nursery room to get ready for little man's arrival! This means I should also finish the rest of the house. Money tree please start growing NOWW! Thanks to Ryan's Uncle who gave us an awesome gift card I was able to decorate the whole downstairs! It's all coming together nicely! I just received a few things I need to hang. If I could steal my mom and kick out my kids for an hour I think I could get it all figured out. But she's my main baby sitter so that could be a challenge.

I hope everyone is still standing after the crazy wind we have had and they have a fabulous first week of April!

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