Thursday, April 21, 2011

Common Courtesy

You wouldn't want to feel strange showing up to an event knowing you weren't welcome correct? Much less someones house! I think since moving to North Carolina more people have forgotten common courtesy than you would ever know.

Things to Remember:

Even if saying at 9am you will be stopping bye, a phone call at 4pm when you finally do show up is NECESSARY! Other wise it is considered coming over without warning.

When being invited over you do not then tell the host "so and so will be coming too". A polite way of saying it would be, "Is it okay with you if so and so comes as well?"

Showing up with sugar products at 10:30am and expecting me to allow my kids to eat them will never happen. {Unless you're my mother who thinks when visiting CA that breakfast is actually in fact candy/cookies}

If you drop 12 hints that you want an invite to an event/holiday and you still do not get the invite, YOU AREN'T WELCOME! Do not call my mother and/or anyone else.

I was under the impression these things were common sense but apparently it's not. When I am meeting someone at a restaurant and get the idea to invite another mutual friend I ALWAYS ask the person I'm meeting first. Its common courtesy. What if you were unaware of some dispute those two were having and then you were in the middle of a food fight at Chili's, that wouldn't be good right? Think before you do things when it has to do with another person and especially when it has to do with another person's house! .

I love when people invite their self to my house. And I mean that in all seriousness. If you're bored and want to come over, call me. If I'm not busy it will be fun and chances are I will find some random activity to do. I really could care less who was at my house but I always feel like people should ask. What if I bought a special treat for 3 kids and you then invited someone and now one child will be left out. Melt down mania? I think so.

On a different note, what the heck am I going to wear on Easter, in 3 days?! I have an ultrasound today and can not wait to see little man and find out how much they think he weighs! Hope everyone enjoys their Good Friday tomorrow! The girls and I are having a few friends over to dye eggs and decorate cookies. Can't wait! :)

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