Monday, April 18, 2011

Can I still go to Grandma's?!

Last night was eventful to say the least. I crawled into bed super early to watch my 8 shows that come on Sunday night. And that's not an exaggeration when they all come on in one night.{Army Wives, Coming Home, Desperate HouseWives, Sister Wives, Brothers and Sisters, Secret Millionaire, Kardashians and Holly's world}

Around 11:45 I put on the last show and finally laid my head down when I then heard coughing and one of the girls crying. Within a few minutes Kylie was in my room throwing up on my floor. At this point I'm just glad I was already awake. I bring her to the bathroom, put up her hair and wash off her face, hands and feet. The first words out of her mouth were, "Can I still go to Grandma's house?" The poor girl was so worried about getting to spend the night with Grandma that's all she was thinking about when getting sick. I made a little bed on my floor with towels next to her and laid her down while I was cleaning up her bed. The TV was on and Ke$ha's song 'Blow' came on and she sits up and starts singing and dancing. Only my child. I finally get all the throw up covered linens in the washer ready to go first thing in the morning since it would wake up Delainey. Kylie stayed up and watched TV for a while with me then finally dozed off around 12:30 just to wake up coughing and throwing up a little more. She was so pitiful in the midst of choking saying, "I miss Daddy." She woke up one more time at 3 doing the same thing then not again until 8 in the morning. When she got up in the morning she seemed fine and really didn't have any signs of being sick.

Kylie did not want to eat breakfast and just nibbled on some food. The rest of the morning I was determined to get some stuff organized in the bonus room. Where as I still have so much to do I feel like I got somewhere today. Which eases SOME stress. Kylie was fine and happy just making sure she could still go to her Grandma's house. Once my mom walked into the house she was pitiful and all of a sudden sickly. I went to run my errands then came back home. Uncle Garst and Jenn came by to say hello and I was so happy to see my boyfriend! Then my Mom took Kylie and it was just Delainey and I for the rest of the day.

It's insane how much you can get done with just one kid around. I finished the laundry, made all the beds with clean sheets, finished organizing the bonus room and cleaned up the kitchen. After cleaning up we headed out to shop to look for a dress for my shower. No luck but it was nice to walk around stores peacefully with Delainey! Then it was time for our date with Aunt Kelly and Sam! We had a very peaceful dinner while Sam slept and Delainey stabbed things with her fork. I told Kel that was the quietest meal out we would have for a while. Sam will get older and I will have one more child on top of actually having both my kids. It could get interesting in a few months!! There is never a dull moment in my life. As stressful and crazy as it gets its always entertaining!

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