Saturday, April 16, 2011

Allergy Attack to Anxiety Attack

Friday was by far the worst I have felt in so long. My allergies or possibly a cold hit me full force all at one time. It started Thursday afternoon but I assumed it would go away. By Thursday night I was up literally sitting straight up in bed until 6:30am when I finally dosed off just from pure exhaustion. So on top of no sleep I had symptom after symptom of miserable allergies. My throat was soar. My mouth hurt from the pressure. I had a head ache as well as ear aches. I could not breath to save my life. I did my neti pot 3 times that day and it just made things worse. Which my precious neti pot has NEVER failed on me! I get a chance to run to CVS to grab some Claritin and I throw the kids in the car hoping to make it a quick trip. We pull up and what do you know, Kylie doesn't have shoes. My mom suggested to go through the drive thru and ask if they could get it for me. I really had no patience to deal with any of it so I then decided to grab some lunch and head back home. The kids ate, I laid the little one down for a nap. I then turned on the computer in hopes my fantastic trick of computer games for Kylie would allow a nap. But my lovely 4 month old computer crashed for the SECOND time.

I lay down for a nap anyways thinking the TV and her Leapster would occupy her time. That was a joke so I hope you all laughed. She woke me up probably every 5 minutes telling me she was hungry, I did just say we ate lunch right before correct?! I finally just gave up and told her she could go get a juice box. The chubby ones that my kids are she comes back with 8 snacks. We do not eat upstairs but at that point I could care less. I slept for maybe 45 minutes, sitting up in hopes I didn't randomly stop breathing. The rest of the day I stood as long as I could being 8 months pregnant. The second I sat my symptoms got worse. I could sit in the kitchen chairs and be okay, but the second my butt hit a comfortable couch or bed I was done for it.  The kids got in bed by 8:05 and I took a hot bath hoping it would relax me some how. After my bath I decided my Robitussin might help and seeing as it was all I had I went for it. Within 15 minutes I was feeling some relief. At 2am I woke up with my throat burning due to the fan. I get up take Tylenol and sweat the rest of the night out with no fan. A bright 7:15 wake up call from the girls and I could finally breath. I just have a soar throat and sound like a man with my hacking cough.

Our day today was pretty easy going just relaxed and enjoyed the sound of the rain until around 4. I had told Kylie all day I had a surprise for her but wasn't telling her where. We were about to head out the door and I said "Do you want a jacket for the movies?" Really Meridith?! All day you kept this a secret and in the last 5 minutes you blow it?! We stop for candy at Wallgreens, nope didn't dawn on me until now to pick up some allergy medicine. Then the exciting adventure of movies with 9 people began. We get in of course Kylie has to go potty but heaven forbid it be an automatic toilet! After searching stalls she found one that was a regular toilet so she could pee. $200 later we all had our snacks. As were standing in line we get a call from the other Momma we were meeting and she was getting yelled at for saving an entire row in the theater. Apparently one lady said she was going to take her ticket back? Ok and since when was that her fault for saving seats for people she was sitting with?! It is in no way illegal to save a seat in a movie theater!! Once we sat down she ran out to get snacks and Brittany {our pretend Mommy really a nanny friend} took her kids to potty since they missed the potty break earlier. We then got asked probably 8 times each if those seats were saved. Nope we aren't saving them we just stuck bags in them because we don't like sitting by strangers. One lady asked about the 3 seats on one side, Lindsey stated they were taken she has the nerve to then walk all the way across our row, crawling over our legs, to try to take the 2 seats we had on the other end. It's funny that these people were getting mad as if they have never saved a seat for someone while they went to the bathroom or got snacks. That's kinda just what happens at a movie theater. Who knew a 5:20pm kids movie on a Saturday would be that busy. You would think normal parents wouldn't take their kids during dinner time. When Leanne had gotten up to go get snacks I said do you know if they have boosters here. She though I said Brusters. {as in icecream} She said "Oh yeah send the fat girl to find out!" My first thought was wait I'm the fat pregnant lady who likes all junk food wouldn't that be me? But then I got confused what our sizes had anything to do with a booster seat for my shrimp of a child. She comes back and says no they don't have Brusters but they have chocolate covered cookie dough bites. I could not stop laughing. But just in case you wanted to know they do in fact have BOOSTER seats!

We then caravan to McDonalds to grab some food, as if the popcorn and HUGE soda wasn't enough for this fatty. I now had both the munchkins. Thank Goodness my Momma could take Delainey during the movie or it would of been an interesting time. After the kids ate they were then running around like crazy people in the play place. A lady and 4 grown men then walked in with NO kids I might add and she says "Why is it so loud in here?" Oh I have no idea? Maybe because its a play place and it echo's in here when 6 kids are playing. They walk out and continue to stare at us. I get it we are all very young and have many kids but really why the stares? So they sit down and are eating Chinese food drinking McDonalds coffee. Did you read the sign when you walked in, you know the one stating DO NOT BRING OUTSIDE FOOD IN? {Meanwhile we did have one child with Chickfila, but 1 out of 9 people is pretty dang good} Once it was time to go of course Delainey poops and I have one wipe in my diaper bag. Which this seems to be a trend. She must sneak a peak in my bag. 

We get in the car and Kylie cries because she wants to go to Grandma's house. I said okay call Grandma and ask if she will come get you. I knew my mom would not be driving 45 miles to pick that child up at 8:45. She then told me her room was too boring to sleep in and that's why she wanted to go to Grandma's We arrive at home and Kylie has an all out heart attack because she is NOT tired! I get Delainey in bed and 30 minutes later Kylie finally decided to go in her room and goes to sleep. Now I have taken some more Robitussin, Tylenol and am very ready for some sleep!!

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