Thursday, April 21, 2011

Common Courtesy

You wouldn't want to feel strange showing up to an event knowing you weren't welcome correct? Much less someones house! I think since moving to North Carolina more people have forgotten common courtesy than you would ever know.

Things to Remember:

Even if saying at 9am you will be stopping bye, a phone call at 4pm when you finally do show up is NECESSARY! Other wise it is considered coming over without warning.

When being invited over you do not then tell the host "so and so will be coming too". A polite way of saying it would be, "Is it okay with you if so and so comes as well?"

Showing up with sugar products at 10:30am and expecting me to allow my kids to eat them will never happen. {Unless you're my mother who thinks when visiting CA that breakfast is actually in fact candy/cookies}

If you drop 12 hints that you want an invite to an event/holiday and you still do not get the invite, YOU AREN'T WELCOME! Do not call my mother and/or anyone else.

I was under the impression these things were common sense but apparently it's not. When I am meeting someone at a restaurant and get the idea to invite another mutual friend I ALWAYS ask the person I'm meeting first. Its common courtesy. What if you were unaware of some dispute those two were having and then you were in the middle of a food fight at Chili's, that wouldn't be good right? Think before you do things when it has to do with another person and especially when it has to do with another person's house! .

I love when people invite their self to my house. And I mean that in all seriousness. If you're bored and want to come over, call me. If I'm not busy it will be fun and chances are I will find some random activity to do. I really could care less who was at my house but I always feel like people should ask. What if I bought a special treat for 3 kids and you then invited someone and now one child will be left out. Melt down mania? I think so.

On a different note, what the heck am I going to wear on Easter, in 3 days?! I have an ultrasound today and can not wait to see little man and find out how much they think he weighs! Hope everyone enjoys their Good Friday tomorrow! The girls and I are having a few friends over to dye eggs and decorate cookies. Can't wait! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Can I still go to Grandma's?!

Last night was eventful to say the least. I crawled into bed super early to watch my 8 shows that come on Sunday night. And that's not an exaggeration when they all come on in one night.{Army Wives, Coming Home, Desperate HouseWives, Sister Wives, Brothers and Sisters, Secret Millionaire, Kardashians and Holly's world}

Around 11:45 I put on the last show and finally laid my head down when I then heard coughing and one of the girls crying. Within a few minutes Kylie was in my room throwing up on my floor. At this point I'm just glad I was already awake. I bring her to the bathroom, put up her hair and wash off her face, hands and feet. The first words out of her mouth were, "Can I still go to Grandma's house?" The poor girl was so worried about getting to spend the night with Grandma that's all she was thinking about when getting sick. I made a little bed on my floor with towels next to her and laid her down while I was cleaning up her bed. The TV was on and Ke$ha's song 'Blow' came on and she sits up and starts singing and dancing. Only my child. I finally get all the throw up covered linens in the washer ready to go first thing in the morning since it would wake up Delainey. Kylie stayed up and watched TV for a while with me then finally dozed off around 12:30 just to wake up coughing and throwing up a little more. She was so pitiful in the midst of choking saying, "I miss Daddy." She woke up one more time at 3 doing the same thing then not again until 8 in the morning. When she got up in the morning she seemed fine and really didn't have any signs of being sick.

Kylie did not want to eat breakfast and just nibbled on some food. The rest of the morning I was determined to get some stuff organized in the bonus room. Where as I still have so much to do I feel like I got somewhere today. Which eases SOME stress. Kylie was fine and happy just making sure she could still go to her Grandma's house. Once my mom walked into the house she was pitiful and all of a sudden sickly. I went to run my errands then came back home. Uncle Garst and Jenn came by to say hello and I was so happy to see my boyfriend! Then my Mom took Kylie and it was just Delainey and I for the rest of the day.

It's insane how much you can get done with just one kid around. I finished the laundry, made all the beds with clean sheets, finished organizing the bonus room and cleaned up the kitchen. After cleaning up we headed out to shop to look for a dress for my shower. No luck but it was nice to walk around stores peacefully with Delainey! Then it was time for our date with Aunt Kelly and Sam! We had a very peaceful dinner while Sam slept and Delainey stabbed things with her fork. I told Kel that was the quietest meal out we would have for a while. Sam will get older and I will have one more child on top of actually having both my kids. It could get interesting in a few months!! There is never a dull moment in my life. As stressful and crazy as it gets its always entertaining!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I was under the impression that all the screaming and break downs would come to an end. They dwindled to their normal amount and we were finally getting into a routine. Since then I have been trying to avoid driving my car due to it being out of inspection and seeming to be virtually impossible to easily get inspected. This means a lot of time spent at home. When really we are use to that. In California there were weeks we didn't leave the house even once. So what the heck are my kids problems?!

Slowly but surely Kylie is relapsing from her good behavior back to the pain in the butt "i hate change" child. Every day I spend screaming at the top of my lungs hoping that it will some how click in this child's brain that she is doing something wrong. Nothing works. I try to be nice. I try to punish her. I try to get her to just tell me what is wrong. I took her on a fun day yesterday just for her hoping it would help. Instead she had an all out war towards me when we got home. She woke up in the same fantastic mood screaming at me because she did not want waffles for breakfast. I told her we would not be going any where with the way she's been acting. But my mom then texted me and said she would pick her up for church. As much as I wanted to stand my ground I need to get away from the child.

While she was gone Delainey and I went to the store and it was a very peaceful trip I might add. I was then able to take a shower, no problems, screaming or disasters during that either. I got dressed and even blow dried my hair for the first time in almost a month. I made lunch then Kylie arrived and my peaceful day was at its end. Not to my surprise Kylie also gave my mom a hard time. She wanted to be held and cried because she didn't want her bagel cut a certain way. Um hello since when did we cry about a bagel?! She's just plain rude and ugly right now and I can not find a reason. The only thing I have come up with is she wants to spend the night at my Mom's and my mom has been too busy to accommodate the princess' sleeping plans.

I am worn out, ridiculously sick, tired, annoyed, pissed off and wish it would all stop. I want to scream that I give up but you can't give up, it's not really an option with a deployed husband and 2 1/2 kids! I have 5 weeks before I am 37 weeks and waiting to have this baby. I have nothing for him. My house still has pictures propped up on walls and not hung. His "room" has boxes and beds of all sorts all around it. I know everything that needs to be done yet I just sit around because I'm too annoyed to do any of it. I need time to slow down. Communication with Ryan is slowing fading into a few sentence emails. Ive gotten one call since he has been gone.

On a happy note, I will at least be having a flat tummy and a handsome boy in my arms in a matter of a few weeks! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Allergy Attack to Anxiety Attack

Friday was by far the worst I have felt in so long. My allergies or possibly a cold hit me full force all at one time. It started Thursday afternoon but I assumed it would go away. By Thursday night I was up literally sitting straight up in bed until 6:30am when I finally dosed off just from pure exhaustion. So on top of no sleep I had symptom after symptom of miserable allergies. My throat was soar. My mouth hurt from the pressure. I had a head ache as well as ear aches. I could not breath to save my life. I did my neti pot 3 times that day and it just made things worse. Which my precious neti pot has NEVER failed on me! I get a chance to run to CVS to grab some Claritin and I throw the kids in the car hoping to make it a quick trip. We pull up and what do you know, Kylie doesn't have shoes. My mom suggested to go through the drive thru and ask if they could get it for me. I really had no patience to deal with any of it so I then decided to grab some lunch and head back home. The kids ate, I laid the little one down for a nap. I then turned on the computer in hopes my fantastic trick of computer games for Kylie would allow a nap. But my lovely 4 month old computer crashed for the SECOND time.

I lay down for a nap anyways thinking the TV and her Leapster would occupy her time. That was a joke so I hope you all laughed. She woke me up probably every 5 minutes telling me she was hungry, I did just say we ate lunch right before correct?! I finally just gave up and told her she could go get a juice box. The chubby ones that my kids are she comes back with 8 snacks. We do not eat upstairs but at that point I could care less. I slept for maybe 45 minutes, sitting up in hopes I didn't randomly stop breathing. The rest of the day I stood as long as I could being 8 months pregnant. The second I sat my symptoms got worse. I could sit in the kitchen chairs and be okay, but the second my butt hit a comfortable couch or bed I was done for it.  The kids got in bed by 8:05 and I took a hot bath hoping it would relax me some how. After my bath I decided my Robitussin might help and seeing as it was all I had I went for it. Within 15 minutes I was feeling some relief. At 2am I woke up with my throat burning due to the fan. I get up take Tylenol and sweat the rest of the night out with no fan. A bright 7:15 wake up call from the girls and I could finally breath. I just have a soar throat and sound like a man with my hacking cough.

Our day today was pretty easy going just relaxed and enjoyed the sound of the rain until around 4. I had told Kylie all day I had a surprise for her but wasn't telling her where. We were about to head out the door and I said "Do you want a jacket for the movies?" Really Meridith?! All day you kept this a secret and in the last 5 minutes you blow it?! We stop for candy at Wallgreens, nope didn't dawn on me until now to pick up some allergy medicine. Then the exciting adventure of movies with 9 people began. We get in of course Kylie has to go potty but heaven forbid it be an automatic toilet! After searching stalls she found one that was a regular toilet so she could pee. $200 later we all had our snacks. As were standing in line we get a call from the other Momma we were meeting and she was getting yelled at for saving an entire row in the theater. Apparently one lady said she was going to take her ticket back? Ok and since when was that her fault for saving seats for people she was sitting with?! It is in no way illegal to save a seat in a movie theater!! Once we sat down she ran out to get snacks and Brittany {our pretend Mommy really a nanny friend} took her kids to potty since they missed the potty break earlier. We then got asked probably 8 times each if those seats were saved. Nope we aren't saving them we just stuck bags in them because we don't like sitting by strangers. One lady asked about the 3 seats on one side, Lindsey stated they were taken she has the nerve to then walk all the way across our row, crawling over our legs, to try to take the 2 seats we had on the other end. It's funny that these people were getting mad as if they have never saved a seat for someone while they went to the bathroom or got snacks. That's kinda just what happens at a movie theater. Who knew a 5:20pm kids movie on a Saturday would be that busy. You would think normal parents wouldn't take their kids during dinner time. When Leanne had gotten up to go get snacks I said do you know if they have boosters here. She though I said Brusters. {as in icecream} She said "Oh yeah send the fat girl to find out!" My first thought was wait I'm the fat pregnant lady who likes all junk food wouldn't that be me? But then I got confused what our sizes had anything to do with a booster seat for my shrimp of a child. She comes back and says no they don't have Brusters but they have chocolate covered cookie dough bites. I could not stop laughing. But just in case you wanted to know they do in fact have BOOSTER seats!

We then caravan to McDonalds to grab some food, as if the popcorn and HUGE soda wasn't enough for this fatty. I now had both the munchkins. Thank Goodness my Momma could take Delainey during the movie or it would of been an interesting time. After the kids ate they were then running around like crazy people in the play place. A lady and 4 grown men then walked in with NO kids I might add and she says "Why is it so loud in here?" Oh I have no idea? Maybe because its a play place and it echo's in here when 6 kids are playing. They walk out and continue to stare at us. I get it we are all very young and have many kids but really why the stares? So they sit down and are eating Chinese food drinking McDonalds coffee. Did you read the sign when you walked in, you know the one stating DO NOT BRING OUTSIDE FOOD IN? {Meanwhile we did have one child with Chickfila, but 1 out of 9 people is pretty dang good} Once it was time to go of course Delainey poops and I have one wipe in my diaper bag. Which this seems to be a trend. She must sneak a peak in my bag. 

We get in the car and Kylie cries because she wants to go to Grandma's house. I said okay call Grandma and ask if she will come get you. I knew my mom would not be driving 45 miles to pick that child up at 8:45. She then told me her room was too boring to sleep in and that's why she wanted to go to Grandma's We arrive at home and Kylie has an all out heart attack because she is NOT tired! I get Delainey in bed and 30 minutes later Kylie finally decided to go in her room and goes to sleep. Now I have taken some more Robitussin, Tylenol and am very ready for some sleep!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kids Say the Darnest Things

You hear that saying so often but until you have kids you don't think it's really true. I wish I could record half the things my kid says. And most of the time they are cute and funny things, other times you wish you could disown them for that 2 seconds. My kids are for the most part very polite. In fact the only words my youngest knows are Thank you, Excuse Me and Please. Makes me proud. The oldest well we wont go there.

I finally got a care package together for my husband and woke up and got ready rather early Saturday morning to get it in the mail. First my Mom made me nervous because she said the post office was not open on Saturday's but I knew she was crazy. Not all post offices are closed on Saturday, just Statesville's! So we get into the building and I had everything filled out and taped so on and so forth to make this process as quick as possible. Well I got the one postal worker who wanted to take his time. Kylie looks up at me and says "Excuse Me." I said, "Ok Thank you." You know what are you supposed to say when someone says excuse me anyways. When she said excuse me it was in a quiet voice. Then not 2 seconds later she screams "I said excuse me because I farted!!" I mean really?! You couldn't of left it at excuse me? You had to let the whole place know you farted. Of course the entire place is cracking up and thinks she's just adorable. Her mother, not so much.

The first week I was in North Carolina is my fabulous story of when Kylie dropped the F bomb, to my mom. My mom lives on a farm and has chickens and cows. The people that live "next door" apparently got some new chickens. They are the ugliest, loudest, most annoying things in the world. They woke me up in the morning right by the guest window. One day Kylie was helping my mom get eggs and feed OUR chickens and they were clucking as usual. Kylie says " Those chickens need to shut the f**k up!" My mom said "Kylie what did you say?" "Those bummer chickens need to shut up." I do not recall ever saying that sentence for her to repeat but apparently the chickens were annoying her as much as the rest of us.

Kylie knows not to cuss. She knows words are bad and replaces them with the word 'bummer'. Hince why she corrected her self to my mom and claimed that she said bummer. Luckily we do not have many cases of her cussing and it is so hard to not laugh when she does.

Poor Kylie got shots today and has been pitiful ever since. She was so good and brave. I warned her she may have to get them and thank goodness that I spoke to her about it before we got to the doctor's office. She needed 5 but I only let them do 3 today. Her poor face when they stuck her with the first one made me want to cry. I think she knew it was going to hurt but was really unaware it would hurt like that. Is it bad that I'm hoping the tylonal will help her sleep in tomorrow?!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week! :D

Saturday, April 9, 2011

He's going to put me on a street corner!

He being my husband. Ever since I sold my car in December the kids and I have been taking over my husbands. He has always kept his car clean and nice for whenever someone got in it. {The trunk is a different story!} And I my self have never really kept my car that dirty. I of course always have a good bit of crumbs, hair and toys but never so disgusting people wouldn't want to ride in it.

Well lately I have not had any time to clean the car and I'm seeing more and more food particles and juice spots on my poor husbands car. I can not wait to get a car of my own again so I am not constantly screaming "DON'T DO THAT TO YOUR FATHERS CAR!!" I try my hardest to keep it clean and try to keep the food and drinks for the kids to a minimum but sometimes its just so much easier to hand them food to get them to stop screaming!

Today, my efforts failed, miserably!

Yep that's ketchup,
 that close to the seat!

But how could you get mad at that face?

You love me husband!!
Now that you saw the horror pictures of what his car looks like after 2 kids and 2 months of him being gone. I'd like you all to know I pulled into the driveway and got out the vacuum and cleaner to clean the car. It look so much better and I don't feel like such a bad wife. Now realize it is not Ryan Burke car clean but hey its better than what it was!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I Showered Today!

Yep, I said it. I showered today. You may think that a normal person would shower every day but nope not me. I'm lucky to get one every other day. Right now it's normally every 2-3 days. It's more of a choice rather than not having the time. At this point being 31 weeks pregnant with the THIRD child when I have 20 minutes of time, I sleep. To me sleep is far more important at the moment than showering. I haven't left the house since Wednesday afternoon any how so why shower if no one was going to see me?

Meanwhile I have gained about 2 pounds a week for lets see 6 weeks. That's not right. That's gross. This little boy wants me to be huge, he wants my stretch marks to be visible and my face to have 4 extra chins, my feet to swell and my jeans to not be close to buttoning. I have PASSED the heaviest weight I have ever been which is what I was 9 months pregnant with both girls. I have tried to not eat so much and slow my roll on the sugar but tell my son that. I have to go upstairs at 8 just so I won't eat anything more. I hate going downstairs in the dark so I know if I don't bring it up when I put the girls down, I'll never go back down there. 6 weeks until I'm full term. Normally that would be about a pound a week until then but rate I'm going I will be 12 pounds heavier. Wait no that would be so close to my husbands weight I would cry. I feel as if this baby is laying horizontal. My sides are going out but he is so low there's no way he could be vertical.

31 weeks
9 until due date
6 until full term
{Can you tell I plan on going before my due date?}

Reasons I am huge...
Duke's Mayo {I forgot that CA didn't have it and have used half a container so far}
Rainbow Chip Icing {Also not available in CA}
Bojangles {Oh what do you know also not in CA}
Cracker Barre ll Biscuits and Gravy {Yep same problem}
Sonic Tots and Cherry Lime Aids

All I ever want is a HUGE Cherry Lime Aid. Ive wanted one for about 4 hours now. I have a few errands to run tomorrow and one of them include the post office. There happens to be a post office RIGHT by Sonic. May be 10 miles away but hey they are next door! I think I'm drooling already. Maybe I will wait for happy hour and get it half off! Seeing as the government will probably shut down and we wont be able to afford my fat kid foods I can wait a few extra hours to save a dollar right?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Exciting, Eventful, Emotional and Entertaining

My last few days have been filled with all the emotions starting with E.

Sunday my best friend, Danielle's older sister had a bridal shower that my mom and I went to. I was under the impression my mom would be going to church then coming over. So I would have help between her and my sister to be able to get ready. Then she called at 11:45 which was less than an hour before I needed to be out of the house to tell me they didn't go to church. I was on my own getting ready! Terrified, just a little. I know this is an every day thing for Mom's to get ready but to get ready and be cute is different than throwing on some jeans. I some how managed to shave my legs, curl my hair and be done before my mom and sister arrived. But you all know there is a catch! This is what my kids were doing while I was getting ready....

That would be the entire contents
of Delainey's Dresser!

The Shower was great and the weather was amazing. I got asked if I went to high school. The only good news is she had no idea I was pregnant much less 30 weeks with my third child. The kids were in bed early and ridiculously easy to put down that night.

Monday,  I was woken up by a text at 6:45am from Kelly to let me know they didn't turn her down this time and she was admitted into the hospital and getting ready to be induced! I had set out my clothes the night before and got ready first thing that morning. I ran a few errands then met my mom with the girls so I could head to the hospital. My mom kept reminding me "Meridith, not everyone has freakishly fast labors like you." Which by the way I'm aware I'm a strange one but I just had a feeling Kelly was going to do great. They broke her water around 8:45. She then got to celebrate her 21st birthday via pain meds. Epidural at 11ish and baby Sam was here at 2:52. He weighed in at 9lbs 1oz and 21 inches long. He is the most adorable baby in the hospital! Sam has bleach blond hair and the cutest big ole feet! Joey and Kelly were instantly in love and you can see the gleam on Joey's face from ear to ear! Kelly did great and I'm so proud of her! I didn't want to leave the hospital at all but finally had to at 7:45 to go pick up the girls whom were once so cute and tiny!

Joseph Samuel Hash
9lbs 1oz
21 inches long

April 4th is also my anniversary. Which I decided as long as Sam gave his mom an easy labor I would share my anniversary with him as his birthday! :P Ryan and I have been married for 3 years and together for 6 years. It's crazy how much has happened in such a short amount of time. We have moved across country and back as well as an extra move in between! 3rd deployment, 3rd pregnancy and we are going strong. I love that man more than anyone could ever imagine. Being in the hospital was a little ruff for me. Don't get me wrong I was more than excited for the two of them to have such a great experience. But it made me bring down the guard I've had up for so long about feeling the emotion over Ryan not being there for his son's birth. I forgot how amazing those first moments were and how it was always so great to have Ryan right by my side during labor. I keep telling everyone I will just hold him in 4 months after his due date so Ryan will be here. Good plan right? I think so. Ryan has never surprised me with anything in that 6 years. I find everything out, its just how I am. So I saw on the bank account a few days ago that I was getting something from which is a site Ryan and I both use. I assumed I was getting flower, but nope chocolate covered strawberries! AMAZING! So glad my husband knows that his fat wife would rather have those over flowers any day!

Kylie and I have already
 each devoured one!

Today was so relaxing and boring I loved it. The girls got up at the usual 7:15 we ate breakfast and to our surprise their Daddy was online and we got to hear him talk and he got to see us. We are hoping his web cam works tomorrow so we can see him too! After lunch I put Delainey down for a nap and threw together a meatloaf for dinner. I have a theory that it taste better if you make it a few hours before you cook it. This meatloaf was so good I wanted to eat the whole thing raw. But I knew that would not be bright. I finally stopped picking at it and stuck it in the fridge. {Tara I am going to corrupt you into liking meatloaf I swear!} I then looked at Kylie and said "Can we please take a nap today?" She of course looked at me like I was a crack whore on the street corner. Then I said "You can play games on Mommy's computer!" She light up and was up for the idea. I set her up on the NickJr website and she played for 2 hours while I slept! Miracle? I think it was a miracle that I got to sleep that long. I woke up and jumped in the shower while I still had a few minutes. Boring rest of the day. Kylie actually ate my meatloaf! She even said "Mom this is good, you're a good cook." I feel like sometimes shes just buttering me up for something. The girls got a bath and I suddenly realized that I had 6 weeks until I was full term. When the heck did that happen? This poor baby has a woppin 10 outfits and that's it. One of them being a swimsuit with a rash guard to match. Adorable! Needless to say I should get crackin' on rearranging my tanning/guest/nursery room to get ready for little man's arrival! This means I should also finish the rest of the house. Money tree please start growing NOWW! Thanks to Ryan's Uncle who gave us an awesome gift card I was able to decorate the whole downstairs! It's all coming together nicely! I just received a few things I need to hang. If I could steal my mom and kick out my kids for an hour I think I could get it all figured out. But she's my main baby sitter so that could be a challenge.

I hope everyone is still standing after the crazy wind we have had and they have a fabulous first week of April!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Kylie's party turned out great and I can now breath. The minute everything was cleaned up and everyone had left my house I felt a sense of relief. I have yet to figure out why on earth I was so stressed out about a 4 year old birthday party but I was. The food turned out great, the little girls had fun with the activities, the weather was perfect and I couldn't of asked for a better party.  And last night the house was already back in order with new presents put in their designated spots. If you aren't impressed, you don't have kids or parties. lol

Our Party Menu in Fairy Terms:                                            

Fairy Berry Hearts                                                                  
Lily Pads                                                                                
Thistles and Dip                                                                      
Pixie Dust                                                                               
Toad Stools                                                                            
Magic Mix                                                                              
Pixie Punch  

Our Party Menu in Human Terms:
Strawberry Sandwiches
Cucumber Sandwiches
Vegetables and Dip
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Chex Mix
Fruit Bowl
Sparkling Pink Lemonade                                                                 

As our activities we planted flowers so we could be "Nature Fairies". Then we decorated Fairy houses so we could be "Tinker Fairies". The houses turned out so cute and everyone had their own unique style to their house.

My mother of course pulled off any amazing cake! Kylie matched it perfectly! Over all I am so pleased of the outcome and so glad I can breath again! I hope you enjoy some pictures of the party. It was hard choosing so you get quite a few! :D