Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who does that?

For almost a week now we have been really good with our melt down mania coming to an end. At this point our melt downs don't begin until 6pm-ish. Where as we are still working on the listening to Mom thing the screaming has dwindled. Which just makes me so happy. I have finally slept and had more energy!

Monday I managed to get dressed before nap time. {1 point for mom} We went to get McDonalds for lunch then back home to eat so Delainey could nap. After lunch Kelly came over so we could hopefully get her contractions to keep coming, instead they stop the minute she walks in my door. We all bundle up and get ready for a walk outside. That walk did not last long as it was 39 degrees out. So change of plans. Joey would go to the gym and we would go to the mall. Kelly wanted to go home and change first then I would pick her up.

This is where my stupidity steps in.

If you're a mom you know that you are constantly checking to make sure you have everything. You get cups, diapers, wipes, blankets, and whatever else your poor diaper bag can carry. So after grabbing what I thought was everything, I walk out of the door locking it behind me and walked to the car. Oh wait forgot to mention I locked the house from the inside. Yep I locked my self out of not only my house but my car. It was freezing out, my car was locked, my house was locked, and my garage was locked. The only person with my spare key, my mom, 45 minutes away. Luckily she wasn't too busy and could bring me the key. 15 minutes of sitting in that cold was brutal. Kelly came back so we could sit in her car to get away from the cold and to my surprise there was no traffic and my mom got there super fast.

I will be copying my keys as soon as I can to get one to a few of my friends that live CLOSE so this doesn't happen again. Who really locks themselves out of their house and car?! Since then I have been locking the door with the keys!

Living in California for so long I came into the routine of if it's raining you just stay at home for that one day. It will stop the next day and you will be fine to wait a day for the errands you need to run. But this cold rainy weather isn't stopping and its starting to annoy me. Kylie's party is Saturday and I have a few outside activities planned. The weather man has said for a week it will be sunny in the 60s and I pray its true!

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