Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What you think I'm fat?!

I am far beyond the is she fat or is she pregnant stage but have noticed the stares more often lately. The look of oh my gosh she's so young and pregnant, oh and has a child, omg 2 children. Yes people I do have 2 kids and one on the way but no need to stare I am still a human.

Today Kylie, my oldest, was at church with her BFF Jayda so I called my BFF Kelly to go walk around with me. She is over 37 weeks pregnant and very ready to have that little boy so I knew she wouldn't turn me down. We went to birkdale which is an outdoor shopping center. The amount of stares we got were unreal. Granted she looks like she is ready to have her baby, I'm looking huge these days and then there's my adorable child bouncing around in the Bugaboo but why the stares? This one lady stared from quite a few feet away, the closer we got the harder she stared and the more she whispered to the lady she was with. It so happens I stopped right next to where she was sitting and I had to bite my tongue not to say anything. I don't get it. This lady had 2 kids with her, she should know that when you get close to your due date you walk. That's just what you do! You walk your baby out. I am still so amused and confused on what was so entertaining of the two of us today. I did however snap a shot of our belly's in the reflection of a window. She stood beside me so you can see her belly poke out behind mine.

Would you stare at us?!
Don't you love how at the end of pregnancy you can not wait to have that baby out? You try every myth, wives tale and stupid suggest you hear. The other day she was eating pineapple, drinking herb tea, pressing pressure point and doing the running man dance but no results. We walked a good bit today and she has a doctors appointment tomorrow so we will see if that has produced any results! I keep joking saying I'm going to go into early labor before she has baby Sam! I didn't do any of these things thought, well besides walking. But man are my feet soar! Time to head to bed in hopes to actually sleep but keep in mind it is not nice to stare at pregnant women, we feel fat enough thanks!


  1. I was at Birkdale yesterday :)

  2. Sounds like the woman staring at you had a stick up her a**. Good for you for not giving her an earful, that had to take alot of patience.