Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is that strange word you speak of?

Sleep? What is that? Exhaustion sets in so often lately. I will wake up every few days being so exhausted for no real reason. Most often these days I get the kids fed and I lay on the couch and try my hardest to stay awake. I never succeed at staying awake long. Sunday I woke up with this feeling yet again. I was so tired I couldn't even explain to anyone how I felt. All I wanted to do was lay down for a nap that day. If you know my oldest child you know this is the biggest joke Ive ever made.

I put the little one down for a nap a half an hour early that day and told Kylie we were going to go lay down in my room to watch some TV. Some days this works, she sits quietly and lets me lay down. This day it did not work like that. Every 5 minutes she was saying something to me, asking me to help her do something, you name it, she was doing it. So I got no sleep that afternoon. I never got dressed that day. The thought of standing that long just exhausted me in its self. It's like the move and all the events to follow all hit me at once and remind me that I need to slow my roll.

This week I have done just that. I have slowed down and not done much of anything. We eat, we sleep and we sometimes shower. :P I have not slept good at night and then the girls are up as early as they can be! Anyone want two adorable little girls for lets say a week?

Kylie's birthday party is in less than 2 weeks. I have failed to send out invites yet. I made the invites online but some how they aren't printing out clear. Story of my life for everything I do to be blurry when printed. Getting my belongings late really screwed me up. I have so much to do for her party but hope at least all the kids I invite can make it. She wants a TinkerBell party so we are doing just that. I want everything to be TinkerBell themed! Kylie has asked my mom to make her cake. She wants TinkerBell's house as her cake, the catch, Tinker Bell is supposed to be in this house! I've come up with quite a few activities and stuff for the kids to do, although I am only inviting 4 kids. I hope I can put the exhaustion aside and get cracking on this party.

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