Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tinkerbell Tension

So as  I stated it is almost time for Kylie's birthday party. I have two reasons for my crazyness in trying to make this party amazing. One due to us being so far from home and not knowing many people she did not get much of a birthday last year. Two I have high standards to live up to.

My mom is amazing at this stuff. She's the perfect party planner wether she has a month or a day. She could throw together the most beautiful event at the drop of a hat and not be near as stressed as I am having 2 weeks to do all of this. I call her daily just to tell her my ideas to see what she can come up with. After my stuff not being here, everyone around us being sick and having exams my mom had a baby shower cake to do.

Her master piece!

This is what mine would look like!
Needless to say my mom will be doing the cake for Kylie's birthday and that lifts so much pressure off of me! The invites alone have given me an instant head ache. They are adorable on the computer yet no matter how or where I print them they are blurry. I finally gave up on changing that, printed the 20 I needed and they print out with a white border around them. So this means they will now not fit in a 5 by 7 envelope. Which did you know its impossible to find plain 5 by 7 envelopes?! And dont dare ask someone if there's such thing. They will look at you as if you're on crack. Luckily my mom has quite a few left from Christmas cards and I found a few as well. To get them to fit I now have to cut the border off! Someone does not want me to send out cute invites! The world is out to get me this week!

After this party I have a few weeks before there is anything I will be doing. I'm glad to know there should be a light at the end of the tunnel. I have faith her party will come together, she's 4 how could she not love it. Balloons alone make her happy! Sleep would be nice. I think that alone could make things around here calm down.

* Spell check isnt working. I appologize for my horrible spelling!

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