Friday, March 25, 2011

Melt Down Mania

As you all know my kids are all out of wack and are driving me to insanity! Yesterday I woke up exhausted, as usual, and thought I would never catch a break. By 2pm we had dozens of melt downs over the smallest and slightest things. Kylie has recently started the "I want my Daddy" phase. I believe she thinks I'm going to feel bad but little does she know it does not effect me. I miss her daddy just as much but I don't go around crying every time something doesn't go my way.

Getting dressed has been taking over an hour due to one kid going down stairs the other destroying all rooms they go in and so on and so forth. Needless to say we don't go anywhere until it is after nap time. We have been food less for days but I could never get up the urge to fight the battle of my kids in a grocery store for an hour. Delainey woke up from her nap and Kylie went right into oh my sisters awake I must be a pain in the butt mode. I asked her to get dressed and she screamed for a good 30 minutes. I said okay fine I am not going to the store. So I said to her why don't we go on a walk to the park. You'd think she'd be thrilled but nope she screamed for another 20 minutes until she finally decided it was a good idea. We all get dressed after I'm mentally ready to strangle a child or 2 and Kelly came over so we could go on our walk. I get Delainey all buckled in the stroller and Kylie buckles her self and what do you know the tires are flat. Ain't that just my luck these days. So after trying to convince Kylie that she was big enough to walk and screaming and yelling at her to NOT ride her bike we set on our way.

Do any of you just feel like the world is out to get you sometimes?!n

We get home and Kylie says mom can we go to the store now. I figured if she wanted to go I could take advantage of this chance. {Although Kylie loves to go anywhere, she is always a perfect mannered child in public, thank God!}I was terrified all day to take this trip because in my personal opinion if your kids are going to scream and be horrible don't leave the house. I understand the random break downs, trust me of all people I understand, but constant screaming in stores or restaurants drives me up the wall. Luckily when we get to the store they have the "Rocket Ship" carts, AKA: The carts that have 2 seats. I get each of them a cookie and I said to my self, Ok I have the time it takes Delainey to eat that cookie to get everything I need! Ive gotten good at shopping fast but never that fast. I think if I were my friend Kelly I would of gone into labor from walking that fast and pushing a cart. SUCCESS! I get out of the store with a smile on my face knowing that no one cried and we now have food for the week!

Kylie was then so excited to come home because she was the cook that night. We had English muffin pizzas, which we never have. I let her do it all and she felt like the biggest girl in the world. After dinner it was already 8:15 so straight to bed Delainey went. Kylie and I stayed up waiting for a phone call from Daddy that we sadly never got. :( Of course they were both up bright and shiny at 7:30am! So that was our eventful day of a horrible morning/afternoon turned into a peaceful late afternoon/night. Now I am off to make lunch and head to get my glucose test done. I hate giving blood!!

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