Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Long Time No Blog!

 This is extremely long, proceed with a beverage and snack to make it through!

So after the enormous amount of packing I had to finish it was then the day, the day the movers came. You know the day my head began to explode. The explosion was NOT due to my move it was due to my movers.

It started out waiting an hour past the time they were supposed to arrive. Not a big deal I needed to eat breakfast anyways. They arrive we sit down and he says it looks like you forgot to put some things on your list. Ok the only thing I forgot was the tool box. Other than that I was just over my box estimate. Which who in the world knows exactly how many boxes it takes to pack their house? {By the way, my house takes 80 boxes to pack} We had estimated 40 medium size boxes. I ended with 80 boxes total who's to say what size they averaged and so on and so forth. I knew the overage was going to make our quote far over what it was. Little did I know it was going to be 2 grand over the estimate. Which was insane to me. At this point I was on the verge of tears just from being so mad. I am not one to cry, my husband deployed twice in one weekend and I didn't shed a tear. I cry when I'm angry not sad. Then he pulls out a sheet of "packing supply cost." Hello dude I had my entired house packed. Every item other than laundry baskets, trash cans and those things were in a box. He then tried to charge me for tape. 30 rolls of tape to be exact. I watched them tape my boxes that entire day and asked them to stop at one point because I am very OCD about my boxes yet he kept taping. All I needed them to do was pick up my boxes, pick up my furniture and put it on a truck. Not tape over the tape I had already put on my boxes. So after arguing and telling him I was NOT going to pay $667 in packing supplies that I in no way needed, I fork over half of the amount and send him on his way. {Mind you I ended paying $335 in packing supplies}

He asked what my first day available was and I put the first day my lease started {Saturday Feb 26th}because even if I was not in NC my mom had my house keys.

I picked up my friend Rachel and we began our road trip across country. Our first stop after picking her up from the airport was In N Out. Mind you we drove around mindlessly from my wonderful iPhone directions for 30 minutes. I'm sure she was ready to get out of the car already after that one. We finally make it and man oh man I would love to go back and get a burger right now. After that we headed to a movie, just because we thought our butts wouldn't be planted in a seat for much longer the next few days. We stayed in Victorsville, CA that night. Our hotel room was awesome and we were easily amazed by it all. The beds had dials to change the settings of the bed, you could request a yoga set to do yoga in your room and gosh so much more! That morning the alarm was set for 6:30 and I got up at 6:45 and after breakfast we started the day at 7:45. Our first gas stop was the first gas station we saw for over 100 miles and we did not see any more in the near future. Gas was $4.59. That is real life. I paid $4.59 for gas. I however did not fill up, I refused. And 10 miles down the road, which my car had plenty to get that far, gas was $1.30 CHEAPER! This began a trend, no matter when I stopped those 3 days the next exit was at least a cent cheaper. That first night we stopped at 1:30am in Amarillo, Texas. However we were on California time so it was only 11:30 in our minds. This began our hotel trend of walking in straight to the bed to find a dial on the side. The next morning my alarm was set for 6:45 but I did not move until 7 and we were on our way by 7:45. We then drove until 11:45 to Nashville, TN. That night we pulled into the hotel more hyper than you would ever imagine 2 people who had just driven 30 hours in 2 days. That morning my alarm was set for 6:45 and we woke up stared at each other then finally got moving at 7:30 and began our drive at 8:30. This day we only had 6 hours so we were in no real hurry. Over all the drive was not horrible. We got pulled over twice but did not get a ticket. First time was for my tint being illegal and I said what no way this is my husbands car I had no idea. Second time was for a license plate frame which I really had no idea that those were illegal until Rachel had told me the day before. So over 2000 miles and NO tickets, impressed? Well if you aren't, I am! I dropped Rachel off at 4 and got to my moms at 4:45!

Back to the lovely movers. He apparently thought that I would not be there by Saturday and claims I told him I wouldn't. Which is a complete lie considering it did not matter if I was there or not. So I called Friday and said you know I haven't gotten a call have you left with our stuff? He said oh no ma'am they are not leaving until Sunday! WHAT!! You're leaving a day AFTER it was supposed to arrive? Please tell me how that makes sense? So after arguing and yelling at this man I just gave up and said ok I will wait for that phone call stating my stuff left. Sunday around 6:30pm I got a call saying it left. I argued and said you know I really don't see how you expect me to pay full amount seeing as you did not do the things you were supposed to. His response was "I will relay that message to Ab and get him to call you back." Well its Wednesday and I have still not gotten a call back. However I did get my husband to call yesterday and that's a whole story in its self. But he was told the truck was in Texas and would still be 2-3 days because they have a stop before ours. I'm supposed to be getting a call 24 hours before delivery and did not get a call today. If I do not get one tomorrow I'm going to go insane. At this point I'm starting to think its a fake company and someone hijacked my stuff.

I'm grateful to be able to stay with my mom this long but I am ready to be settled in our own house and get back on track with a schedule. My kids have been sick back and forth so I really have not seen many people or done much of anything. They are beginning to get cranky just not having their stuff. That sounds silly because they are just items but familiar things set their mind at ease.  On a better note I love my house and can't wait to be in it!


  1. Oh gosh! Sounds like you have had it!! Glad u made it home safely. Sorry the movers suck! Btw, I wouldn't give them a dime. Would definitely be calling every hour tomorrow. Hope the girls get better. Annnnnd... can't wait to see pictures of the house. We miss y'all! :)

  2. Um...I would do an inventory when they get here and make sure you have every single item and that nothings damagaged before I paid them...But seriously if I were you I wouldn't pay them the remainder of the bill, and certainly not for packing supplies I didnt use.