Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is this real life?!

We had such a great day. I woke up not so exhausted and annoyed as usual. It was rather gloomy out so we spent the day laying around watching TV. It was nice to relax. My brother in law came by for a little bit to mow the lawn and played with Kylie and Delainey. The girls really didn't have any melt downs that I can remember.

Oh wait...

So part of that is true. At 6pm we had no melt downs and the girls were great. I texted my mom asking if she was going to church to figure out if I was going or not. I decide to go seeing as the girls were good. Ive had trouble getting all of us ready in less than an hour so I thought I would shower so there was one less thing to do in the morning. I get in the shower to do a speedy shower since both girls were awake. Kylie was running back and forth and I thought nothing of it. Little did I know the reason Delainey was screaming profusely is because her sister had sprayed tanning oil in her face. After sending Kylie to her room for knowing better than to mess with my stuff and attempting to dry off and put some sort of clothing on, I finally get Delainey to calm down. I wipe off her face and she seems to be okay.

Poor kids face is all red.
She does smell like a Pina Colada though.
Kylie continues to scream because "she doesn't like being in her room." I get Delainey some dinner and she is fine laughing and acting as if it never happened. Kylie, still screaming, refused to eat dinner and lays on the couch screaming that she misses Daddy. I get her Daddy bear which she played over and over until she fell asleep. So 7:15 she falls asleep with no dinner missing her Daddy. I bring Delainey up to my room so I could go back downstairs to get Kylie. In that 2 minute period of bringing her upstairs and getting her jeans off Delainey flooded my bathroom. I don't mean just a little water, there was 1 inch of water through out my bathroom. The faucet that goes to my bath tub moves and since before we moved in she has played with it. She moved it so it was outside of the tub not in the tub. It took a while and quite a few towels to get all of the water up, especially because in the process Delainey was screaming because she wanted to play in it. I finally get the bathroom dried and get her in her night clothes and laid down for bed!

I go downstairs to put the dog up for the night and grab a snack since I too have not had dinner. And what do you know, my ceiling is leaking. The bathroom flood had then become the living room flood. My uggs which I have worn twice were RIGHT under where it was leaking. At this point I just burst into tears. I move the couch which is also soaked, grab a bucket to catch the dripping water and run back up stairs to grab more towels. So again took a while and quite a few towels to clean up the lovely flood. After cleaning it all I realize it's leaking into the light, which I had on all this time. Brilliant I am, brilliant. I put the dog in bed, grab a well deserved Dr.Pepper that I wish was a margarita, no tequila on the rocks actually, and I am now in bed.

Church may happen next week but as of right now I do not want to get up at all tomorrow. I know I have to but laying around on my wet soggy couch in my night clothes that smell like tanning oil just sounds so much better. This all happened in an hour time span. Now is this real life?!

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