Thursday, March 17, 2011

I apologize!

I apologize for the lack of blogging I have done before/during/after this move. It has been one crazy move full of stress and so much more. So after waiting 2 1/2 weeks from the date my stuff was supposed to arrive it finally got here. Like many people told me to do I told the driver that I refused to pay the total. His response "Okay, I'll go to my next stop." There is no way in hell I would let that man drive away. I paid the rest after yelling and arguing that his company sucked! The driver called me Monday afternoon and gave me a time frame of Tuesday from 12-4. I sat in my cold empty house from 12-4 to get a phone call at 4:30 stating he would not make it, well no shit dude its already 4:30. He then promises that he will be there by 9. 9 rolls around and then 11, then 12. So yes I sat in my empty house for 12 hours!! I called the office because the driver did not answer the 87 phone calls, he said well its safe to say he will not be coming tonight. This move could of gone much smoother if they knew how to communicate. The whole thing still just gets me so mad and frustrated. I still have not called to file claims on broken items or complained about how horrible my service was. I can't wait to leave reviews on every site I can get this company to show up on!

The first day was long and tiring day of just trying to get beds made and basic stuff put away so the girls could come to the house for the night. The next day I did not get much done at all due to my lovely 15 month old who forgot how to use her feet during this whole ordeal! Thursday my sister came to visit and that's when I really got some stuff done. She was a great help to get things put away and organized. Which is kind of funny considering I'm the clean one. One night I felt like I was on a hoarders show because of the amount of clothes she made me give away. Mind you this stuff was no joke from middle school. Friday my friend Christen from GA came to visit and we had a "sleep over". Kylie is just in love with the fact that we have people sleep over. She thought it was hilarious that Grandma was going to sleep over. Friday night my mom, 2 sisters, and Christen all stayed the night. Saturday was my friend Kelly's baby shower which my mom was doing the cake for. Sunday I spent the day shopping with Christen trying to get this house looking more like a home.

Tuesday night we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge, the indoor water park. My kids are terrified of water so why on earth I thought this event would be fun I'm not sure. Thank God for military discount because other wise that trip would not of been worth the money paid! I think they focus on older kids because Kylie was not tall enough to ride most slides and they wouldn't let her sit in any one's lap to go down any others. That was my mom and little sisters Spring Break trip. So they did enjoy the bigger slides.

I am still so far from being done with the house but I can finally sit and relax without being overly stressed about everything going on. Well then I realize I have bills to pay and the stress starts back over again.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Kylie smiling...

..Delainey smiling
Can't ever get them both at one time!

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