Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my baby girl's 4th birthday! My brain can still function and I remember the day I had her like yesterday. I went into labor at 4am and finally got Ryan to get up and believe that I was in labor to get to the hospital and be holding her by 10:12. Little did I know that 4 years later on this day I would have the crazy, attitude filled, hyper, all about me child that I do today. She woke up that morning as if it were Christmas day and she needed to be up by 6:45. I awoke to her tapping my head saying "Mommy it's MY birthday!" Well Thank you for informing me, one I had no idea, two I really need to hear that at 6:45. I some home convinced her it was still night night time and she laid down and slept for another half hour. Then the fun began....

All day everything was about her birthday. My mom claims that she is her grandma's child.We got downstairs and I said, Kylie what would you like for breakfast? Well Mom I think for my Birthday I will have pancakes. Ok Kylie. And within that morning the amount of times I hear that little mouth say MY BIRTHDAY I wanted to scream. A firetruck went by our house, Mom why is a firetruck out on my birthday? As her father said she thinks its a national holiday of some sort! She told her sister, "Dewainey you can not cry on my birthday." Little do you know the night before I said now it's your Birthday tomorrow so no crying on your birthday! "But Grandma taught me, It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!"

Since her party is on Saturday we didnt do too much yesterday. We had dinner at Chili's with a few of our friends and of course Kylie's BFF Jayda! I threw together some cupcakes to take with us and they turned out semi cute. I'm sure if they got more time and attention they could of been fabulous. :) Kylie's Daddy got to call her and that made her day. One of the best phone calls she got all day!

Butterfly Cupcakes

Kylie when we sang Happy Birthday to her
on her BIRTHDAY!

Today we must clean and organize to get ready for her party on Saturday! Wish us luck with weather and that I can pull it all off!

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  1. No rain in site the next several days. Fingers crossed your party goes off without a hitch!