Monday, March 28, 2011

Great Day!

Yesterday was awesome. {Knock on wood.} Delainey was up by 6:45 and I was hurting for some energy. Kylie was then up at 7 and ready for the day. I ask my mom to pick her up so she could go to church with her but instead I decided we would all go. We all managed to be dressed and out of the house by 9:15. Our only problem that morning was Delainey biting through my prenatal vitamin and getting the oil all over her church dress! Can't have a perfect morning right?

After church we went to lunch with my family at Panera Bread and headed home for nap time. After being up so long I assumed Delainey would get a good nap in, that was a joke. She slept for an hour and was back at em after. I then met up with some friends for coffee last night. It was so nice to get out without kids and just sit and relax. I put Delainey to bed at 8 so my other friend would only have Kylie to deal with while I was gone. I got a good report that Kylie was awesome and to my surprise she actually wants to come back to watch them again. Who would of thunk it? It could be the tanning bed though right? I know I'd watch some kids to get a free tan in!

This is a boring post because my kids weren't hellons! I apologize for the inconvience of not making you laugh. As much as I would love to have you smiling from ear to ear as my ceiling leaks from side to side, I have to spare you every now and then.

I have entered a photo contest to when a free shoot. I have a scheduled shoot in April for my first ever Maternity pictures. {Don't hate, I know I have 2 kids already just never had  a good photographer.} But I would love to get this shoot for free! So if you are on facebook and have a few seconds PLEASE help me out. Go to wild-flower photography fan page, like the page, and then like the picture of Ryan and I! And don't even get like happy, I will stalk them and find out you went against me! :P
Pleassssssse Click Heeereeee

I hope you all have a great Monday. It's too rainy here for me to even want to do anything but we will see!

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