Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my baby girl's 4th birthday! My brain can still function and I remember the day I had her like yesterday. I went into labor at 4am and finally got Ryan to get up and believe that I was in labor to get to the hospital and be holding her by 10:12. Little did I know that 4 years later on this day I would have the crazy, attitude filled, hyper, all about me child that I do today. She woke up that morning as if it were Christmas day and she needed to be up by 6:45. I awoke to her tapping my head saying "Mommy it's MY birthday!" Well Thank you for informing me, one I had no idea, two I really need to hear that at 6:45. I some home convinced her it was still night night time and she laid down and slept for another half hour. Then the fun began....

All day everything was about her birthday. My mom claims that she is her grandma's child.We got downstairs and I said, Kylie what would you like for breakfast? Well Mom I think for my Birthday I will have pancakes. Ok Kylie. And within that morning the amount of times I hear that little mouth say MY BIRTHDAY I wanted to scream. A firetruck went by our house, Mom why is a firetruck out on my birthday? As her father said she thinks its a national holiday of some sort! She told her sister, "Dewainey you can not cry on my birthday." Little do you know the night before I said now it's your Birthday tomorrow so no crying on your birthday! "But Grandma taught me, It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!"

Since her party is on Saturday we didnt do too much yesterday. We had dinner at Chili's with a few of our friends and of course Kylie's BFF Jayda! I threw together some cupcakes to take with us and they turned out semi cute. I'm sure if they got more time and attention they could of been fabulous. :) Kylie's Daddy got to call her and that made her day. One of the best phone calls she got all day!

Butterfly Cupcakes

Kylie when we sang Happy Birthday to her
on her BIRTHDAY!

Today we must clean and organize to get ready for her party on Saturday! Wish us luck with weather and that I can pull it all off!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who does that?

For almost a week now we have been really good with our melt down mania coming to an end. At this point our melt downs don't begin until 6pm-ish. Where as we are still working on the listening to Mom thing the screaming has dwindled. Which just makes me so happy. I have finally slept and had more energy!

Monday I managed to get dressed before nap time. {1 point for mom} We went to get McDonalds for lunch then back home to eat so Delainey could nap. After lunch Kelly came over so we could hopefully get her contractions to keep coming, instead they stop the minute she walks in my door. We all bundle up and get ready for a walk outside. That walk did not last long as it was 39 degrees out. So change of plans. Joey would go to the gym and we would go to the mall. Kelly wanted to go home and change first then I would pick her up.

This is where my stupidity steps in.

If you're a mom you know that you are constantly checking to make sure you have everything. You get cups, diapers, wipes, blankets, and whatever else your poor diaper bag can carry. So after grabbing what I thought was everything, I walk out of the door locking it behind me and walked to the car. Oh wait forgot to mention I locked the house from the inside. Yep I locked my self out of not only my house but my car. It was freezing out, my car was locked, my house was locked, and my garage was locked. The only person with my spare key, my mom, 45 minutes away. Luckily she wasn't too busy and could bring me the key. 15 minutes of sitting in that cold was brutal. Kelly came back so we could sit in her car to get away from the cold and to my surprise there was no traffic and my mom got there super fast.

I will be copying my keys as soon as I can to get one to a few of my friends that live CLOSE so this doesn't happen again. Who really locks themselves out of their house and car?! Since then I have been locking the door with the keys!

Living in California for so long I came into the routine of if it's raining you just stay at home for that one day. It will stop the next day and you will be fine to wait a day for the errands you need to run. But this cold rainy weather isn't stopping and its starting to annoy me. Kylie's party is Saturday and I have a few outside activities planned. The weather man has said for a week it will be sunny in the 60s and I pray its true!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Great Day!

Yesterday was awesome. {Knock on wood.} Delainey was up by 6:45 and I was hurting for some energy. Kylie was then up at 7 and ready for the day. I ask my mom to pick her up so she could go to church with her but instead I decided we would all go. We all managed to be dressed and out of the house by 9:15. Our only problem that morning was Delainey biting through my prenatal vitamin and getting the oil all over her church dress! Can't have a perfect morning right?

After church we went to lunch with my family at Panera Bread and headed home for nap time. After being up so long I assumed Delainey would get a good nap in, that was a joke. She slept for an hour and was back at em after. I then met up with some friends for coffee last night. It was so nice to get out without kids and just sit and relax. I put Delainey to bed at 8 so my other friend would only have Kylie to deal with while I was gone. I got a good report that Kylie was awesome and to my surprise she actually wants to come back to watch them again. Who would of thunk it? It could be the tanning bed though right? I know I'd watch some kids to get a free tan in!

This is a boring post because my kids weren't hellons! I apologize for the inconvience of not making you laugh. As much as I would love to have you smiling from ear to ear as my ceiling leaks from side to side, I have to spare you every now and then.

I have entered a photo contest to when a free shoot. I have a scheduled shoot in April for my first ever Maternity pictures. {Don't hate, I know I have 2 kids already just never had  a good photographer.} But I would love to get this shoot for free! So if you are on facebook and have a few seconds PLEASE help me out. Go to wild-flower photography fan page, like the page, and then like the picture of Ryan and I! And don't even get like happy, I will stalk them and find out you went against me! :P
Pleassssssse Click Heeereeee

I hope you all have a great Monday. It's too rainy here for me to even want to do anything but we will see!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is this real life?!

We had such a great day. I woke up not so exhausted and annoyed as usual. It was rather gloomy out so we spent the day laying around watching TV. It was nice to relax. My brother in law came by for a little bit to mow the lawn and played with Kylie and Delainey. The girls really didn't have any melt downs that I can remember.

Oh wait...

So part of that is true. At 6pm we had no melt downs and the girls were great. I texted my mom asking if she was going to church to figure out if I was going or not. I decide to go seeing as the girls were good. Ive had trouble getting all of us ready in less than an hour so I thought I would shower so there was one less thing to do in the morning. I get in the shower to do a speedy shower since both girls were awake. Kylie was running back and forth and I thought nothing of it. Little did I know the reason Delainey was screaming profusely is because her sister had sprayed tanning oil in her face. After sending Kylie to her room for knowing better than to mess with my stuff and attempting to dry off and put some sort of clothing on, I finally get Delainey to calm down. I wipe off her face and she seems to be okay.

Poor kids face is all red.
She does smell like a Pina Colada though.
Kylie continues to scream because "she doesn't like being in her room." I get Delainey some dinner and she is fine laughing and acting as if it never happened. Kylie, still screaming, refused to eat dinner and lays on the couch screaming that she misses Daddy. I get her Daddy bear which she played over and over until she fell asleep. So 7:15 she falls asleep with no dinner missing her Daddy. I bring Delainey up to my room so I could go back downstairs to get Kylie. In that 2 minute period of bringing her upstairs and getting her jeans off Delainey flooded my bathroom. I don't mean just a little water, there was 1 inch of water through out my bathroom. The faucet that goes to my bath tub moves and since before we moved in she has played with it. She moved it so it was outside of the tub not in the tub. It took a while and quite a few towels to get all of the water up, especially because in the process Delainey was screaming because she wanted to play in it. I finally get the bathroom dried and get her in her night clothes and laid down for bed!

I go downstairs to put the dog up for the night and grab a snack since I too have not had dinner. And what do you know, my ceiling is leaking. The bathroom flood had then become the living room flood. My uggs which I have worn twice were RIGHT under where it was leaking. At this point I just burst into tears. I move the couch which is also soaked, grab a bucket to catch the dripping water and run back up stairs to grab more towels. So again took a while and quite a few towels to clean up the lovely flood. After cleaning it all I realize it's leaking into the light, which I had on all this time. Brilliant I am, brilliant. I put the dog in bed, grab a well deserved Dr.Pepper that I wish was a margarita, no tequila on the rocks actually, and I am now in bed.

Church may happen next week but as of right now I do not want to get up at all tomorrow. I know I have to but laying around on my wet soggy couch in my night clothes that smell like tanning oil just sounds so much better. This all happened in an hour time span. Now is this real life?!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Melt Down Mania

As you all know my kids are all out of wack and are driving me to insanity! Yesterday I woke up exhausted, as usual, and thought I would never catch a break. By 2pm we had dozens of melt downs over the smallest and slightest things. Kylie has recently started the "I want my Daddy" phase. I believe she thinks I'm going to feel bad but little does she know it does not effect me. I miss her daddy just as much but I don't go around crying every time something doesn't go my way.

Getting dressed has been taking over an hour due to one kid going down stairs the other destroying all rooms they go in and so on and so forth. Needless to say we don't go anywhere until it is after nap time. We have been food less for days but I could never get up the urge to fight the battle of my kids in a grocery store for an hour. Delainey woke up from her nap and Kylie went right into oh my sisters awake I must be a pain in the butt mode. I asked her to get dressed and she screamed for a good 30 minutes. I said okay fine I am not going to the store. So I said to her why don't we go on a walk to the park. You'd think she'd be thrilled but nope she screamed for another 20 minutes until she finally decided it was a good idea. We all get dressed after I'm mentally ready to strangle a child or 2 and Kelly came over so we could go on our walk. I get Delainey all buckled in the stroller and Kylie buckles her self and what do you know the tires are flat. Ain't that just my luck these days. So after trying to convince Kylie that she was big enough to walk and screaming and yelling at her to NOT ride her bike we set on our way.

Do any of you just feel like the world is out to get you sometimes?!n

We get home and Kylie says mom can we go to the store now. I figured if she wanted to go I could take advantage of this chance. {Although Kylie loves to go anywhere, she is always a perfect mannered child in public, thank God!}I was terrified all day to take this trip because in my personal opinion if your kids are going to scream and be horrible don't leave the house. I understand the random break downs, trust me of all people I understand, but constant screaming in stores or restaurants drives me up the wall. Luckily when we get to the store they have the "Rocket Ship" carts, AKA: The carts that have 2 seats. I get each of them a cookie and I said to my self, Ok I have the time it takes Delainey to eat that cookie to get everything I need! Ive gotten good at shopping fast but never that fast. I think if I were my friend Kelly I would of gone into labor from walking that fast and pushing a cart. SUCCESS! I get out of the store with a smile on my face knowing that no one cried and we now have food for the week!

Kylie was then so excited to come home because she was the cook that night. We had English muffin pizzas, which we never have. I let her do it all and she felt like the biggest girl in the world. After dinner it was already 8:15 so straight to bed Delainey went. Kylie and I stayed up waiting for a phone call from Daddy that we sadly never got. :( Of course they were both up bright and shiny at 7:30am! So that was our eventful day of a horrible morning/afternoon turned into a peaceful late afternoon/night. Now I am off to make lunch and head to get my glucose test done. I hate giving blood!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What you think I'm fat?!

I am far beyond the is she fat or is she pregnant stage but have noticed the stares more often lately. The look of oh my gosh she's so young and pregnant, oh and has a child, omg 2 children. Yes people I do have 2 kids and one on the way but no need to stare I am still a human.

Today Kylie, my oldest, was at church with her BFF Jayda so I called my BFF Kelly to go walk around with me. She is over 37 weeks pregnant and very ready to have that little boy so I knew she wouldn't turn me down. We went to birkdale which is an outdoor shopping center. The amount of stares we got were unreal. Granted she looks like she is ready to have her baby, I'm looking huge these days and then there's my adorable child bouncing around in the Bugaboo but why the stares? This one lady stared from quite a few feet away, the closer we got the harder she stared and the more she whispered to the lady she was with. It so happens I stopped right next to where she was sitting and I had to bite my tongue not to say anything. I don't get it. This lady had 2 kids with her, she should know that when you get close to your due date you walk. That's just what you do! You walk your baby out. I am still so amused and confused on what was so entertaining of the two of us today. I did however snap a shot of our belly's in the reflection of a window. She stood beside me so you can see her belly poke out behind mine.

Would you stare at us?!
Don't you love how at the end of pregnancy you can not wait to have that baby out? You try every myth, wives tale and stupid suggest you hear. The other day she was eating pineapple, drinking herb tea, pressing pressure point and doing the running man dance but no results. We walked a good bit today and she has a doctors appointment tomorrow so we will see if that has produced any results! I keep joking saying I'm going to go into early labor before she has baby Sam! I didn't do any of these things thought, well besides walking. But man are my feet soar! Time to head to bed in hopes to actually sleep but keep in mind it is not nice to stare at pregnant women, we feel fat enough thanks!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tinkerbell Tension

So as  I stated it is almost time for Kylie's birthday party. I have two reasons for my crazyness in trying to make this party amazing. One due to us being so far from home and not knowing many people she did not get much of a birthday last year. Two I have high standards to live up to.

My mom is amazing at this stuff. She's the perfect party planner wether she has a month or a day. She could throw together the most beautiful event at the drop of a hat and not be near as stressed as I am having 2 weeks to do all of this. I call her daily just to tell her my ideas to see what she can come up with. After my stuff not being here, everyone around us being sick and having exams my mom had a baby shower cake to do.

Her master piece!

This is what mine would look like!
Needless to say my mom will be doing the cake for Kylie's birthday and that lifts so much pressure off of me! The invites alone have given me an instant head ache. They are adorable on the computer yet no matter how or where I print them they are blurry. I finally gave up on changing that, printed the 20 I needed and they print out with a white border around them. So this means they will now not fit in a 5 by 7 envelope. Which did you know its impossible to find plain 5 by 7 envelopes?! And dont dare ask someone if there's such thing. They will look at you as if you're on crack. Luckily my mom has quite a few left from Christmas cards and I found a few as well. To get them to fit I now have to cut the border off! Someone does not want me to send out cute invites! The world is out to get me this week!

After this party I have a few weeks before there is anything I will be doing. I'm glad to know there should be a light at the end of the tunnel. I have faith her party will come together, she's 4 how could she not love it. Balloons alone make her happy! Sleep would be nice. I think that alone could make things around here calm down.

* Spell check isnt working. I appologize for my horrible spelling!

What is that strange word you speak of?

Sleep? What is that? Exhaustion sets in so often lately. I will wake up every few days being so exhausted for no real reason. Most often these days I get the kids fed and I lay on the couch and try my hardest to stay awake. I never succeed at staying awake long. Sunday I woke up with this feeling yet again. I was so tired I couldn't even explain to anyone how I felt. All I wanted to do was lay down for a nap that day. If you know my oldest child you know this is the biggest joke Ive ever made.

I put the little one down for a nap a half an hour early that day and told Kylie we were going to go lay down in my room to watch some TV. Some days this works, she sits quietly and lets me lay down. This day it did not work like that. Every 5 minutes she was saying something to me, asking me to help her do something, you name it, she was doing it. So I got no sleep that afternoon. I never got dressed that day. The thought of standing that long just exhausted me in its self. It's like the move and all the events to follow all hit me at once and remind me that I need to slow my roll.

This week I have done just that. I have slowed down and not done much of anything. We eat, we sleep and we sometimes shower. :P I have not slept good at night and then the girls are up as early as they can be! Anyone want two adorable little girls for lets say a week?

Kylie's birthday party is in less than 2 weeks. I have failed to send out invites yet. I made the invites online but some how they aren't printing out clear. Story of my life for everything I do to be blurry when printed. Getting my belongings late really screwed me up. I have so much to do for her party but hope at least all the kids I invite can make it. She wants a TinkerBell party so we are doing just that. I want everything to be TinkerBell themed! Kylie has asked my mom to make her cake. She wants TinkerBell's house as her cake, the catch, Tinker Bell is supposed to be in this house! I've come up with quite a few activities and stuff for the kids to do, although I am only inviting 4 kids. I hope I can put the exhaustion aside and get cracking on this party.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I apologize!

I apologize for the lack of blogging I have done before/during/after this move. It has been one crazy move full of stress and so much more. So after waiting 2 1/2 weeks from the date my stuff was supposed to arrive it finally got here. Like many people told me to do I told the driver that I refused to pay the total. His response "Okay, I'll go to my next stop." There is no way in hell I would let that man drive away. I paid the rest after yelling and arguing that his company sucked! The driver called me Monday afternoon and gave me a time frame of Tuesday from 12-4. I sat in my cold empty house from 12-4 to get a phone call at 4:30 stating he would not make it, well no shit dude its already 4:30. He then promises that he will be there by 9. 9 rolls around and then 11, then 12. So yes I sat in my empty house for 12 hours!! I called the office because the driver did not answer the 87 phone calls, he said well its safe to say he will not be coming tonight. This move could of gone much smoother if they knew how to communicate. The whole thing still just gets me so mad and frustrated. I still have not called to file claims on broken items or complained about how horrible my service was. I can't wait to leave reviews on every site I can get this company to show up on!

The first day was long and tiring day of just trying to get beds made and basic stuff put away so the girls could come to the house for the night. The next day I did not get much done at all due to my lovely 15 month old who forgot how to use her feet during this whole ordeal! Thursday my sister came to visit and that's when I really got some stuff done. She was a great help to get things put away and organized. Which is kind of funny considering I'm the clean one. One night I felt like I was on a hoarders show because of the amount of clothes she made me give away. Mind you this stuff was no joke from middle school. Friday my friend Christen from GA came to visit and we had a "sleep over". Kylie is just in love with the fact that we have people sleep over. She thought it was hilarious that Grandma was going to sleep over. Friday night my mom, 2 sisters, and Christen all stayed the night. Saturday was my friend Kelly's baby shower which my mom was doing the cake for. Sunday I spent the day shopping with Christen trying to get this house looking more like a home.

Tuesday night we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge, the indoor water park. My kids are terrified of water so why on earth I thought this event would be fun I'm not sure. Thank God for military discount because other wise that trip would not of been worth the money paid! I think they focus on older kids because Kylie was not tall enough to ride most slides and they wouldn't let her sit in any one's lap to go down any others. That was my mom and little sisters Spring Break trip. So they did enjoy the bigger slides.

I am still so far from being done with the house but I can finally sit and relax without being overly stressed about everything going on. Well then I realize I have bills to pay and the stress starts back over again.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Kylie smiling...

..Delainey smiling
Can't ever get them both at one time!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Long Time No Blog!

 This is extremely long, proceed with a beverage and snack to make it through!

So after the enormous amount of packing I had to finish it was then the day, the day the movers came. You know the day my head began to explode. The explosion was NOT due to my move it was due to my movers.

It started out waiting an hour past the time they were supposed to arrive. Not a big deal I needed to eat breakfast anyways. They arrive we sit down and he says it looks like you forgot to put some things on your list. Ok the only thing I forgot was the tool box. Other than that I was just over my box estimate. Which who in the world knows exactly how many boxes it takes to pack their house? {By the way, my house takes 80 boxes to pack} We had estimated 40 medium size boxes. I ended with 80 boxes total who's to say what size they averaged and so on and so forth. I knew the overage was going to make our quote far over what it was. Little did I know it was going to be 2 grand over the estimate. Which was insane to me. At this point I was on the verge of tears just from being so mad. I am not one to cry, my husband deployed twice in one weekend and I didn't shed a tear. I cry when I'm angry not sad. Then he pulls out a sheet of "packing supply cost." Hello dude I had my entired house packed. Every item other than laundry baskets, trash cans and those things were in a box. He then tried to charge me for tape. 30 rolls of tape to be exact. I watched them tape my boxes that entire day and asked them to stop at one point because I am very OCD about my boxes yet he kept taping. All I needed them to do was pick up my boxes, pick up my furniture and put it on a truck. Not tape over the tape I had already put on my boxes. So after arguing and telling him I was NOT going to pay $667 in packing supplies that I in no way needed, I fork over half of the amount and send him on his way. {Mind you I ended paying $335 in packing supplies}

He asked what my first day available was and I put the first day my lease started {Saturday Feb 26th}because even if I was not in NC my mom had my house keys.

I picked up my friend Rachel and we began our road trip across country. Our first stop after picking her up from the airport was In N Out. Mind you we drove around mindlessly from my wonderful iPhone directions for 30 minutes. I'm sure she was ready to get out of the car already after that one. We finally make it and man oh man I would love to go back and get a burger right now. After that we headed to a movie, just because we thought our butts wouldn't be planted in a seat for much longer the next few days. We stayed in Victorsville, CA that night. Our hotel room was awesome and we were easily amazed by it all. The beds had dials to change the settings of the bed, you could request a yoga set to do yoga in your room and gosh so much more! That morning the alarm was set for 6:30 and I got up at 6:45 and after breakfast we started the day at 7:45. Our first gas stop was the first gas station we saw for over 100 miles and we did not see any more in the near future. Gas was $4.59. That is real life. I paid $4.59 for gas. I however did not fill up, I refused. And 10 miles down the road, which my car had plenty to get that far, gas was $1.30 CHEAPER! This began a trend, no matter when I stopped those 3 days the next exit was at least a cent cheaper. That first night we stopped at 1:30am in Amarillo, Texas. However we were on California time so it was only 11:30 in our minds. This began our hotel trend of walking in straight to the bed to find a dial on the side. The next morning my alarm was set for 6:45 but I did not move until 7 and we were on our way by 7:45. We then drove until 11:45 to Nashville, TN. That night we pulled into the hotel more hyper than you would ever imagine 2 people who had just driven 30 hours in 2 days. That morning my alarm was set for 6:45 and we woke up stared at each other then finally got moving at 7:30 and began our drive at 8:30. This day we only had 6 hours so we were in no real hurry. Over all the drive was not horrible. We got pulled over twice but did not get a ticket. First time was for my tint being illegal and I said what no way this is my husbands car I had no idea. Second time was for a license plate frame which I really had no idea that those were illegal until Rachel had told me the day before. So over 2000 miles and NO tickets, impressed? Well if you aren't, I am! I dropped Rachel off at 4 and got to my moms at 4:45!

Back to the lovely movers. He apparently thought that I would not be there by Saturday and claims I told him I wouldn't. Which is a complete lie considering it did not matter if I was there or not. So I called Friday and said you know I haven't gotten a call have you left with our stuff? He said oh no ma'am they are not leaving until Sunday! WHAT!! You're leaving a day AFTER it was supposed to arrive? Please tell me how that makes sense? So after arguing and yelling at this man I just gave up and said ok I will wait for that phone call stating my stuff left. Sunday around 6:30pm I got a call saying it left. I argued and said you know I really don't see how you expect me to pay full amount seeing as you did not do the things you were supposed to. His response was "I will relay that message to Ab and get him to call you back." Well its Wednesday and I have still not gotten a call back. However I did get my husband to call yesterday and that's a whole story in its self. But he was told the truck was in Texas and would still be 2-3 days because they have a stop before ours. I'm supposed to be getting a call 24 hours before delivery and did not get a call today. If I do not get one tomorrow I'm going to go insane. At this point I'm starting to think its a fake company and someone hijacked my stuff.

I'm grateful to be able to stay with my mom this long but I am ready to be settled in our own house and get back on track with a schedule. My kids have been sick back and forth so I really have not seen many people or done much of anything. They are beginning to get cranky just not having their stuff. That sounds silly because they are just items but familiar things set their mind at ease.  On a better note I love my house and can't wait to be in it!