Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend in a Nut Shell

I was avoiding packing more than one box a day all week but got in the packing mood yesterday and packed quite a few things. My kitchen looks so empty, my precious mixer is all packed up and ready to venture back to the east coast as well as most of my pampered chef goodies. I wrote out a grocery list to figure out what I would be cooking this week to know what I could pack. I made it the easiest cooking week of my life. BLT's, Chicken Enchiladas {everyone hush your mouth, Ryan wants them one more time before he leaves.}, and one night we will eat left over Chili because I made 5 lbs today. Husband will only be home 4 nights this week so only 4 nights of cooking then we get to spend the last weekend as a family before the girls head back to NC with my mom.

My brother in-law is flying in from Japan the same day my mom is. The interesting part, he flies into San Diego at 11:40 and my mom flies into John Wayne at 11:50. These airports are 2 hours apart and we have ONE car. Interesting right? I think I'll make the Marine walk back from the airport and I'll get my mom. Ok not really. My neighbor has 2 cars so I will be asking her if she is sure it's okay we can borrow one. If not we could be in quite the pickle. We are so excited to see Brendan since it has been a year. It is a short visit of just 2 days but other wise he would of had to wait almost another year to see Ryan again. The last time we saw him was at his Marine Corps graduation last February! There are 6 of us and we have a 5 passenger car. So we will be taking shifts of who gets to leave the house for the day.

Today is my husbands 24th birthday! I woke up with the girls bright and early to let him sleep in a little. I was making chili at 8am. I almost died cutting an onion but I made it. I then started making breakfast Hal Burke style. I made hash browns, sausage and scrambled eggs, then proceeded to wake Ryan up so he could eat breakfast. He doesn't like eating in bed so I didn't bother bringing it up there. I love surprises and try to surprise that man over and over. I had told him he couldn't get an iPod since he got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago. But sneaky sneaky I bought him one a few weeks ago. He of course knew exactly what it was before he even opened the package but hey, he had no idea I got it until then! So he is like a little kid so excited about his new iPod. It's a 160G Black Classic! I'm in love with the new black because it is really more like gun metal! I want to get something engraved on it since the last one got stolen!

My brain is scattered more than usual so that is what I am thinking for the weekend, back to cleaning the house and packing whatever else I can find!

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