Monday, February 21, 2011

Tomorrow is what?!

This past week was the fastest week of my life. I couldn't get it to slow down to save my life. We had an amazing weekend as a family. The aquarium was so fun. The first 10 minutes both of the girls were terrified of the place. It was too dark and cold. Once the older one started to warm up the youngest decided that if big sister liked the place she could too. From there on out it was "Woahhhh" over and over again! Delainey just loved that the windows were low enough that she could see the fishes. After the aquarium we went to one of my favorite places, Ruby's. Kylie and I enjoyed a double chocolate chip milkshake!

Ryan and the girls
Camera did not like the tunnel.

Kylie and I

Delainey looking at fishes!

2 days later I then turned into an airport shuttle. I headed north to pick up my mom, Ryan headed south to pick up his brother and within 10 minutes of each other we were all back at home. We had a quick lunch then headed to the park to enjoy the weather. The boys went out for a Valentimes date, so cute they were going out alone. Luckily my husband had that next day off. The boys went on another date to the shooting range. Mom and I of course had to get pink berry one last time. Wednesday I woke up brought my husband to work then my brother in law to the airport. My mom helped me pack then it was time to take them to the airport. They took an over night flight that left at 10:30pm. Kylie was asleep before the plane took off. Delainey screamed for 30 minutes according to mom but was fine other wise. They have enjoyed being at Grandma's as far as the report has gone.

Kylie and Uncle BMan
Delainey and Daddy

Delainey and Grandma

Once the girls were gone there was no time to relax I had to step in gear and pack everything I could. The best part is I still have so many open boxes that I just stare at. The day for Ryan to deploy came and boy did it come quick. We spent hours sitting on base waiting for the time to come. He pulled away on a purple bus, which we thought was awesome since Kylie's favorite color is purple. Then about 2 hours after he had pulled away he said " Well we aren't leaving." Some how the flight information got messed up and they were now not leaving until the next day. As much as I enjoyed having him home one more day, saying good bye again was not so fun. He was able to come home and cuddle for one more night! Then we woke up to repeat the day we all dread yet AGAIN. The best part is this happened last deployment. I drove 2 hours away from base for him to get to the airport and be told they weren't leaving for 3 more days.

The first day of good byes!

Hubby and his purple bus!
Once he finally left I finished up most the packing and have been quite bored sitting here alone. But soon I will be back with my girls. Movers come tomorrow and my friend Rachel comes Wednesday! This all happened so fast! I am excited to start a new adventure. I do not see a deployment as a bad thing. It gives my husband an opportunity to use the skills he is taught and it always makes us stronger.

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