Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is this girl for reallll?

When you go to church and you go talk to the Pastor you usually are on your best behavior. You make sure you don't drop the F bomb or any cuss words at that matter, you cover up your cleavage that you thought would be okay for church, and stay that innocent person you are deep down in side. I use this as an example as how Marine Wives are supposed to act towards higher up's, as in 1/1's BLT Commander. Where as the F word is more than welcome when talking to any Marine you do not disrespect someone of his ranking.

Last night we had a predeployment brief to discuss what to expect in our upcoming deployment. In our hour and half "brief" we were told ways to budget and plan things out. There were 4 pages of notes telling the Marines to make sure the wives know how to pay the bills and so on and so forth. Ryan has never paid a bill. It's my job, my responsibility to take care of all of that. So most of this discussion I ignored. They went over power of attorney's and stating all the things that needed to be done before deployment. After "death by power point" as my husband has called it for many years, the floor was opened for questions.

This girl got on the microphone and asked okay no she more just expressed her opinion, " If you have our husbands training so much how do you expect us to get all of this taken care of, decals, taxes, and new id's." I wanted to punch her. I'm sure she expected to get all this support from the group. We all wanted to kick her. Don't marry a Marine if you are not going to be able to handle it. All of our husbands have been allowed days to get these things taken care of. If your husband has not done so yet then it's his fault for not taking advantage of the time given to them. Our Marine's need to train so they don't end up like the last unit to loose half their guys in a matter of 4 months. A power of attorney can be used for everything she stated last night. We have not only finished filing our taxes but been paid our taxes, how on earth has she not had the time? The part that gets me is she not only was just trying to argue with the BLT Commander she was interrupting him every time he tried to speak to answer the question. Unless she has 6 kids and no car she can't have me beat. No excuses to ever talk to someone of his rank in the manner that she did. I hope her husband ran out of the building before they even knew who she belonged to. We all keep saying he had to of filed for divorce last night. {haha} And you best believe that man will be getting an ass chewing today for the actions of his insane wife.

I just found out this lady's husband is a SSgt! I would expect this from a PFC wife or someone who has never been through a deployment but SSgt?! You should know better! I have this theory that you should never get involved with your husbands work whether they be a Marine or anything else. If your husband works in an office are you going to walk in the President's office and tell him you need your husband to be off at a certain time? NO! Come on people!

I almost thought the meeting was completely pointless but if I had miss such a hilarious affair I would of been a little upset. I hope that I some how befriended this girl and she comments on my blog because I'd love to know the crazy lady behind that "question" I may sound a little mean lately but it's frustrating hearing everyone say how close deployment is. We all knew it was coming, take it in to your self and be happy! :D

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