Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I do NOT have a problem!

If you know me personally without hesitation when asked the question, What is Meridith's obsession? Your answer would be Coach. There would be no silence for you to think it would fly right out of any one's mouth. I got my first Coach bag when I was in 5th grade. It is light blue and white limited edition leather satchel. I would never in my life carry that thing again but you best believe it's in a Coach storage bag.

My husband hates my obsession but when he met me I clearly stated I had a problem and he acted prepared for the situation. My 16th birthday I got sunglasses, tennis shoes, a key chain and a bag  from my grandparents. You may find that strange I remember but I could name every item I have and tell you when and where I bought it. Ryan started the journey of stepping into the evil world of Coach when he purchased my first Coach diaper bag. He left for boot camp 2 days later. Last weekend he bought my 3rd diaper bag for our 3rd kid and stated it was because he was about to leave me again. I could get use to this. Can I volunteer him for deployments for Coach items or would that be rude?

This was almost a year ago as it has grown.
My Pumpkin 2009
You'd think my husband would send me to rehab
 after making my pumpking Coach!

I tend to know exactly when sales are and what they have that I need during these sales. I have 3 diaper bags, 5 bags, a duffel bag, a computer case, 4 key chains, earrings, a ring, 3 pair of shoes, make up case, 3 mini skinny's, 3 wristlets, a camera case, 3 pair of sunglasses, beach towel,2 scarfs, winter gloves and 3 wallets. I believe there is more but my head is spinning from remembering all that. Ryan, husband, has always said Meridith you have to stop you have a problem and I have never believed that statement. Last week I walked into my closet stared at the bags covering one end of the closet to the other stared at all the brown, white and red boxes repeated to my self, I do not have a problem, I do not have a problem, I do not have a problem and I walked away. I quickly walked back in and said, I have a problem. I've never admitted this and when telling my husband of my silliness he said he was so proud of me for finally saying I had a problem.

Hi my name is Meridith and I'm a Coach addict.

Might I add, I'm not stopping any time soon! :D Everyone always tells me to sell them when I don't use them but I could never! That would be so disrespectful.

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  1. Hi- my name is Brittany and Im a coach addict/MK. hahaa!! LOVED This post. and no u CANT ever sell any type of designer bag. It would be so disrespectful:)