Friday, February 11, 2011

Fishy Fun

This weekend is going to be absolutely beautiful out, well that's what the weather man is telling me. This is the last weekend before the girls head to NC, so it is our last weekend as a family for almost 8 months. Sad yes but exciting as well. We never do much of anything because by the weekend I am so worn out from my children all I want to do is sleep. Poor Ryan never has any fun right?

This weekend we have been brainstorming things to do around here that don't consist of destroying our pockets. I keep wanting to go to LegoLand but that place is crazy expensive so I/We have decided against it. But I then kept looking into their website and realized they have an aquarium as well. So I gave the idea to Ryan and he was excited to know we had some plans for the weekend. I told Kylie and her first comment was "But Mom, I'm scared of sharks, I do not want to see the sharks." After convincing her she does not have to go to the shark part of the aquarium she is excited as well!

Ryan has Monday off and until yesterday I thought they were giving it to him being nice. It's freaking President's Day. His unit thinks they're being slick saying oh we will give you this 96, uhhh NO it's a holiday. I know these 4 days are going to fly by and before I know it my brother-in-law,Mom and kids are going to be on airplanes headed to NC. I want time to slow down but part of me wants it to speed up. I want to be done with packing and really the unpacking could be passed up too.

My goal for this last weekend is to go crazy with my camera. I want to go get dressed and take pictures now, that's how determined I am. I use to take pictures EVERY day. Never failed at doing so but man have I just slacked so horribly this year. I know once Ryan is deployed I will be taking mass amounts so he can see everything he missed in pictures. So we will be the cute little family at this aquarium outing to show off my beautiful family on facebook AND blogger of course. So stay tuned for my next blog full of pictures!

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