Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bittersweet Break

I have been away from Delainey a total of 5 nights in her 14 months of life. Where as this is probably normal I had many more Mommy breaks when Kylie was this age. Possibly could have something to do with the amount of time in between deployments. Every time we turned around we were enjoying our last week together.

Ok back to my point, my mom is coming on Valentimes Day and take the girls back 2 days later. I will then be away from both the girls for about 10 days. Longest I have ever been away from both of them together. My first thought is "Thank God, a break.", okay my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and possibly 5th thought but then I get a little sad thinking I won't have my little nuggets for so long. This week they have tested me and I am at my limit. If these two kids could understand how stressed and over whelmed I am they would just lock them selves in a closet for me. Instead they just continue to throw fits and drive me up the wall. I know they can feel the stress and it makes them stressed but it's hard to keep my stress down at this point. Ryan is training, having late nights, yada yada yada the usual excuses. My body is tired and I now have a cold that I want to kick before it gets any worse. I just went through the Chickfila Drive-Thru and by the time we got home I looked in Kylie's bag and the entire food contents were gone, they ate every last fry and nugget. Delainey has an entire nugget shoved in her mouth and Kylie has fry salt from one end of her face to the other. I think they were hungry? Funny thing is we were eating lunch an hour earlier than we usually do. So I now have no idea who ate what and who's actually going to be hungry later. The best part of my arriving back at home story is Kylie had a mental break down when I stated she was not allowed to play until I ate lunch and Delainey was down for a nap. I know it's a crazy thought that her Mom actually eats food too. She proceeded to run across the cul-da-sac and scream, cry, whine, and any other ridiculous noise she had. Out of anger and frustration I threw her scooter in the trash to show her I was not playing games, worst part, I broke it because when I say "threw" I mean it in a literal sense. So the good news is, its already in the trash! haha Hopefully her daddy will be able to fix it though. After chasing her down the street and picking her and dragging her back in the house we are inside and she will NOT be going outside to play today. {I hope our new neighbors were staring at me saying OMG we live next to a crazy lady.}

Kylie's melt downs are going way up in numbers these days. When we first moved here is when she really started getting over whelmed and we could tell this kid was just not an easy going go with the flow child. I try every day to keep my cool and just explain to her that Daddy has to work a lot and he will also be gone for a very long time so we are moving to be closer to Grandma.But she's still just too young to understand it longer than a few hours. Ryan started this thing that when she is crying and having a melt down we put her in the laundry room. It sounds like we are treating her like a dog but it has really worked. She screams at the top of her lungs gets it all out and walks out of the room acting as if nothing ever happened. Bi-Polar, maybe but what girl isn't a little crazy?

Good news, we have a house! Finally application went through and we are set, all we have to do is get the lease notarized when we sign it. If only the field had a fax machine right? The leasing lady is so nice but just utterly confused on my husbands job. I said he was unreachable until Friday and she said so you can't get the fax to me? Well umm he's in a field and I do not have a long enough phone line or extension cord, sorry. So I am hoping and praying that Ryan has the time to come home get me and us go get this thing notarized on Friday! Then it is just a matter of days before my mom is here and the packing will start at a rapid rate.

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  1. I have to say, I'm exhausted from just reading everything you have to do.. I couldn't imagine adding 2 1/2 kids and a move to it all!