Monday, February 21, 2011

Tomorrow is what?!

This past week was the fastest week of my life. I couldn't get it to slow down to save my life. We had an amazing weekend as a family. The aquarium was so fun. The first 10 minutes both of the girls were terrified of the place. It was too dark and cold. Once the older one started to warm up the youngest decided that if big sister liked the place she could too. From there on out it was "Woahhhh" over and over again! Delainey just loved that the windows were low enough that she could see the fishes. After the aquarium we went to one of my favorite places, Ruby's. Kylie and I enjoyed a double chocolate chip milkshake!

Ryan and the girls
Camera did not like the tunnel.

Kylie and I

Delainey looking at fishes!

2 days later I then turned into an airport shuttle. I headed north to pick up my mom, Ryan headed south to pick up his brother and within 10 minutes of each other we were all back at home. We had a quick lunch then headed to the park to enjoy the weather. The boys went out for a Valentimes date, so cute they were going out alone. Luckily my husband had that next day off. The boys went on another date to the shooting range. Mom and I of course had to get pink berry one last time. Wednesday I woke up brought my husband to work then my brother in law to the airport. My mom helped me pack then it was time to take them to the airport. They took an over night flight that left at 10:30pm. Kylie was asleep before the plane took off. Delainey screamed for 30 minutes according to mom but was fine other wise. They have enjoyed being at Grandma's as far as the report has gone.

Kylie and Uncle BMan
Delainey and Daddy

Delainey and Grandma

Once the girls were gone there was no time to relax I had to step in gear and pack everything I could. The best part is I still have so many open boxes that I just stare at. The day for Ryan to deploy came and boy did it come quick. We spent hours sitting on base waiting for the time to come. He pulled away on a purple bus, which we thought was awesome since Kylie's favorite color is purple. Then about 2 hours after he had pulled away he said " Well we aren't leaving." Some how the flight information got messed up and they were now not leaving until the next day. As much as I enjoyed having him home one more day, saying good bye again was not so fun. He was able to come home and cuddle for one more night! Then we woke up to repeat the day we all dread yet AGAIN. The best part is this happened last deployment. I drove 2 hours away from base for him to get to the airport and be told they weren't leaving for 3 more days.

The first day of good byes!

Hubby and his purple bus!
Once he finally left I finished up most the packing and have been quite bored sitting here alone. But soon I will be back with my girls. Movers come tomorrow and my friend Rachel comes Wednesday! This all happened so fast! I am excited to start a new adventure. I do not see a deployment as a bad thing. It gives my husband an opportunity to use the skills he is taught and it always makes us stronger.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fishy Fun

This weekend is going to be absolutely beautiful out, well that's what the weather man is telling me. This is the last weekend before the girls head to NC, so it is our last weekend as a family for almost 8 months. Sad yes but exciting as well. We never do much of anything because by the weekend I am so worn out from my children all I want to do is sleep. Poor Ryan never has any fun right?

This weekend we have been brainstorming things to do around here that don't consist of destroying our pockets. I keep wanting to go to LegoLand but that place is crazy expensive so I/We have decided against it. But I then kept looking into their website and realized they have an aquarium as well. So I gave the idea to Ryan and he was excited to know we had some plans for the weekend. I told Kylie and her first comment was "But Mom, I'm scared of sharks, I do not want to see the sharks." After convincing her she does not have to go to the shark part of the aquarium she is excited as well!

Ryan has Monday off and until yesterday I thought they were giving it to him being nice. It's freaking President's Day. His unit thinks they're being slick saying oh we will give you this 96, uhhh NO it's a holiday. I know these 4 days are going to fly by and before I know it my brother-in-law,Mom and kids are going to be on airplanes headed to NC. I want time to slow down but part of me wants it to speed up. I want to be done with packing and really the unpacking could be passed up too.

My goal for this last weekend is to go crazy with my camera. I want to go get dressed and take pictures now, that's how determined I am. I use to take pictures EVERY day. Never failed at doing so but man have I just slacked so horribly this year. I know once Ryan is deployed I will be taking mass amounts so he can see everything he missed in pictures. So we will be the cute little family at this aquarium outing to show off my beautiful family on facebook AND blogger of course. So stay tuned for my next blog full of pictures!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Short and Sweet

I have been pregnant, now 2 1/2 times.

I have moved across country while pregnant, as well as 3 in town moves.

I have been through 2 deployments.

I have been the "sole" care giver for my children for weeks at a time.

But who the hell thought it would be a good idea to do it all at once!?!?!??! I have no words to describe the stress and frustration in my body. I yell, I cry, I get angry fast, and I am just flat out exhausted. I suggest to anyone to space out these stressful events and NOT combind them all into one month!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I do NOT have a problem!

If you know me personally without hesitation when asked the question, What is Meridith's obsession? Your answer would be Coach. There would be no silence for you to think it would fly right out of any one's mouth. I got my first Coach bag when I was in 5th grade. It is light blue and white limited edition leather satchel. I would never in my life carry that thing again but you best believe it's in a Coach storage bag.

My husband hates my obsession but when he met me I clearly stated I had a problem and he acted prepared for the situation. My 16th birthday I got sunglasses, tennis shoes, a key chain and a bag  from my grandparents. You may find that strange I remember but I could name every item I have and tell you when and where I bought it. Ryan started the journey of stepping into the evil world of Coach when he purchased my first Coach diaper bag. He left for boot camp 2 days later. Last weekend he bought my 3rd diaper bag for our 3rd kid and stated it was because he was about to leave me again. I could get use to this. Can I volunteer him for deployments for Coach items or would that be rude?

This was almost a year ago as it has grown.
My Pumpkin 2009
You'd think my husband would send me to rehab
 after making my pumpking Coach!

I tend to know exactly when sales are and what they have that I need during these sales. I have 3 diaper bags, 5 bags, a duffel bag, a computer case, 4 key chains, earrings, a ring, 3 pair of shoes, make up case, 3 mini skinny's, 3 wristlets, a camera case, 3 pair of sunglasses, beach towel,2 scarfs, winter gloves and 3 wallets. I believe there is more but my head is spinning from remembering all that. Ryan, husband, has always said Meridith you have to stop you have a problem and I have never believed that statement. Last week I walked into my closet stared at the bags covering one end of the closet to the other stared at all the brown, white and red boxes repeated to my self, I do not have a problem, I do not have a problem, I do not have a problem and I walked away. I quickly walked back in and said, I have a problem. I've never admitted this and when telling my husband of my silliness he said he was so proud of me for finally saying I had a problem.

Hi my name is Meridith and I'm a Coach addict.

Might I add, I'm not stopping any time soon! :D Everyone always tells me to sell them when I don't use them but I could never! That would be so disrespectful.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend in a Nut Shell

I was avoiding packing more than one box a day all week but got in the packing mood yesterday and packed quite a few things. My kitchen looks so empty, my precious mixer is all packed up and ready to venture back to the east coast as well as most of my pampered chef goodies. I wrote out a grocery list to figure out what I would be cooking this week to know what I could pack. I made it the easiest cooking week of my life. BLT's, Chicken Enchiladas {everyone hush your mouth, Ryan wants them one more time before he leaves.}, and one night we will eat left over Chili because I made 5 lbs today. Husband will only be home 4 nights this week so only 4 nights of cooking then we get to spend the last weekend as a family before the girls head back to NC with my mom.

My brother in-law is flying in from Japan the same day my mom is. The interesting part, he flies into San Diego at 11:40 and my mom flies into John Wayne at 11:50. These airports are 2 hours apart and we have ONE car. Interesting right? I think I'll make the Marine walk back from the airport and I'll get my mom. Ok not really. My neighbor has 2 cars so I will be asking her if she is sure it's okay we can borrow one. If not we could be in quite the pickle. We are so excited to see Brendan since it has been a year. It is a short visit of just 2 days but other wise he would of had to wait almost another year to see Ryan again. The last time we saw him was at his Marine Corps graduation last February! There are 6 of us and we have a 5 passenger car. So we will be taking shifts of who gets to leave the house for the day.

Today is my husbands 24th birthday! I woke up with the girls bright and early to let him sleep in a little. I was making chili at 8am. I almost died cutting an onion but I made it. I then started making breakfast Hal Burke style. I made hash browns, sausage and scrambled eggs, then proceeded to wake Ryan up so he could eat breakfast. He doesn't like eating in bed so I didn't bother bringing it up there. I love surprises and try to surprise that man over and over. I had told him he couldn't get an iPod since he got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago. But sneaky sneaky I bought him one a few weeks ago. He of course knew exactly what it was before he even opened the package but hey, he had no idea I got it until then! So he is like a little kid so excited about his new iPod. It's a 160G Black Classic! I'm in love with the new black because it is really more like gun metal! I want to get something engraved on it since the last one got stolen!

My brain is scattered more than usual so that is what I am thinking for the weekend, back to cleaning the house and packing whatever else I can find!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bittersweet Break

I have been away from Delainey a total of 5 nights in her 14 months of life. Where as this is probably normal I had many more Mommy breaks when Kylie was this age. Possibly could have something to do with the amount of time in between deployments. Every time we turned around we were enjoying our last week together.

Ok back to my point, my mom is coming on Valentimes Day and take the girls back 2 days later. I will then be away from both the girls for about 10 days. Longest I have ever been away from both of them together. My first thought is "Thank God, a break.", okay my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and possibly 5th thought but then I get a little sad thinking I won't have my little nuggets for so long. This week they have tested me and I am at my limit. If these two kids could understand how stressed and over whelmed I am they would just lock them selves in a closet for me. Instead they just continue to throw fits and drive me up the wall. I know they can feel the stress and it makes them stressed but it's hard to keep my stress down at this point. Ryan is training, having late nights, yada yada yada the usual excuses. My body is tired and I now have a cold that I want to kick before it gets any worse. I just went through the Chickfila Drive-Thru and by the time we got home I looked in Kylie's bag and the entire food contents were gone, they ate every last fry and nugget. Delainey has an entire nugget shoved in her mouth and Kylie has fry salt from one end of her face to the other. I think they were hungry? Funny thing is we were eating lunch an hour earlier than we usually do. So I now have no idea who ate what and who's actually going to be hungry later. The best part of my arriving back at home story is Kylie had a mental break down when I stated she was not allowed to play until I ate lunch and Delainey was down for a nap. I know it's a crazy thought that her Mom actually eats food too. She proceeded to run across the cul-da-sac and scream, cry, whine, and any other ridiculous noise she had. Out of anger and frustration I threw her scooter in the trash to show her I was not playing games, worst part, I broke it because when I say "threw" I mean it in a literal sense. So the good news is, its already in the trash! haha Hopefully her daddy will be able to fix it though. After chasing her down the street and picking her and dragging her back in the house we are inside and she will NOT be going outside to play today. {I hope our new neighbors were staring at me saying OMG we live next to a crazy lady.}

Kylie's melt downs are going way up in numbers these days. When we first moved here is when she really started getting over whelmed and we could tell this kid was just not an easy going go with the flow child. I try every day to keep my cool and just explain to her that Daddy has to work a lot and he will also be gone for a very long time so we are moving to be closer to Grandma.But she's still just too young to understand it longer than a few hours. Ryan started this thing that when she is crying and having a melt down we put her in the laundry room. It sounds like we are treating her like a dog but it has really worked. She screams at the top of her lungs gets it all out and walks out of the room acting as if nothing ever happened. Bi-Polar, maybe but what girl isn't a little crazy?

Good news, we have a house! Finally application went through and we are set, all we have to do is get the lease notarized when we sign it. If only the field had a fax machine right? The leasing lady is so nice but just utterly confused on my husbands job. I said he was unreachable until Friday and she said so you can't get the fax to me? Well umm he's in a field and I do not have a long enough phone line or extension cord, sorry. So I am hoping and praying that Ryan has the time to come home get me and us go get this thing notarized on Friday! Then it is just a matter of days before my mom is here and the packing will start at a rapid rate.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is this girl for reallll?

When you go to church and you go talk to the Pastor you usually are on your best behavior. You make sure you don't drop the F bomb or any cuss words at that matter, you cover up your cleavage that you thought would be okay for church, and stay that innocent person you are deep down in side. I use this as an example as how Marine Wives are supposed to act towards higher up's, as in 1/1's BLT Commander. Where as the F word is more than welcome when talking to any Marine you do not disrespect someone of his ranking.

Last night we had a predeployment brief to discuss what to expect in our upcoming deployment. In our hour and half "brief" we were told ways to budget and plan things out. There were 4 pages of notes telling the Marines to make sure the wives know how to pay the bills and so on and so forth. Ryan has never paid a bill. It's my job, my responsibility to take care of all of that. So most of this discussion I ignored. They went over power of attorney's and stating all the things that needed to be done before deployment. After "death by power point" as my husband has called it for many years, the floor was opened for questions.

This girl got on the microphone and asked okay no she more just expressed her opinion, " If you have our husbands training so much how do you expect us to get all of this taken care of, decals, taxes, and new id's." I wanted to punch her. I'm sure she expected to get all this support from the group. We all wanted to kick her. Don't marry a Marine if you are not going to be able to handle it. All of our husbands have been allowed days to get these things taken care of. If your husband has not done so yet then it's his fault for not taking advantage of the time given to them. Our Marine's need to train so they don't end up like the last unit to loose half their guys in a matter of 4 months. A power of attorney can be used for everything she stated last night. We have not only finished filing our taxes but been paid our taxes, how on earth has she not had the time? The part that gets me is she not only was just trying to argue with the BLT Commander she was interrupting him every time he tried to speak to answer the question. Unless she has 6 kids and no car she can't have me beat. No excuses to ever talk to someone of his rank in the manner that she did. I hope her husband ran out of the building before they even knew who she belonged to. We all keep saying he had to of filed for divorce last night. {haha} And you best believe that man will be getting an ass chewing today for the actions of his insane wife.

I just found out this lady's husband is a SSgt! I would expect this from a PFC wife or someone who has never been through a deployment but SSgt?! You should know better! I have this theory that you should never get involved with your husbands work whether they be a Marine or anything else. If your husband works in an office are you going to walk in the President's office and tell him you need your husband to be off at a certain time? NO! Come on people!

I almost thought the meeting was completely pointless but if I had miss such a hilarious affair I would of been a little upset. I hope that I some how befriended this girl and she comments on my blog because I'd love to know the crazy lady behind that "question" I may sound a little mean lately but it's frustrating hearing everyone say how close deployment is. We all knew it was coming, take it in to your self and be happy! :D