Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Those People"

We were "those people" last night. You know the ones whose kids are screaming during dinner and causing everyone to stare. Yep, that was us for the first 30 minutes of dinner. I have from day one strived to make sure my kids are good in public. I bring things to occupy them and know how to do things. If it is too late for them to be out I choose to do pick up instead of eating there. I'm always courteous of the people around me whether they are or not.

Our friend Garst was visiting and we went out to Chili's. And for whatever reason Kylie was just broken hearted. The poor girl was just not having it. I think it is a combination of playing for 5 hours straight earlier that day, falling asleep on the way there and just hating the change of her boyfriend moving. She broke down for  20 minutes I swear. Just screamed for no reason and nothing was helping just making it worse. Ryan brought her outside for a little bit to calm her down some. She got a little better but then had a heart attack again. I dug through my diaper bag in hopes to find the winning object to get her to calm down. A golden chocolate coin is what fixed everything in her life at that moment. The second I pulled it out she stopped crying and I don't think we heard another peep from her again. Kylie as I've stated many times just hates change. Seeing new people, people moving or leaving, or anything she can not handle it.

 I'm not sure if she realizes this but she's a Marine's baby. Change happens over and over in our lives. She is about to live in her 4th house. I always try to plan ahead for everything to help her. My mom is getting the girls a week before we move and as much as I know my mom knows how to handle her, it will be interesting. She will be with my mom for a week and a half before I get there to then come to the realization that Daddy is in fact not going to be home for a while. She has been through 2 deployment but was too young to know what was going on. At that point it was out of site out of mind deal. We have told her Daddy was leaving for a while but until it happens I"m not sure a 4 year old can really comprehend it.

On a completely different note from children. My husband has been with Garst for less than 24 hours and already gotten a speeding ticket. Neither one of us have had a ticket in the past 5 years!! I was liking having nothing on our record or insurance! Grr Husband Grrrrr!

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