Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seriously its only 11am?

Today I woke up to an email stating that the house that I am in love with is not available for rent. Apparently me asking the landlord to lower the price made him realize he cant afford the house altogether. Why on earth did I have to fall in love with the one house that wont and cant work out? He is doing a short sale on the house which hell I have no idea what that means. All I know is I want to buy it! Ok that is not an option seeing as we have no idea how long I will even be living in North Carolina. So my heart was shattered at 7:30am. Yes, I am exaggerating. Then I came to the quick realization that I have less than 30 days to find a house. I spent all this time obsessing over this house and all the other houses I liked are now gone. I found a townhouse in Davidson that is adorable. It is only 3 bedroom and the garage is detached so it would be an interesting fit but we could figure it all out some how right? Anyone in CA want a tanning bed because that thing is making house hunting difficult!!

To make this stressful day better my kids have been crying all morning long. They have no real reason to cry just for fun. I think they can sense my frustration and plan out a way to drive me insane. I cleaned my house last night it is now destroyed with toys from one end of the house to the other. We have no food yet I will not be able to get dressed until nap time. I'm sure you'll all thinking well you can get dressed you're choosing not to. You all lie. Getting dressed with these two hooligans is impossible. First Delainey empties out every drawer I open, resulting in clothes being thrown across my bedroom. She will then follow me to the bathroom to do the same with those drawers as well as everything under the cabinets. I believe her favorite thing to do is pick cotton off of q-tips, one tiny piece at a time. While all this is going on Kylie is jumping on the bed while eating whatever I asked her not to 10 minutes before hand. So I have resulted to get dressed at 7am or at nap time when Kylie will sit peacefully downstairs alone and Delainey sleeps.

Yesterday my friend Nikki borrowed a few of our DVDs to let her daughter watch. We ended up trading so Kylie could watch her Scooby Doo movies. She's very anal about her toys and movies so I reassured her that I would take care of them. Well low and behold in less than 24 hours my child has cracked, not scratched not lost CRACKED her DVD. I was sitting here watching her I have no idea when this happened. So needless to say I have already ordered her a new copy. I'm thinking maybe since she has a lot going on I can replace it without her even knowing. haha Is that rude?

Can today be over so I can wake up not stressed in a better mood playing BINGO at Chickfila?! Don't hate. Yes, that is what I'm doing tomorrow!

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  1. I am sorry you are having a crappy day. The house WILL work out. You will find the perfect one, I am sure! About the dvd thing, I do kinda find that funny. Just bc Nikki is SOOOOO anal about her stuff, lol. And she won't even notice the new one. I am ready for BINGO too! I will have to give you the low down on the new neighbors. I am already not liking it here...