Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moving, organizing, enjoying time as a family, moving, searching for a house!

I told my self in November that the month of January would fly by. I was preparing my self to get to February first and say "Where the hell did January go?" However I did not know December would be just as fast. We found out we were having a boy, told family and friends we were expecting another baby, had Christmas with the girls and began to clean and organize for the move. I think it was the day after Christmas that I said okay time to start figuring out the moving plans. I am terrified of forgetting an important step of moving cross country but I think I'm doing pretty good. My husband gives me a hard time because I spend hours on the phone with my mom but who else would think of the things I forget. She's good at doing this stuff and never forgets the details.

So far we have finalized the moving company. They arrive in 7 weeks. My mom has booked her flight and the return flight for the girls. They leave in 6 weeks. My friends Rachel and Brittany have booked flights to come out and drive back with me. That is the day after the movers come. I have a few houses in mind just waiting for it to be closer in time.

I am absolutely in love with this house in Davidson, NC. It is actually almost in Concord. It is easy to get to everything but out of the way of all the craziness. My parents can get to it easy as well which is all I was looking for. I refused to be in Huntersville. (A town a little south) That would then be almost an hour away from my mom which I wasn't going to like. But the realtor of this gorgeous house said one the landlord would not consider lowering the price until he saw our application, and two we can't sign a contract more than 30 days out. So my only option is to wait 3 weeks and hope the house is still there, as well as hope the landlord is willing to drop the price some. I know there will be other houses if this one does not work out but I get my heart set on things easily. This house has 4 bedrooms plus a bonus, 2 car garage, amazing master bathroom, alarm system, and a community pool. I think after looking into it hard this house has been on the market for almost a year. I can't imagine it going anywhere in 3 weeks if it has been up that long. So everyone say a little prayer that everything works out in our favor.

I keep thinking I need to start packing but to be honest we just moved 5 months ago, anything we don't use on a regular basis is still packed from the last move. We still have at least one box in each room. I'm afraid we have way more stuff than I told the moving company and our moving quote will sky rocket. I am so thankful that my mom can come out to take the girls early so I have time to pack. I will be 25 weeks pregnant the week of this move. How many times can one person get pregnant and move cross country?!! So I will be packing and letting others move the boxes. I'm determined to be organized and get it all done right. Wish me luck!

In the midst of all the moving planning I then realize, my husband is deploying in less than 2 months. I've gotten so focused on the moving part that I forget the main reason I am moving. This is not our first deployment so I'd like to say it will be easy as the others were but this one is different in so many ways. He has been home for almost 2 years since his last deployment. Last 2 deployments he was home 5 months in between the two. So we got in the swing of deployments. Now we are out of that normal feeling of being away. Kylie is older and will understand more so it will be harder to explain to her why Daddy will be gone for so long. Delainey is still in the out of site out of mind stage so she will know no difference. { Although that baby is attached to him 24/7 when he is home} I will have to have Bentley without him by my side. That has yet to really hit me in the way I know it will. Things will be very different when I move home. Many of my "friends" have moved away or we have just grown apart. A lot of people say why do you want to move home so bad? But until you are this far away from home for so long you'd have no idea how hard it is. Many people have only seen Delainey one time in her life. I know many people want to assume were still good friends but if you don't give me the time of day to talk when I live here then I promise I wont give you the time of day when I live there.

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  1. That house in Davidson sounds wonderful! I also told myself if I ever moved back home I would not be anywhere near the madness, it has just gotten TOO out of hand! Praying for you and Ryan's safety always!