Wednesday, January 19, 2011

House Update!

My mom has a friend who is a realtor so she was able to look at some houses for me. She went on Tuesday and looked at the house I had talked about in a recent post. My mom knocked me {for those without iPhone's its an app that is like live video} and gave me a virtual tour of the house. She was blown away by the size of the house. It has a huge bonus and is just a gorgeous house. I fell in love way before she saw it in person. I could not be more in love. My mom keeps saying to me, "It's just a rental it doesn't have to be perfect." But I want a nice house to live in! I have the feeling I will have quite a few guests over and just want a nice place. Ok but now that I'm drooling over the house again let me tell you the real point of my story.

The price of rent is $100 over our HIGHEST amount we would like to pay for rent so we had asked the landlord if he would lower the price some. He denied our request and said he would wait until someone could pay him that amount. Man is crazy, this house has been on the market since at least April 2010! Why on earth would he turn any one down. I was so upset after I was told this news and started searching for other houses and imagining living else where. But Donna, my mom's realtor friend, called the realtor who was working for that house and explained a little more about us. She just told her that we are a young military couple who would be great tenants, could not loose our income and so on and so forth. After hearing Donna out the other realtor sat in silence then said "Okay, can you think of any problems you saw with the house?" The walls were never fully repainted they were just touched up and the carpet had a few stains in the house. The two of them thought and said if I would be okay with me not getting either of those fixed maybe he would consider going lower. My face was beaming with a smile after getting off the phone with her this morning. I sent in my application and now I am just hoping for the best. I am so grateful to have someone as great as Donna on my side to help us out.
I am obsessed with this master bath!

If you have ever been on a search for a house from across the country you know how hard it is. This time it is MUCH easier because I know the area but it is still difficult. So everyone say a little prayer and hope we can get things worked out so I can live in this beautiful house in a great neighborhood!

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