Friday, January 21, 2011

House Arrest

So you all know I sold my car and was so convinced it would be no big deal, it has killed me the past two days. Luckily it just started bothering me. I have wanted to go to Michaels since Wednesday but Ryan has had such late hours I cant even go when he gets off. I feel like I'm stranded and cant go anywhere. I look forward to the weekends when I can finally get a chance to leave the house. Next 2 weeks I will have the car and I am thrilled. There is BINGO night at Chickfila and you best believe I'll be attending.

This week is one of those weeks where every hour I think to my self, seriously I'm having another kid? Kylie has NOT listened worth anything this week. I tell her to sit and she stands, I say run she stands still. Kid is testing me and I am not liking it. Delainey has learned a high pitch squeal when she's excited and it pierces my ears when it echos in our empty kitchen. She throw her food on the floor when she is done rather then just leaving it where it is. The amount of food I've had stuck on my feet is disgusting! Ryan had duty on Tuesday so he left early Tuesday morning and did not get home until Wednesday night. I think the girls test me 10x more when they know he is gone.

The weather is still gorgeous so we are enjoying EVERY minute outside that we can! No new information on the rental house in NC but we will find out soon enough. If after all of this it does not work out, that is not the house I am supposed to live in. I will have to start my search over. On a good note, my old land lord who thought we deserved $353 of our $1500 finally took my offer and gave us half! It may not be all of it but so much better than $353. I told him if he gave us $750, being half, I would stop contacting him to harass him about how we deserve the entire refund. I knew he would listen because who honestly wants me to call them weekly screaming at them?!

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