Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hectic Day

This weekend was pretty boring. We didn't do much of anything. Saturday I got up kinda early and headed to the store with Kylie then had a little a little bit of spring fever and began to clean the house at a rapid rate. That night we had people over to BBQ. The weather was too nice not to have a BBQ! Sunday we sat around and enjoyed some nice relaxing. Monday we had to get up at 6am to go to my ultrasound appointment. I was not thrilled to have to wake the girls up and be an hour away from home by 7:30 but we survived. Our little man is doing good and in fact still a little man. I got my records from this OB and that was my last visit in California. My next OB appointment will be in North Carolina. Bitter sweet feeling.
19 weeks 3 days

Today Delainey decided it would be awesome to wake up at 6:30 am in case the morning before wasn't early enough for me. We ate breakfast on the couch so I could stay cuddled in my blanket and she proceeded to throw objects at my head until I got up. Kylie awoke an hour later and wanted breakfast before she even stepped foot off the last stair, so up I got to get breakfast. My friend needed to run to do a few things without kids so I had her kids this morning and it was the loudest my house has been in a while. After they left I managed to pick up the house some and start some laundry, then we were off to play outside. Might I mention that we spend 3-5 hours outside daily now that the weather is so nice. I'm very tempted to start wearing my bathing suit because I'm starting to get a goofy tan from all my shirts.

Trouble? I think so.
Kylie and Thompson
My friend Lenora is moving. :( I know I am moving in 5 weeks but I am still so sad. We have enjoyed living next to them so much the past few months. It has been great to have an adult to talk to and kids for my kids to play with. We have this funny connection because we are both from the South. Who knew anyone else would be so obsessed with Chickfila and Target the way I am?! She found out today that she got a house in the housing they were waiting for so they have from now until Monday to be completely moved out of their current house. Talk about stressful. Oh wait I've lived this 5 months ago, mind you we had no babysitters so I am offering every helping hand this weekend for the kiddos. Luckily they are only moving 30 minutes away so we can see them a few more times before we do move.

For over a week I have been saying I was going to pack our glasses we do not use, have I done so NO! So somebody call me tomorrow and force me to do it. I know its easy and wont take long but I open the cabinet, stare at all the glasses, close it and walk away!

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