Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally Packing

Last night my friend Lenora and I played BINGO at Chickfila for 31/2 hours. Surprisingly we each only won once. I won the first time and from there on out bombed at the game. Lenora won at the end! We both got a free kids meal. Luckily we eat there enough that a free kids meal made us happy. After BINGO we some how both ended up at target to do some late night shopping. The kids assumed we were there together and I found my self following her around just to keep all the kids calmed down. Eventually we parted and went home.

My winning card!

After such a late night out the girls slept until 8:45! Heaven, yes! I was up at 8:30, got dressed and started laundry. Of course my chubby little bunnies needed breakfast 5 minutes after they awoke so pancakes it was. Sleeping in makes any day better in my eyes. I was refreshed, got a good nights sleep and was ready to be productive for the day. I packed up our snowboarding stuff. I packed up Kylie's too small stuff and put her too big stuff in a box for later. I then packed a huge box of baby linens. Who knew how much pink stuff I own?! Poor baby Bentley may be called gay if anyone ever saw how much pink stuff he has the potential of using. Before I knew it it was lunch time so the girls are fed. Unfortunately Delainey's sheets are in the washer so nap time will run a little late today. I'm sure she does not mind at all.
I told Kylie I needed help packing.
Came back downstairs and this is what she had done!
She tried. Right?

It feels good to of even packed 4 boxes. I have been avoiding it all together and finally did a few things. Now I am off to make meatloaf because that is what I crave these days. :)

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