Saturday, January 8, 2011

Car seat fusss

Lately all I hear about is car seat safety, laws and people breaking them. I'm not one to really fret on these things. I feel as if when I think my child is ready to move up then it's time. Kylie was 17 pounds until she was almost 2. Did you think I was going to leave her in an infant seat until she was 20 pounds? I think not. For some odd reason when people rear face, FORWARD facing car seats it makes absolutely NO sense to me. That car seat was made to be forward facing, why on earth are you facing in backwards? I have seen pictures of 2 year olds with their legs squished up because their parents believe that is safer for them. If you get in a car accident and your kids legs are already folded in half do you not think they're going to break?

Delainey was in a rear facing infant car seat until 2 days ago, so almost 14 months. She is now in a toddler car seat. That little chunker is well over 20 pounds so she meets every requirement they have. In moving Delainey to a "big girl" seat we then decided to move Kylie to a high back booster. She is 29.9 pounds and 37.5 inches tall. Requirements say 3 years old, 30 pounds and 38 inches tall. I'm sorry but my kids are shrimps. Both are in the 5th-8th percentile. Kylie was beginning to look uncomfortable in the toddler seat. She was getting tall and I felt it was time for her to move up. Her shoulders fit in the right spot on the booster and I feel as if she is the right size. The kid is almost 4 for heavens sake! Meanwhile when I am not pregnant I should technically be in a booster seat because of my weight. Could you imagine me sitting in a booster, in the driver seat? Which means my kids will be in booster seats for the rest of their life.

I have seen so many people flipping their kids far too early and it worries me but I don't feel I have done so. I waited a month longer than I wanted to switch both of them. We went out for the first time last night in their new seats. They were both quite excited and glad to be in new seats!

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