Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Calm After a Storm

After my day yesterday I am so thankful that today has been great so far! By bed time last night I was ready to lock my kids in a closet and just go to sleep whether they were ready for bed or not. Between having no house to move to, my kids being a pain and plain and simple pregnant and tired I was donnnnne! Did I mention that on top of everything going on I get a call from our water company in Temecula saying they just got our last bill figured out?! What? We lived there 6 months ago and you're just now figuring out how much we owe you. I was furious. It was as if what could go wrong went wrong yesterday.

Yesterday I began the search for another house to fall in love with. I found 2 townhouse that were cute but I was worried they'd be too small. My home in Temecula was WAY too small and I was miserable the entire time I lived there. Mom had plans to look at the one this afternoon, it was a bust. Too small and most likely someone else already had their eye on it before us. As she was looking at that house I was online looking for the address of another townhouse across town, low and behold a new house was put up within 5 minutes of me searching. It was perfect. The same price as most I find 3 bedrooms a bonus, 2 car garage and to our surprise a fenced in yard. This realtor company literally did not even have time to post it for rent before my Mom and her friend Donna were walking through it. If that isn't a sign than I am not sure what is. My mom spoke great things about the house where as by phone I can't really see all the details. It's in a great neighborhood in a great area, blah blah blah, perfect! So Donna gave me the go ahead to send in an application and we are set! The funniest part is Donna's daughter grew up with the guy who owns the company. I stated she was awesome to have around right?!

So everyone say a little prayer that we get this house and it all works out, oh and throw in that I win BINGO tonight and I get free Chickfila for a year or something crazy like that! :D

I know they don't look like they can be that annoying but I promise they can be!

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  1. OMG those babies make me melt! I cannot believe you are moving back to NC! I am so excited for you, I know you are looking forward to it. Saying a prayer for you!