Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boots {Not the ones on your feet}

A boot in the Marine Corps is a new Marine, one who has just gotten out of boot camp or whom have not deployed.

First things first, I do not wear my husbands rank and I will never be mean to any person because my husband is higher up. I will however pull his rank when necessary because I promise your husband didnt hear more than mine if he has barely been in over a year!

I am so sick of boots and their wives. I have never had a more stressful month before deployment in my life. These girls are ridiculous. Every Facebook status is about the deployment, they start rumors and ask stupid questions. I remember being one of them but I never once acted in this manor. It's a deployment, not a death sentence. And that is a direct quote from my husbands mouth. Our husbands unit was said to be going on a MEU and now have a 95% chance of going to Afghanistan instead. I'm probably the only one in this group of wives who is thrilled to know this. My husband wants to see combat, he is no coward. My husband is a good Marine and will come back in one piece. I am not going to fret on all the stupid stuff rather than enjoy the time with my husband while I still can. Communication is much better while they are in Afghanistan rather than on ship. The rumors that fly around are beyond ridiculous about what is going on. All of our husbands just had a meeting with the Blt Commander about what was going on, why on earth are you acting as if he told any of them anything different?! He didn't he told them all the same things. The date is the same, the location has changed, and YES they can in fact leave at any point in time. But that was always possible. When you hear "they could leave in 10 days", do not assume they are leaving in 10 days. Get a brain, it means they COULD leave in 10 days so they would get a notice that they were leaving to then tell you we are leaving in 10 days. Until you get that notice DO NOT call the FRO and ask if they're leaving in 10 days. Are you stupid?

I know many of these wives doing these things are just nervous and scared for what's to come but if you put it in your head that your husband will be hurt than you can expect him to be. My mind set for deployments is "See you later." Deployments never once upset me or bothered me. I got thru them and so did he. He missed a lot and it hurts us both but when he signed that paper to join he knew what he was doing, and when I signed that paper to marry him I knew what I was doing. He deployed 6 months after boot camp, was home for 5 months and deployed again for 8 months. We got in the swing of deployments. It was the life we knew, as many people in the Marines know. Now he has been home for almost 2 years since last deployment. The fact the Marine Corps is holding back all of these Marines from doing their job is absurd. You are all freaking out that deployment is coming up but you realize they were supposed to leave in September, they could be half way thru this deployment already.

I have no problem talking to any wife who is nervous about what's to come but all the drama you guys are starting needs to stop. I to am nervous about deployment but yet I know how to act about it. I talk to people in private not blast it all over my facebook. Watch what you say, it could start a rumor and travel its way around the unit.

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  1. Preach it to them Mama! This is so true for any branch! As for leaving, I think this is a military wide thing...well at least for the Army and apparently the Marines, They never really know when. When Kevin was deployed they told them that Friday they weren't going at all(they had Monday off) Tuesday they went to PT as normal came back for 9am formation and was told pack your bags were leaving in 12hrs! They got them to Dallas and they sat there for over 24hrs because they sent them there with no flight to anywhere else! I guess what I am saying as a military spouse you have to be flexable if you are going to survive. The military is survival of the fittest(for the wives) if you can bend and move the way the army/marines or any other branch ask you to well your in big trouble! You have been cut to be a Marine wife girl!