Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Birthday for a Mom

Today is my birthday. Where as yes I am so happy to finally be 21 so people don't look at me like I'm crazy, its just another day. I woke up to 65 people writing on my wall and 8 text messages saying Happy Birthday. I find it funny how many people will tell each other Happy Birthday on Facebook even though they don't talk to each other. But as I went through all the messages I came to realize I had talked to most of these people in the last few weeks. It always makes you feel nice to know you have all these people in your life. At the same time I have this bad habit of deleting people on their birthday. They list whose birthday it is on the side of your Facebook and if I don't know why I'm friends with that person I delete them. I sometimes get tempted to at least tell them Happy Birthday before I do so.

Little Ham would not look and smile at me!

If only they were BOTH looking.
Delainey sporting a cupcake for my birthday!
This morning Kylie woke me up at 7:30 so nicely screaming "Happy Birthday Mommmy" in my face! Where as the thought was so nice that she remembered but I wanted to smack her up side the head with the remote. Ryan left at some far too early time this morning and I feel like he told me Happy Birthday 8 times before he left. He is so sweet and really wants me to have a cake for my birthday but I just really don't find it necessary. Delainey woke up at 8 and we went about our morning. Kylie was able to go play with her friend next door for a little bit. The thought of only having one kid in the house for even an hour is amazing. I really had the urge to just sit on my behind and enjoy some time to myself. Instead I got up and cleaned the entire house. I vacuumed, I put away most of the laundry, started some laundry, made beds, cleaned up toys, and wiped the counters down. Might I tell you when I walked out of the door to go get Kylie the house was spotless. As I sit here I look around and my little tornado one and two have already destroyed the living room and kitchen. Lunch time is over and cleaned up, nap time is 30 minutes away. I will proceed to clean again then taking Kylie outside on this gorgeous day.

It is 72 degrees out on my birthday. I told my husband I wanted to have a pool party just because I could. You know as a kid you always wanted a summer birthday so you can have pool parties? Yeah I never could seeing as it's not so warm in January. So as all my friends in NC and colder states sit in 30 degrees and below weather, I will slide on my flip flops and relax in the sun. Yes, that was supposed to make you jealous.

Now someone count how many times I said the word birthday in this post, then drink that many shots since I can't!

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  1. You're blogs are really funny, whether you mean for them to be or not! lol