Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Shower Crazy

As most know my best friend Kelly is pregnant! I couldn't be more excited to be headed home to be there when she has baby Sam. She has a date picked for her shower but past that she has told me she doesn't know what else needs to be done. Poor Kelly said the words, "Can you help me?". I absolutely LOVE planning parties of any sort. I jumped right into party planning mode. I of course called the one person who loves and is good at planning parties, my mom! My mom has gotten just as excited to help with her shower as I am!

Baby Sam's bedding is Safari themed so I thought it would be cute to do everything in that theme. So far we know my mom will be making the cake because she is Martha Stewart and can make any cake I brainstorm in my little head! I have a few "safari" food items that could be cute on the table. I want to think of a jungle juice to make as punch. Themed parties can be so much fun, to have everything to coordinate and look like a safari is what I'm looking for. I found the most amazing baby showers, you can look at them here and here! Tell me those showers are not so well thought out and adorable! It's quite annoying being 2500 miles away to plan but with the power of Skype and the Internet all together I'm sure we can make it happen.

Kelly thinks I'm insane, she thinks I'm going over board and doing too much. I on the other hand want to think of more, I feel as if I just made a dent in the brainstorming of things we can do. I have this idea to make the invitations and make them adorable and she said " Oh I was just going to buy some you know dollar invitations." What?! Invitations to me are so fun, its the look of how people will expect your party to be. Ok so I'm a little crazy but if i were loaded you best believe my parties would be insane.

I was so not into my baby shower. I felt as if no one was going to come because lets face it I was 17. To my surprise there was an amazing turn out and it was so much fun. I was huge and puffy, how fabulous! The best part was Ryan surprised me by showing up for the shower. He was in SOI at Camp Lejuene at that point so I was so unaware that he would be able to come home. Now that I'm having a boy I get to have another baby shower, a blue one of course. I think I may require all guest to wear blue, is that crazy or is that just wanting everyone to match my theme?

This was Kelly and I at my baby shower!
March 3rd, 2007


  1. Where were you when I was planning my shower.. lol

  2. i love readin ur blogs! i def dont think ur goin overboard! i wish someone woulda thrown me an awesome party i see such cute pictures with awesome diaper cakes n the reg cakes n stuff n even tho i got both of those i think mine were kinda plain n i was involved in most of the plannin.. i think a surprise party woulda been awesome!