Thursday, January 6, 2011


I will probably have nothing more than moving to talk about until the moving day happens. It's constant on my mind trying to get everything figured out in my head. Not to mention I'm on edge every day hoping the house I still want is still available when it comes time to start moving forward. I want to start organizing but I feel like it's a lost cause when I there is not much I can do yet. I got rid of quite a few shirts and a few pair of pants, so I finally got rid of the clothes I wore in 7th grade. I can not drink so I believe I will pack up our wine, champagne, and other nice glasses.

I have had an on and off head ache for a few weeks now so it has been hard to enjoy Ryan being home. He has been an amazing help letting me sleep and relax while he is on leave. I may need to start getting back into the swing of things while he's still here so I'm not in shock when he goes back to work on Monday. The girls have had on and off attitudes comprehending their Daddy being home. Kylie is pretty dramatic when it comes to everything. She hates change, as I've stated before. Delainey has been teething! She is currently getting her bottom molars. Man am I glad Ryan is able to wake up at 5am because that is something I can't do. I am praying they come in way before it is time to fly home. I would hate for my mom to have my teething baby on a plane.

Ryan and his friend, Wally, went snowboarding yesterday. He said he had a great time but it was pretty hot. Mid 50's snowboarding, not so fun. But there was good snow and it wasn't too crowded. I am so jealous I didn't get to go. On the way home the roads were closed and he had to go an hour north of the mountain to get back down to head home. Let's just say he's luck he brought me some Jersey Mike's for dinner or I would not of been happy!

Hubby Boarding!

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