Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Baby or Big Mommmy?!

I have never had a problem with my weight until after I had Delainey. I could not loose the last 8 pounds. Where as I have to admit I did not try I just complained about it. I've never had to put any effort towards looking the way I DID. I started both of the girls pregnancies weighing 95 lbs and ended both weighing 124 lbs.

Before Kylie
I would be the one in black.

After Kylie
8 weeks with Delainey
and yes a tad darker than usual.

After Delainey
12 lbs heavier than usual
This pregnancy I started 12lbs heavier and I do not want to go over my 124 limit. Which sounds a little silly but if I go any higher I will be close my husbands weight and that makes me want to vomit. This pregnancy I started at 108, lost 8 pounds in the first 2 months and just started to regain it back. I am now 110. In that case I only have 14 pounds to gain between now and 18 weeks from now! I'm pretty sure that is NOT going to happen seeing as I have gained a pound a week the last two weeks. Everyone keeps saying he is going to be a big boy but I think its more I'm going to be a big pregnant lady!

I do not consider my self fat and when talking about my weight most of you I'm sure are rolling your eyes. But what I have discovered is no mater how many people or times you hear people say you look great, until you feel great you wont listen. I keep reminding my self that I am on my third child in 4 years and I can give my self some slack but I just can not wait to have this baby and work for the body I once had. No one likes to see fat roll over their pants more than the next person. Whether its size 5 or 12 in kids! :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally Packing

Last night my friend Lenora and I played BINGO at Chickfila for 31/2 hours. Surprisingly we each only won once. I won the first time and from there on out bombed at the game. Lenora won at the end! We both got a free kids meal. Luckily we eat there enough that a free kids meal made us happy. After BINGO we some how both ended up at target to do some late night shopping. The kids assumed we were there together and I found my self following her around just to keep all the kids calmed down. Eventually we parted and went home.

My winning card!

After such a late night out the girls slept until 8:45! Heaven, yes! I was up at 8:30, got dressed and started laundry. Of course my chubby little bunnies needed breakfast 5 minutes after they awoke so pancakes it was. Sleeping in makes any day better in my eyes. I was refreshed, got a good nights sleep and was ready to be productive for the day. I packed up our snowboarding stuff. I packed up Kylie's too small stuff and put her too big stuff in a box for later. I then packed a huge box of baby linens. Who knew how much pink stuff I own?! Poor baby Bentley may be called gay if anyone ever saw how much pink stuff he has the potential of using. Before I knew it it was lunch time so the girls are fed. Unfortunately Delainey's sheets are in the washer so nap time will run a little late today. I'm sure she does not mind at all.
I told Kylie I needed help packing.
Came back downstairs and this is what she had done!
She tried. Right?

It feels good to of even packed 4 boxes. I have been avoiding it all together and finally did a few things. Now I am off to make meatloaf because that is what I crave these days. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Calm After a Storm

After my day yesterday I am so thankful that today has been great so far! By bed time last night I was ready to lock my kids in a closet and just go to sleep whether they were ready for bed or not. Between having no house to move to, my kids being a pain and plain and simple pregnant and tired I was donnnnne! Did I mention that on top of everything going on I get a call from our water company in Temecula saying they just got our last bill figured out?! What? We lived there 6 months ago and you're just now figuring out how much we owe you. I was furious. It was as if what could go wrong went wrong yesterday.

Yesterday I began the search for another house to fall in love with. I found 2 townhouse that were cute but I was worried they'd be too small. My home in Temecula was WAY too small and I was miserable the entire time I lived there. Mom had plans to look at the one this afternoon, it was a bust. Too small and most likely someone else already had their eye on it before us. As she was looking at that house I was online looking for the address of another townhouse across town, low and behold a new house was put up within 5 minutes of me searching. It was perfect. The same price as most I find 3 bedrooms a bonus, 2 car garage and to our surprise a fenced in yard. This realtor company literally did not even have time to post it for rent before my Mom and her friend Donna were walking through it. If that isn't a sign than I am not sure what is. My mom spoke great things about the house where as by phone I can't really see all the details. It's in a great neighborhood in a great area, blah blah blah, perfect! So Donna gave me the go ahead to send in an application and we are set! The funniest part is Donna's daughter grew up with the guy who owns the company. I stated she was awesome to have around right?!

So everyone say a little prayer that we get this house and it all works out, oh and throw in that I win BINGO tonight and I get free Chickfila for a year or something crazy like that! :D

I know they don't look like they can be that annoying but I promise they can be!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seriously its only 11am?

Today I woke up to an email stating that the house that I am in love with is not available for rent. Apparently me asking the landlord to lower the price made him realize he cant afford the house altogether. Why on earth did I have to fall in love with the one house that wont and cant work out? He is doing a short sale on the house which hell I have no idea what that means. All I know is I want to buy it! Ok that is not an option seeing as we have no idea how long I will even be living in North Carolina. So my heart was shattered at 7:30am. Yes, I am exaggerating. Then I came to the quick realization that I have less than 30 days to find a house. I spent all this time obsessing over this house and all the other houses I liked are now gone. I found a townhouse in Davidson that is adorable. It is only 3 bedroom and the garage is detached so it would be an interesting fit but we could figure it all out some how right? Anyone in CA want a tanning bed because that thing is making house hunting difficult!!

To make this stressful day better my kids have been crying all morning long. They have no real reason to cry just for fun. I think they can sense my frustration and plan out a way to drive me insane. I cleaned my house last night it is now destroyed with toys from one end of the house to the other. We have no food yet I will not be able to get dressed until nap time. I'm sure you'll all thinking well you can get dressed you're choosing not to. You all lie. Getting dressed with these two hooligans is impossible. First Delainey empties out every drawer I open, resulting in clothes being thrown across my bedroom. She will then follow me to the bathroom to do the same with those drawers as well as everything under the cabinets. I believe her favorite thing to do is pick cotton off of q-tips, one tiny piece at a time. While all this is going on Kylie is jumping on the bed while eating whatever I asked her not to 10 minutes before hand. So I have resulted to get dressed at 7am or at nap time when Kylie will sit peacefully downstairs alone and Delainey sleeps.

Yesterday my friend Nikki borrowed a few of our DVDs to let her daughter watch. We ended up trading so Kylie could watch her Scooby Doo movies. She's very anal about her toys and movies so I reassured her that I would take care of them. Well low and behold in less than 24 hours my child has cracked, not scratched not lost CRACKED her DVD. I was sitting here watching her I have no idea when this happened. So needless to say I have already ordered her a new copy. I'm thinking maybe since she has a lot going on I can replace it without her even knowing. haha Is that rude?

Can today be over so I can wake up not stressed in a better mood playing BINGO at Chickfila?! Don't hate. Yes, that is what I'm doing tomorrow!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Shower Crazy

As most know my best friend Kelly is pregnant! I couldn't be more excited to be headed home to be there when she has baby Sam. She has a date picked for her shower but past that she has told me she doesn't know what else needs to be done. Poor Kelly said the words, "Can you help me?". I absolutely LOVE planning parties of any sort. I jumped right into party planning mode. I of course called the one person who loves and is good at planning parties, my mom! My mom has gotten just as excited to help with her shower as I am!

Baby Sam's bedding is Safari themed so I thought it would be cute to do everything in that theme. So far we know my mom will be making the cake because she is Martha Stewart and can make any cake I brainstorm in my little head! I have a few "safari" food items that could be cute on the table. I want to think of a jungle juice to make as punch. Themed parties can be so much fun, to have everything to coordinate and look like a safari is what I'm looking for. I found the most amazing baby showers, you can look at them here and here! Tell me those showers are not so well thought out and adorable! It's quite annoying being 2500 miles away to plan but with the power of Skype and the Internet all together I'm sure we can make it happen.

Kelly thinks I'm insane, she thinks I'm going over board and doing too much. I on the other hand want to think of more, I feel as if I just made a dent in the brainstorming of things we can do. I have this idea to make the invitations and make them adorable and she said " Oh I was just going to buy some you know dollar invitations." What?! Invitations to me are so fun, its the look of how people will expect your party to be. Ok so I'm a little crazy but if i were loaded you best believe my parties would be insane.

I was so not into my baby shower. I felt as if no one was going to come because lets face it I was 17. To my surprise there was an amazing turn out and it was so much fun. I was huge and puffy, how fabulous! The best part was Ryan surprised me by showing up for the shower. He was in SOI at Camp Lejuene at that point so I was so unaware that he would be able to come home. Now that I'm having a boy I get to have another baby shower, a blue one of course. I think I may require all guest to wear blue, is that crazy or is that just wanting everyone to match my theme?

This was Kelly and I at my baby shower!
March 3rd, 2007

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Those People"

We were "those people" last night. You know the ones whose kids are screaming during dinner and causing everyone to stare. Yep, that was us for the first 30 minutes of dinner. I have from day one strived to make sure my kids are good in public. I bring things to occupy them and know how to do things. If it is too late for them to be out I choose to do pick up instead of eating there. I'm always courteous of the people around me whether they are or not.

Our friend Garst was visiting and we went out to Chili's. And for whatever reason Kylie was just broken hearted. The poor girl was just not having it. I think it is a combination of playing for 5 hours straight earlier that day, falling asleep on the way there and just hating the change of her boyfriend moving. She broke down for  20 minutes I swear. Just screamed for no reason and nothing was helping just making it worse. Ryan brought her outside for a little bit to calm her down some. She got a little better but then had a heart attack again. I dug through my diaper bag in hopes to find the winning object to get her to calm down. A golden chocolate coin is what fixed everything in her life at that moment. The second I pulled it out she stopped crying and I don't think we heard another peep from her again. Kylie as I've stated many times just hates change. Seeing new people, people moving or leaving, or anything she can not handle it.

 I'm not sure if she realizes this but she's a Marine's baby. Change happens over and over in our lives. She is about to live in her 4th house. I always try to plan ahead for everything to help her. My mom is getting the girls a week before we move and as much as I know my mom knows how to handle her, it will be interesting. She will be with my mom for a week and a half before I get there to then come to the realization that Daddy is in fact not going to be home for a while. She has been through 2 deployment but was too young to know what was going on. At that point it was out of site out of mind deal. We have told her Daddy was leaving for a while but until it happens I"m not sure a 4 year old can really comprehend it.

On a completely different note from children. My husband has been with Garst for less than 24 hours and already gotten a speeding ticket. Neither one of us have had a ticket in the past 5 years!! I was liking having nothing on our record or insurance! Grr Husband Grrrrr!

Friday, January 21, 2011

House Arrest

So you all know I sold my car and was so convinced it would be no big deal, it has killed me the past two days. Luckily it just started bothering me. I have wanted to go to Michaels since Wednesday but Ryan has had such late hours I cant even go when he gets off. I feel like I'm stranded and cant go anywhere. I look forward to the weekends when I can finally get a chance to leave the house. Next 2 weeks I will have the car and I am thrilled. There is BINGO night at Chickfila and you best believe I'll be attending.

This week is one of those weeks where every hour I think to my self, seriously I'm having another kid? Kylie has NOT listened worth anything this week. I tell her to sit and she stands, I say run she stands still. Kid is testing me and I am not liking it. Delainey has learned a high pitch squeal when she's excited and it pierces my ears when it echos in our empty kitchen. She throw her food on the floor when she is done rather then just leaving it where it is. The amount of food I've had stuck on my feet is disgusting! Ryan had duty on Tuesday so he left early Tuesday morning and did not get home until Wednesday night. I think the girls test me 10x more when they know he is gone.

The weather is still gorgeous so we are enjoying EVERY minute outside that we can! No new information on the rental house in NC but we will find out soon enough. If after all of this it does not work out, that is not the house I am supposed to live in. I will have to start my search over. On a good note, my old land lord who thought we deserved $353 of our $1500 finally took my offer and gave us half! It may not be all of it but so much better than $353. I told him if he gave us $750, being half, I would stop contacting him to harass him about how we deserve the entire refund. I knew he would listen because who honestly wants me to call them weekly screaming at them?!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

House Update!

My mom has a friend who is a realtor so she was able to look at some houses for me. She went on Tuesday and looked at the house I had talked about in a recent post. My mom knocked me {for those without iPhone's its an app that is like live video} and gave me a virtual tour of the house. She was blown away by the size of the house. It has a huge bonus and is just a gorgeous house. I fell in love way before she saw it in person. I could not be more in love. My mom keeps saying to me, "It's just a rental it doesn't have to be perfect." But I want a nice house to live in! I have the feeling I will have quite a few guests over and just want a nice place. Ok but now that I'm drooling over the house again let me tell you the real point of my story.

The price of rent is $100 over our HIGHEST amount we would like to pay for rent so we had asked the landlord if he would lower the price some. He denied our request and said he would wait until someone could pay him that amount. Man is crazy, this house has been on the market since at least April 2010! Why on earth would he turn any one down. I was so upset after I was told this news and started searching for other houses and imagining living else where. But Donna, my mom's realtor friend, called the realtor who was working for that house and explained a little more about us. She just told her that we are a young military couple who would be great tenants, could not loose our income and so on and so forth. After hearing Donna out the other realtor sat in silence then said "Okay, can you think of any problems you saw with the house?" The walls were never fully repainted they were just touched up and the carpet had a few stains in the house. The two of them thought and said if I would be okay with me not getting either of those fixed maybe he would consider going lower. My face was beaming with a smile after getting off the phone with her this morning. I sent in my application and now I am just hoping for the best. I am so grateful to have someone as great as Donna on my side to help us out.
I am obsessed with this master bath!

If you have ever been on a search for a house from across the country you know how hard it is. This time it is MUCH easier because I know the area but it is still difficult. So everyone say a little prayer and hope we can get things worked out so I can live in this beautiful house in a great neighborhood!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hectic Day

This weekend was pretty boring. We didn't do much of anything. Saturday I got up kinda early and headed to the store with Kylie then had a little a little bit of spring fever and began to clean the house at a rapid rate. That night we had people over to BBQ. The weather was too nice not to have a BBQ! Sunday we sat around and enjoyed some nice relaxing. Monday we had to get up at 6am to go to my ultrasound appointment. I was not thrilled to have to wake the girls up and be an hour away from home by 7:30 but we survived. Our little man is doing good and in fact still a little man. I got my records from this OB and that was my last visit in California. My next OB appointment will be in North Carolina. Bitter sweet feeling.
19 weeks 3 days

Today Delainey decided it would be awesome to wake up at 6:30 am in case the morning before wasn't early enough for me. We ate breakfast on the couch so I could stay cuddled in my blanket and she proceeded to throw objects at my head until I got up. Kylie awoke an hour later and wanted breakfast before she even stepped foot off the last stair, so up I got to get breakfast. My friend needed to run to do a few things without kids so I had her kids this morning and it was the loudest my house has been in a while. After they left I managed to pick up the house some and start some laundry, then we were off to play outside. Might I mention that we spend 3-5 hours outside daily now that the weather is so nice. I'm very tempted to start wearing my bathing suit because I'm starting to get a goofy tan from all my shirts.

Trouble? I think so.
Kylie and Thompson
My friend Lenora is moving. :( I know I am moving in 5 weeks but I am still so sad. We have enjoyed living next to them so much the past few months. It has been great to have an adult to talk to and kids for my kids to play with. We have this funny connection because we are both from the South. Who knew anyone else would be so obsessed with Chickfila and Target the way I am?! She found out today that she got a house in the housing they were waiting for so they have from now until Monday to be completely moved out of their current house. Talk about stressful. Oh wait I've lived this 5 months ago, mind you we had no babysitters so I am offering every helping hand this weekend for the kiddos. Luckily they are only moving 30 minutes away so we can see them a few more times before we do move.

For over a week I have been saying I was going to pack our glasses we do not use, have I done so NO! So somebody call me tomorrow and force me to do it. I know its easy and wont take long but I open the cabinet, stare at all the glasses, close it and walk away!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Birthday for a Mom

Today is my birthday. Where as yes I am so happy to finally be 21 so people don't look at me like I'm crazy, its just another day. I woke up to 65 people writing on my wall and 8 text messages saying Happy Birthday. I find it funny how many people will tell each other Happy Birthday on Facebook even though they don't talk to each other. But as I went through all the messages I came to realize I had talked to most of these people in the last few weeks. It always makes you feel nice to know you have all these people in your life. At the same time I have this bad habit of deleting people on their birthday. They list whose birthday it is on the side of your Facebook and if I don't know why I'm friends with that person I delete them. I sometimes get tempted to at least tell them Happy Birthday before I do so.

Little Ham would not look and smile at me!

If only they were BOTH looking.
Delainey sporting a cupcake for my birthday!
This morning Kylie woke me up at 7:30 so nicely screaming "Happy Birthday Mommmy" in my face! Where as the thought was so nice that she remembered but I wanted to smack her up side the head with the remote. Ryan left at some far too early time this morning and I feel like he told me Happy Birthday 8 times before he left. He is so sweet and really wants me to have a cake for my birthday but I just really don't find it necessary. Delainey woke up at 8 and we went about our morning. Kylie was able to go play with her friend next door for a little bit. The thought of only having one kid in the house for even an hour is amazing. I really had the urge to just sit on my behind and enjoy some time to myself. Instead I got up and cleaned the entire house. I vacuumed, I put away most of the laundry, started some laundry, made beds, cleaned up toys, and wiped the counters down. Might I tell you when I walked out of the door to go get Kylie the house was spotless. As I sit here I look around and my little tornado one and two have already destroyed the living room and kitchen. Lunch time is over and cleaned up, nap time is 30 minutes away. I will proceed to clean again then taking Kylie outside on this gorgeous day.

It is 72 degrees out on my birthday. I told my husband I wanted to have a pool party just because I could. You know as a kid you always wanted a summer birthday so you can have pool parties? Yeah I never could seeing as it's not so warm in January. So as all my friends in NC and colder states sit in 30 degrees and below weather, I will slide on my flip flops and relax in the sun. Yes, that was supposed to make you jealous.

Now someone count how many times I said the word birthday in this post, then drink that many shots since I can't!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boots {Not the ones on your feet}

A boot in the Marine Corps is a new Marine, one who has just gotten out of boot camp or whom have not deployed.

First things first, I do not wear my husbands rank and I will never be mean to any person because my husband is higher up. I will however pull his rank when necessary because I promise your husband didnt hear more than mine if he has barely been in over a year!

I am so sick of boots and their wives. I have never had a more stressful month before deployment in my life. These girls are ridiculous. Every Facebook status is about the deployment, they start rumors and ask stupid questions. I remember being one of them but I never once acted in this manor. It's a deployment, not a death sentence. And that is a direct quote from my husbands mouth. Our husbands unit was said to be going on a MEU and now have a 95% chance of going to Afghanistan instead. I'm probably the only one in this group of wives who is thrilled to know this. My husband wants to see combat, he is no coward. My husband is a good Marine and will come back in one piece. I am not going to fret on all the stupid stuff rather than enjoy the time with my husband while I still can. Communication is much better while they are in Afghanistan rather than on ship. The rumors that fly around are beyond ridiculous about what is going on. All of our husbands just had a meeting with the Blt Commander about what was going on, why on earth are you acting as if he told any of them anything different?! He didn't he told them all the same things. The date is the same, the location has changed, and YES they can in fact leave at any point in time. But that was always possible. When you hear "they could leave in 10 days", do not assume they are leaving in 10 days. Get a brain, it means they COULD leave in 10 days so they would get a notice that they were leaving to then tell you we are leaving in 10 days. Until you get that notice DO NOT call the FRO and ask if they're leaving in 10 days. Are you stupid?

I know many of these wives doing these things are just nervous and scared for what's to come but if you put it in your head that your husband will be hurt than you can expect him to be. My mind set for deployments is "See you later." Deployments never once upset me or bothered me. I got thru them and so did he. He missed a lot and it hurts us both but when he signed that paper to join he knew what he was doing, and when I signed that paper to marry him I knew what I was doing. He deployed 6 months after boot camp, was home for 5 months and deployed again for 8 months. We got in the swing of deployments. It was the life we knew, as many people in the Marines know. Now he has been home for almost 2 years since last deployment. The fact the Marine Corps is holding back all of these Marines from doing their job is absurd. You are all freaking out that deployment is coming up but you realize they were supposed to leave in September, they could be half way thru this deployment already.

I have no problem talking to any wife who is nervous about what's to come but all the drama you guys are starting needs to stop. I to am nervous about deployment but yet I know how to act about it. I talk to people in private not blast it all over my facebook. Watch what you say, it could start a rumor and travel its way around the unit.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Don't you just love how every stranger has already picked you apart in their head. They think they know who you are and everything about you.

As a "teen mom" I was always looked at as that girl who got pregnant young, wasn't with the dad, couldn't afford food or clothes for my kid, lived with my parents and didn't finish school. Where as yes I did in fact live with my parents until Kylie was 2. It was because my husband, yes father of my child, was deployed twice with 5 months in between the two. I still get stereotyped, I get those looks when people know I'm young and see me with 2 kids. Ryan and I have never once asked our parents for help. We have done everything on our own since day one. Yes, our parents do help but they choose to and we greatly appreciate everything they do help us with. So many people think as a young mom that I really let my mom raise my kids, uhhh hello my mom lives 2500 miles away from me. It is a great feeling to know we got out of the norm, we are those few who one make it together and two do it with flying colors. I remember being in the hospital with Delainey and the nurse saying, "You know I saw your age and was worried you'd annoy the hell out of us with questions but I've barely been in your room. You know what you're doing and don't need our help." Well yes I don't like to ask for much help and I just had a baby 2 1/2 years ago I remember it all.
March 30, 2007, I am one chubby bunny and Ryan looks 12.
November 17th, 2009, Not as chubby looking and have it all together,
ok I'd like to think I handled it well. 

I watch so many shows on MTV like Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant and realize we got lucky. I know that I would not of done as great as I did without my family. My mom was the biggest support as was my stepdad. In many cases on those shows they don't get support from family. I was certain my stepdad would kick me out on my ass but instead he said "That's gonna be one cute baby" My real dad did not talk to me for almost a year and tried to get Ryan arrested because we are 2 years and 11 months apart. That one month extra would of landed him in jail but we got lucky. Ryan's parents, which I thought would be easier to tell, were not thrilled. I can remember that conversation like it was yesterday and it still kills me the way they treated not only me but Ryan. They looked at me as if I had 'done this' to him, that I had ruined his life and he couldn't go on and achieve his goals. Helllllo people, your son is 19, graduated high school and is on his way to boot camp for the Marines. Not once did I ever try to stop him. I was 16, a junior in high school pregnant. Yet you're looking at me as if I screwed him over. I think not. I left that house pissed and aggravated and I do not think I will ever forget that conversation. The funniest part was when Ryan's dad said, "How did you this happen?" He replied, "Well dad when two people love each other very much..." So with the next two pregnancies my family was first to know and I feel as if this is why. You weren't happy for the first one why care about the next ones?

My husband and I look very young on top of actually being young. He gets carded every time he orders a drink and he's about to be 24. I got carded for spray paint when I was 20. After the lady saw my age she said you just look really young, I said well I'm 20 and have 2 kids. Shocked the hell out of her for sure. My favorite memory of someone assuming I was some teenager is my experience at Victoria Secret. I believe I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant with Delainey. I asked for someone to measure me. She gave me a card that had my bra size on it and proceeded to say " It's really cool to have you can give it to your boyfriend so he knows your size, you can write all your favorite stuff on it" So I said, "Yes that is a good idea although my husband may not like my boyfriend buying me bras." Not sure if she thought it was funny but I did. Hello lady, I'm wearing a wedding ring and I'm 7 months pregnant. How hard is it to look at my hand. Or just not say anything at all, say give this to someone special.

The military world makes me feel more normal but then I realize that I'm a stereotypical Marine wife. We get married young, have kids young, and have them at the rapid rate of 3 in 4 years! But it's how it works, your husband is deployed for long periods of time and he comes home and you end up pregnant. Your husband gets sent to a country where Marines are dying left and right, you get pregnant just in case. It's a life many people choose to live. When we moved on base I was in love with having great neighbors. I started talking to them within a week or so of living here and we have become good friends. All the kids are close in age and it works great. Most of them did not find out how young I was until they already decided they liked me. {haha} It made me feel good that I do not seem like a 20 year old, I'm older for my age. I believe my one neighbor is over 10 years older than me.

This week I turn 21 and can't buy a fancy drink to celebrate, wait scratch that, I can't drink a fancy drink to celebrate. I will be buying a non alcoholic fancy drink.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Car seat fusss

Lately all I hear about is car seat safety, laws and people breaking them. I'm not one to really fret on these things. I feel as if when I think my child is ready to move up then it's time. Kylie was 17 pounds until she was almost 2. Did you think I was going to leave her in an infant seat until she was 20 pounds? I think not. For some odd reason when people rear face, FORWARD facing car seats it makes absolutely NO sense to me. That car seat was made to be forward facing, why on earth are you facing in backwards? I have seen pictures of 2 year olds with their legs squished up because their parents believe that is safer for them. If you get in a car accident and your kids legs are already folded in half do you not think they're going to break?

Delainey was in a rear facing infant car seat until 2 days ago, so almost 14 months. She is now in a toddler car seat. That little chunker is well over 20 pounds so she meets every requirement they have. In moving Delainey to a "big girl" seat we then decided to move Kylie to a high back booster. She is 29.9 pounds and 37.5 inches tall. Requirements say 3 years old, 30 pounds and 38 inches tall. I'm sorry but my kids are shrimps. Both are in the 5th-8th percentile. Kylie was beginning to look uncomfortable in the toddler seat. She was getting tall and I felt it was time for her to move up. Her shoulders fit in the right spot on the booster and I feel as if she is the right size. The kid is almost 4 for heavens sake! Meanwhile when I am not pregnant I should technically be in a booster seat because of my weight. Could you imagine me sitting in a booster, in the driver seat? Which means my kids will be in booster seats for the rest of their life.

I have seen so many people flipping their kids far too early and it worries me but I don't feel I have done so. I waited a month longer than I wanted to switch both of them. We went out for the first time last night in their new seats. They were both quite excited and glad to be in new seats!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I will probably have nothing more than moving to talk about until the moving day happens. It's constant on my mind trying to get everything figured out in my head. Not to mention I'm on edge every day hoping the house I still want is still available when it comes time to start moving forward. I want to start organizing but I feel like it's a lost cause when I there is not much I can do yet. I got rid of quite a few shirts and a few pair of pants, so I finally got rid of the clothes I wore in 7th grade. I can not drink so I believe I will pack up our wine, champagne, and other nice glasses.

I have had an on and off head ache for a few weeks now so it has been hard to enjoy Ryan being home. He has been an amazing help letting me sleep and relax while he is on leave. I may need to start getting back into the swing of things while he's still here so I'm not in shock when he goes back to work on Monday. The girls have had on and off attitudes comprehending their Daddy being home. Kylie is pretty dramatic when it comes to everything. She hates change, as I've stated before. Delainey has been teething! She is currently getting her bottom molars. Man am I glad Ryan is able to wake up at 5am because that is something I can't do. I am praying they come in way before it is time to fly home. I would hate for my mom to have my teething baby on a plane.

Ryan and his friend, Wally, went snowboarding yesterday. He said he had a great time but it was pretty hot. Mid 50's snowboarding, not so fun. But there was good snow and it wasn't too crowded. I am so jealous I didn't get to go. On the way home the roads were closed and he had to go an hour north of the mountain to get back down to head home. Let's just say he's luck he brought me some Jersey Mike's for dinner or I would not of been happy!

Hubby Boarding!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moving, organizing, enjoying time as a family, moving, searching for a house!

I told my self in November that the month of January would fly by. I was preparing my self to get to February first and say "Where the hell did January go?" However I did not know December would be just as fast. We found out we were having a boy, told family and friends we were expecting another baby, had Christmas with the girls and began to clean and organize for the move. I think it was the day after Christmas that I said okay time to start figuring out the moving plans. I am terrified of forgetting an important step of moving cross country but I think I'm doing pretty good. My husband gives me a hard time because I spend hours on the phone with my mom but who else would think of the things I forget. She's good at doing this stuff and never forgets the details.

So far we have finalized the moving company. They arrive in 7 weeks. My mom has booked her flight and the return flight for the girls. They leave in 6 weeks. My friends Rachel and Brittany have booked flights to come out and drive back with me. That is the day after the movers come. I have a few houses in mind just waiting for it to be closer in time.

I am absolutely in love with this house in Davidson, NC. It is actually almost in Concord. It is easy to get to everything but out of the way of all the craziness. My parents can get to it easy as well which is all I was looking for. I refused to be in Huntersville. (A town a little south) That would then be almost an hour away from my mom which I wasn't going to like. But the realtor of this gorgeous house said one the landlord would not consider lowering the price until he saw our application, and two we can't sign a contract more than 30 days out. So my only option is to wait 3 weeks and hope the house is still there, as well as hope the landlord is willing to drop the price some. I know there will be other houses if this one does not work out but I get my heart set on things easily. This house has 4 bedrooms plus a bonus, 2 car garage, amazing master bathroom, alarm system, and a community pool. I think after looking into it hard this house has been on the market for almost a year. I can't imagine it going anywhere in 3 weeks if it has been up that long. So everyone say a little prayer that everything works out in our favor.

I keep thinking I need to start packing but to be honest we just moved 5 months ago, anything we don't use on a regular basis is still packed from the last move. We still have at least one box in each room. I'm afraid we have way more stuff than I told the moving company and our moving quote will sky rocket. I am so thankful that my mom can come out to take the girls early so I have time to pack. I will be 25 weeks pregnant the week of this move. How many times can one person get pregnant and move cross country?!! So I will be packing and letting others move the boxes. I'm determined to be organized and get it all done right. Wish me luck!

In the midst of all the moving planning I then realize, my husband is deploying in less than 2 months. I've gotten so focused on the moving part that I forget the main reason I am moving. This is not our first deployment so I'd like to say it will be easy as the others were but this one is different in so many ways. He has been home for almost 2 years since his last deployment. Last 2 deployments he was home 5 months in between the two. So we got in the swing of deployments. Now we are out of that normal feeling of being away. Kylie is older and will understand more so it will be harder to explain to her why Daddy will be gone for so long. Delainey is still in the out of site out of mind stage so she will know no difference. { Although that baby is attached to him 24/7 when he is home} I will have to have Bentley without him by my side. That has yet to really hit me in the way I know it will. Things will be very different when I move home. Many of my "friends" have moved away or we have just grown apart. A lot of people say why do you want to move home so bad? But until you are this far away from home for so long you'd have no idea how hard it is. Many people have only seen Delainey one time in her life. I know many people want to assume were still good friends but if you don't give me the time of day to talk when I live here then I promise I wont give you the time of day when I live there.