Friday, December 24, 2010

We Spilled the Beans

The beans being I am pregnant, yes again. I did the math and in the past 4 years I have been pregnant 22 out of 40 months. Some may say that's a lot, okay that's a long time to be pregnant, but we are enjoying every minute of our kids. I wanted all my kids close together and retro spec I wanted to be done having babies in the next few years. We are finally having a baby boy and are beyond excited. His name will be Bentley Alan Burke, due June 10th, 2011. {No it did not come from Teen Mom, we have had this name for years but obviously keep having girls}

My first two pregnancies with the girls were nothing but easy. I carried on with my day as normal until the last few weeks when my tiny little body could not house any more baby. This baby on the other hand has given me a hard time. The first week I found out I was like oh man its going to be a girl I'm not sick, everything is the same as usual then BAMMM morning sickness like you wouldn't believe. My so called "stomach virus" a few weeks ago was in fact NOT a stomach virus. I have had a hard time eating anything at all because I simply hate throwing up. I lost 8 lbs in the first few weeks and have only gained back 3. I'm waiting to get yelled at during my next doctors appointment.

Things I have learned having morning sickness:
* I can not ride in cars, I have to drive every where we go. The second we pull out of a drive way and I'm in the passenger seat I get nauseous.
*Having clean toilets 24/7 is important when you spend so much time with your face in them.
*Peanut butter may sound like a good thing to eat while nauseous but it is impossible to throw up!
*Preggo Pops {they are supposed to help with morning sickness} are the biggest waste of money, they make me sick rather than help.

I'm sure all of you who know us are now piecing together things, I'm moving home, I sold my car to get a bigger one, and I've been sick for months. Kylie insisted this baby was a boy from day one. She told me over and over "Mom we already have a baby girl we need a baby boy!" The day we went to our ultrasound I said Kylie we don't know if it's a boy or not so don't get sad if we have another girl. I'm really the one who needed that pep talk. I convinced my self from day one, it is a girl! I did not want to get upset over having another girl. I spent one night up tossing and turning because I was so worried about what this baby would be. Finally I was okay and content with having another girl. We arrived to the place and the second she went to find the gender I knew, you could see those little boy parts like he was trying to show them. The umbilical cord was no where close to his hiney and it was in plain view. I thought I would be more than excited but Ryan was the one jumping up and down and extremely excited. He has always pretended to be so calm about these things and never really showed emotions. But the thought of him having a little boy to teach how to shoot, and fight I could see light up his eyes.

Yesterday, I wanted to tell my parents. I was having such a hard time bottling up all the excitement. My mom has a charm bracelet with a silver shoe for all her kids with our name on the bottom, and a pink one with Kylie's name. I needed to get her one for Delainey so I waited until we knew it was a boy and got her a Bentley one as well. I spent $30 for shipping because this is the way I wanted to tell my family. I thought it would be so fun and cute to do it this way. So after much screaming and convincing her to open her present 2 days early she finally did. We had her on web cam, kinda, so I could see her opening it. Delainey's was on top and she opened and said oh cool, then had the most confused look on her face while opening the second. She then got on the phone to ask if I was being serious. Well no Mother I am lying to you. Of course I'm being serious. So then she went threw all the questions, when are you due, were you pregnant when I was there {I found out the day before she got here :P }how did you find out it was a boy so soon, you know the usual questions. My older sister was upset because she wants kids but my mom wont let her have them yet. My younger sister Bailey was ecstatic, she was in the car with 2 other 14 year old girls, so they were screaming, you know that high pitch squeal we all did as kids. Ryan's parents were exited as well to know we will finally get a Burke boy! Ryan's brother Brendan seemed extremely excited as well. My dad surprisingly was also very excited to know we would have a boy in the family again. {My brother passed away 9 years ago and was the only boy in our family, his name was Alan, which is where we got the baby's middle name} So all night I could not wait to post a facebook status to tell the world our exciting news!

The reason we waited to tell people:

One I like surprise! Love giving surprises, seeing the look on peoples face is my favorite part. But the main reason is Ryan will be deployed for the birth. I needed the time to take it in that I would be in labor without my husband there. Then it got to be so far in I thought it would be fun to just wait until we knew what it was. Ryan and I joked no one would care if it were another girl, what's a third girl right? So if we are talking just do not bring up the fact he will not be here. It's not something I really like to talk or think about. If I bring it up go right ahead and talk about it, other wise please don't. I always knew it was a risk with him deploying but it was always my biggest fear. Ryan will be back from deployment in Septemberish! I have great family and friends who I know will be there and be all the help I need!

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  1. Well, I'll be the first to congratulate you! I do not have a blog right now, but I am a huge follower of many and just happened upon yours. This post speaks to me in husband is in the Marine Corps as well, we are expecting our first baby, and it is due to be born while he is deployed as well. I'm not too excited about that part but am SO excited to be having a baby. Also...not as enjoyable....I have had the same morning sickness you have. I lost weight and could barely eat anything for weeks. I finally had to go on some medicine that has since saved my life and allows me to function somewhat normally. Best wishes for the sickness to go away!!