Monday, December 6, 2010

Real Internet?!

We have lived in this house for 4 months now and have always had on and off Internet. It wasn't bad at first just a little frustrating then it came to a screeching halt this month where we had NO Internet at ALL! It was by far the most stressful thing. I haven't been able to do my online Christmas shopping, make our Christmas cards or pay the Internet bill! I procrastinated and did not call about it until last week. After getting sent to east coast tech support 5 times I was beyond frustrated. I'm almost positive they have a "pissed off customer" tech support because the lady I finally ended up having was obviously a black lady ready to kick my hiney for being rude. She couldn't help me and later gave me a new number to call if I didn't receive a call that day. I of course forgot and just called this morning. I got the nicest lady and she said well Ma'am they are already headed your way this morning. Well shit fire that would of been nice to know so I wasn't wearing white pants with black boy shorts? {Don't ask, just what I grabbed this morning} She said he would call then come by, 10 minutes go by and my door bell rings. What the heck?! I run to get a hoodie to cover as much of my "lazy stay at home mom" look as I could then answered the door as if he didn't see me run past it to get the hoodie!

Turns out they had the Internet ONLY going to one jack in the house. Just so happens to be the only one I did not try. Who on earth keeps their modem in the bedroom? So after about 25 minutes of him switching wires we are back in business. Of course the first thing I do is jump on blogger because I have missed blogging more than life its self.

Ryan was home for Thanksgiving and I mastered my first Thanksgiving feast alone. We had turkey, sweet potatoes, pea and asparagus casserole, green beans, dressing {made by MIL}, cheesy mashed potatoes {made by Mo}, rolls, apple and pumpkin pie. It was all so good and I was so happy to have my husband home to enjoy it with us. The week having my mother in law here was for a lack of better words, interesting. We put up the tree after Thanksgiving and man did I get in the Christmas mood. I was so ready to get presents and enjoy another holiday as a family.

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