Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No More Babies No More Bottles!

As you all know Delainey turned one last month, so this means time to take away that precious bottle. When Kylie was this age I had an easy time taking her bottle. I have this theory that if you do it all at one time it is an easier process. Stop giving formula and take away the bottle. In my eyes putting more than formula in a bottle is wrong. When I see juice in a bottle I want to scream, milk is okay. { I wouldn't do it but go for it} A bottle was made for a baby, if your kid can say bottle chances are they are far too old to have that bottle. I feel when parents don't take their bottle away when they start giving them milk its a crutch for the parent not the child. Most parents don't want to deal with the crying or whining. Sooner or later that little one wont have a bottle the sooner you take it the better. Unless you're going to let them take a bottle to preschool? But off my soap box.

Delainey's 1st Cup of Milk

The first day without bottles started in the morning. I was terrified for nap time but we made it. She cried for less than 15 minutes and was out for a short nap. Bed time she cried for about the same time and I did not hear her again until 6:45. {Mind you I was enjoying the bed to my self and she probably got up and cried her self back to sleep a few times} The second day she was a little upset. It hit her, like oh shit this lady took away my bottle and I don't think shes giving it back. We still did good though. Nap time she only cried 5 minutes and was out for almost 3 hours. Bed time broke my heart because I was upstairs where I could hear her. I normally go downstairs so I can hear the faintest noise of her crying. I feel like such a bad mom to let her cry but I know it is what is needed for me to be sain. This morning she was up at 6:15. I laid there half asleep thinking, she'll go back to sleep. After saying that 10 times I realized this baby was not going back to sleep. So I got her and tried to get her to lay down with me but that didn't happen. I have a hard time feeding her solids because she spits anything and everything out.

Delainey's Menu

Mom's Poptart
Grilled Cheese
Hot Dogs
Peanut Butter Sandwich
Chicken Nuggets
Mac & Cheese

Those are most of the things I can always get her to eat. Things she does not like include any and all vegetables and spaghetti. She is getting 2 top molars so I am hoping after that she can broaden her foods to eat.


  1. I didn't take Nats bottle away until she was older than two! My worst mistake. AE only used a bottle for a few months we had her on a cup by 11mos!!I agree it is not good for them. Even with Nat I went the all out method too, works best! As for the crying...it is actually a well known and used method for teaching a child to self soothe...so you are doing a good thing Mommy

  2. Amen Meridith! I totally agree about taking the dang bottle away. She is getting SO FREAKING BIG!