Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Gone!

So as my last blog stated I was selling my car. I finally got a hold of the husband and he said in a nut shell if it's what I want to do then go for it. I went for it. The car is gone!

In California you have to have a smog check to get it registered and you can't get a smog check unless it has a registration from the last 90 days. In order to get base stickers you also have to get a smog check. STUPIDEST thing in the world. I got my base stickers 95 days ago, therefore my smog check was 5 days out of date for them to use. Most places its $50-$60. This morning I had a friend go with me to pick up Ryan's car then I headed straight to a smog check . The only place you can get this done on base always has a good 1-2 hour wait so where as its much cheaper there, my kids can't sit still that long. The place I went to had a big room where you can sit and wait so my thought was oh this wont be too bad. He told me it would take about 35 minutes. Okay fine, no big deal. About 15 minutes into us waiting Kylie said she had to go potty. I told her to hold it which she does really good at. {There was no bathroom there.} A few minutes goes by and she proceeds to scream she has to poop. I walk a few blocks down to a random mexican food drive thru and it cost 25 cents to use the bathroom. To my luck after fighting Delainey to leave my wallet alone I sat it behind me at the car place, left it there, I had no quarters. We go back to the car place and Kylie said she could hold it. 5 more minutes go by, and now there are other people in the car place, she is screaming "I have to poop." Over and over again. We walk a good 10 blocks down to a taco bell, she peed. The second we got back to the car place she claimed she had to poop again! Thank God my car was done a few minutes later and I could leave. So he rings me up, EIGHTY FREAKING DOLLARS! It cost me $80 to sell my car!

But the car is gone and I will survive the few weeks Ryan is home without a car. We will probably save money since I wont be able to go to Chick-Fil-A anymore. {Sorry Lenora :( } But life goes on, there are many people with 1 car and they survive. We now have the money to move home! It was making me nervous how close it was and how low our bank account is. Last night I put my name in a few moving companies to get quotes. Oh my lanta the amount of calls I've gotten today from them. It gets rather annoying. I'm hoping we will get a good rate seeing as Ryan wont be around to help load and we will have to pay someone to load as well as drive the truck. I thought the day would never come but in 2 short months, that I'm certain will blow by, my husband will be gone and I will be back in NC with my friends and family. A bitter sweet feeling that's for sure!

P.S. My boyfrannn Garst got back from Afghanistan a few days ago. He called me last night at midnight. {He's in Hawaii and forgot the time difference} I answered only because it was him and I was glad to see his name on my phone again. After I answered he knew I was asleep I'm sure because I sounded half asleep. I have no idea what I said to him to be honest. Garst and his new girlfriend will be here in January and I can not wait. It has been since hmm May '09 since we have seen him.  I'm glad he made it home safely after all he went through over there. If you'd like to read about his accident you can here. It is an incredible story and makes my heart pound every time I read it.


  1. YAY for selling your car so fast! Sucks about the $80... and the trips to CFA. :( I can give u my keys and you can use my vehicle if u need to!

  2. Try the pods thing...They have "government" rates then you would have to pay to have your stuff driven in a truck!