Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If I Sell It Will He Sell Me?

I have been talking about getting a new car since I moved to California. I cant stand my car and when I bought it I was utterly in love with it. Really I just couldn't wait to get in a nicer car. My 1998 Mountaineer just was NOT cutting it anymore. I started looking at Pacifica's and thought it was the best car. Now after owning it for 3 years I have figured out quite a few things that aren't so pleasant about this vehicle.

1. It has many blind spots and you {ok I} will back into anything and everything.
2. The tire sensor is a little touchy and will always tell you your tires are flat or too high.
3. When you put the third row up, there is room for hmm a small tote and an umbrella stroller.

I have 2 kids and a double stroller, and even my single stroller is quite large. Where as having the 3rd row up isn't always necessary, the trunk is worthless with it up. I'm moving home in a few months and do not want to have to pay to ship it. I know I will be getting a new car soon so why waste the money to get it to NC?

So I came up with this brilliant plan to sell my car and use the money to move home. Then after a while of being in NC and saving some money we can have a good down payment on a new car. I have had my heart set on a Tahoe for years. The sight of them make me blush. They are the most beautiful thing I ever did see. But recently I found out with the 3rd row up it has almost the same room as the Pacifica. So now I'm questioning my love for a Tahoe. Now I'm starting to think okay maybe a Suburban? Then my husband reminds me I am a small person and that is a big car. But unlike the Pacifica it has a flat back window. I'm convinced the back window on my car is what causes me to back into things. I don't like curved windows! I plan to shop around and really get the car I will want for years. Ryan will be gone so I am in no rush. I will have his car to drive until I absolutely need one.

Its amazing. And I want it.
I posted my car on Pendleton Yard Sales yesterday at like 12 and by 3 someone was at the house looking at it. They are very interested in the car and he just came to test drive it. Ive gotten 4 other emails since then but am waiting to see if they want it before hand. I have yet to talk to Ryan who really was not too thrilled of the idea of another car payment. But everyone I have talked to has said, "You should do it." So if he gets mad I can just tell him to call all of them and blame it on them. Good plan, right?


  1. Hi there! I follow your blog and helped launched the 2011 Ford Explorer this fall. If you're looking for amazing space with the 3rd row up, then seriously, check out the 2001 Explorer. They totally re-designed it so it's not boxy anymore AND it has SO MUCH space and new technology. It's really an amazing family vehicle... I think you'll like what you see! Oh, and they're 1k less than the 2010 model and they're way sweeter! Good luck in your vehicle search...

  2. Oh, I so hope you can sell your car! Then we get matching Suburbans! haha!!