Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas+Gifts= STRESS!

We have a lot of family members to buy presents for. It is easy when you know or have an idea of what you want to buy them but other wise it is beyond stressful. If you count every body we have 10 people to get presents for. This may not sound like a lot but when you're considering presents to be around $25-$40 it adds up. Then you always have the ones where you're like oh its only $50 I have to get it.

Ryan's younger brother is stationed in Japan so I talked to him and we both just want to come home so were saving each of our money and not getting presents for each other. Which makes sense, how much does it cost to even ship something to Japan? My Dad {ok Ted} and father in law were easy non expensive and I am DONE with them. My older sister insisted she wanted long sleeve shirts from Gap. I walked into Gap at least 6 times as well as looked online before I just said I cant do it. I can't buy clothes for other people, especially her we have very different taste. So I found something I thought was cute that she would like and she is DONE. My younger, looks older than me sister, wanted Toms, the Toms website hates my computer and I tried over and over so I opted out of them and got her something else she would like, so she is DONE. My little sister whom is a little on the spoiled side got an ipod touch from Santa I believe, so she will be getting a gift card for iTunes. I am making a special present for my MIL and will probably make my mom one as well because that's just how I work. My Mom's actual present is on back order and I'm hoping it will make it by Christmas but she is DONE. The girls aren't getting much this year. I feel bad but between all the grandparents, Aunts and Uncles they get so much stuff. Money is tight this year and we need to save in order to move home. They are too young to know it's not a lot any ways. Ryan and I both really don't want anything this year so I think we have decided to not do gifts. I'm not sure if he has something up his sleeve but I normally know about his 'surprises' before hand anyways. Needless to say after shipping a few things my shopping is DONE! I put this in caps because I stress every year making sure I get things people will like that we can afford. I love giving presents. I love the surprise and the excitement. Unfortunately most my gifts this year aren't surprises but still fun.

My Christmas cards should be here no later than Monday! The girls night clothes from Santa should be on their way soon. I'm terrified to wrap presents until the day before. Kylie would know better than to open them but get curious and do it anyways. And Delainey just gets into everything. We have so far broken one ornament. Knock on wood. Not to mention most of our ornaments are on one side and taller than a foot and a half. I am focusing on cleaning and finding all my hidden presents to get things ready for Ryan to come home next week. He loves to set up on Christmas Eve. He always tries to make it perfect for the kids to see. Next week we get to make "Santa's Cookies" as Kylie would say. As if we weren't really the ones eating them all!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Hope you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas!

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