Friday, December 24, 2010

We Spilled the Beans

The beans being I am pregnant, yes again. I did the math and in the past 4 years I have been pregnant 22 out of 40 months. Some may say that's a lot, okay that's a long time to be pregnant, but we are enjoying every minute of our kids. I wanted all my kids close together and retro spec I wanted to be done having babies in the next few years. We are finally having a baby boy and are beyond excited. His name will be Bentley Alan Burke, due June 10th, 2011. {No it did not come from Teen Mom, we have had this name for years but obviously keep having girls}

My first two pregnancies with the girls were nothing but easy. I carried on with my day as normal until the last few weeks when my tiny little body could not house any more baby. This baby on the other hand has given me a hard time. The first week I found out I was like oh man its going to be a girl I'm not sick, everything is the same as usual then BAMMM morning sickness like you wouldn't believe. My so called "stomach virus" a few weeks ago was in fact NOT a stomach virus. I have had a hard time eating anything at all because I simply hate throwing up. I lost 8 lbs in the first few weeks and have only gained back 3. I'm waiting to get yelled at during my next doctors appointment.

Things I have learned having morning sickness:
* I can not ride in cars, I have to drive every where we go. The second we pull out of a drive way and I'm in the passenger seat I get nauseous.
*Having clean toilets 24/7 is important when you spend so much time with your face in them.
*Peanut butter may sound like a good thing to eat while nauseous but it is impossible to throw up!
*Preggo Pops {they are supposed to help with morning sickness} are the biggest waste of money, they make me sick rather than help.

I'm sure all of you who know us are now piecing together things, I'm moving home, I sold my car to get a bigger one, and I've been sick for months. Kylie insisted this baby was a boy from day one. She told me over and over "Mom we already have a baby girl we need a baby boy!" The day we went to our ultrasound I said Kylie we don't know if it's a boy or not so don't get sad if we have another girl. I'm really the one who needed that pep talk. I convinced my self from day one, it is a girl! I did not want to get upset over having another girl. I spent one night up tossing and turning because I was so worried about what this baby would be. Finally I was okay and content with having another girl. We arrived to the place and the second she went to find the gender I knew, you could see those little boy parts like he was trying to show them. The umbilical cord was no where close to his hiney and it was in plain view. I thought I would be more than excited but Ryan was the one jumping up and down and extremely excited. He has always pretended to be so calm about these things and never really showed emotions. But the thought of him having a little boy to teach how to shoot, and fight I could see light up his eyes.

Yesterday, I wanted to tell my parents. I was having such a hard time bottling up all the excitement. My mom has a charm bracelet with a silver shoe for all her kids with our name on the bottom, and a pink one with Kylie's name. I needed to get her one for Delainey so I waited until we knew it was a boy and got her a Bentley one as well. I spent $30 for shipping because this is the way I wanted to tell my family. I thought it would be so fun and cute to do it this way. So after much screaming and convincing her to open her present 2 days early she finally did. We had her on web cam, kinda, so I could see her opening it. Delainey's was on top and she opened and said oh cool, then had the most confused look on her face while opening the second. She then got on the phone to ask if I was being serious. Well no Mother I am lying to you. Of course I'm being serious. So then she went threw all the questions, when are you due, were you pregnant when I was there {I found out the day before she got here :P }how did you find out it was a boy so soon, you know the usual questions. My older sister was upset because she wants kids but my mom wont let her have them yet. My younger sister Bailey was ecstatic, she was in the car with 2 other 14 year old girls, so they were screaming, you know that high pitch squeal we all did as kids. Ryan's parents were exited as well to know we will finally get a Burke boy! Ryan's brother Brendan seemed extremely excited as well. My dad surprisingly was also very excited to know we would have a boy in the family again. {My brother passed away 9 years ago and was the only boy in our family, his name was Alan, which is where we got the baby's middle name} So all night I could not wait to post a facebook status to tell the world our exciting news!

The reason we waited to tell people:

One I like surprise! Love giving surprises, seeing the look on peoples face is my favorite part. But the main reason is Ryan will be deployed for the birth. I needed the time to take it in that I would be in labor without my husband there. Then it got to be so far in I thought it would be fun to just wait until we knew what it was. Ryan and I joked no one would care if it were another girl, what's a third girl right? So if we are talking just do not bring up the fact he will not be here. It's not something I really like to talk or think about. If I bring it up go right ahead and talk about it, other wise please don't. I always knew it was a risk with him deploying but it was always my biggest fear. Ryan will be back from deployment in Septemberish! I have great family and friends who I know will be there and be all the help I need!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas+Gifts= STRESS!

We have a lot of family members to buy presents for. It is easy when you know or have an idea of what you want to buy them but other wise it is beyond stressful. If you count every body we have 10 people to get presents for. This may not sound like a lot but when you're considering presents to be around $25-$40 it adds up. Then you always have the ones where you're like oh its only $50 I have to get it.

Ryan's younger brother is stationed in Japan so I talked to him and we both just want to come home so were saving each of our money and not getting presents for each other. Which makes sense, how much does it cost to even ship something to Japan? My Dad {ok Ted} and father in law were easy non expensive and I am DONE with them. My older sister insisted she wanted long sleeve shirts from Gap. I walked into Gap at least 6 times as well as looked online before I just said I cant do it. I can't buy clothes for other people, especially her we have very different taste. So I found something I thought was cute that she would like and she is DONE. My younger, looks older than me sister, wanted Toms, the Toms website hates my computer and I tried over and over so I opted out of them and got her something else she would like, so she is DONE. My little sister whom is a little on the spoiled side got an ipod touch from Santa I believe, so she will be getting a gift card for iTunes. I am making a special present for my MIL and will probably make my mom one as well because that's just how I work. My Mom's actual present is on back order and I'm hoping it will make it by Christmas but she is DONE. The girls aren't getting much this year. I feel bad but between all the grandparents, Aunts and Uncles they get so much stuff. Money is tight this year and we need to save in order to move home. They are too young to know it's not a lot any ways. Ryan and I both really don't want anything this year so I think we have decided to not do gifts. I'm not sure if he has something up his sleeve but I normally know about his 'surprises' before hand anyways. Needless to say after shipping a few things my shopping is DONE! I put this in caps because I stress every year making sure I get things people will like that we can afford. I love giving presents. I love the surprise and the excitement. Unfortunately most my gifts this year aren't surprises but still fun.

My Christmas cards should be here no later than Monday! The girls night clothes from Santa should be on their way soon. I'm terrified to wrap presents until the day before. Kylie would know better than to open them but get curious and do it anyways. And Delainey just gets into everything. We have so far broken one ornament. Knock on wood. Not to mention most of our ornaments are on one side and taller than a foot and a half. I am focusing on cleaning and finding all my hidden presents to get things ready for Ryan to come home next week. He loves to set up on Christmas Eve. He always tries to make it perfect for the kids to see. Next week we get to make "Santa's Cookies" as Kylie would say. As if we weren't really the ones eating them all!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Hope you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Gone!

So as my last blog stated I was selling my car. I finally got a hold of the husband and he said in a nut shell if it's what I want to do then go for it. I went for it. The car is gone!

In California you have to have a smog check to get it registered and you can't get a smog check unless it has a registration from the last 90 days. In order to get base stickers you also have to get a smog check. STUPIDEST thing in the world. I got my base stickers 95 days ago, therefore my smog check was 5 days out of date for them to use. Most places its $50-$60. This morning I had a friend go with me to pick up Ryan's car then I headed straight to a smog check . The only place you can get this done on base always has a good 1-2 hour wait so where as its much cheaper there, my kids can't sit still that long. The place I went to had a big room where you can sit and wait so my thought was oh this wont be too bad. He told me it would take about 35 minutes. Okay fine, no big deal. About 15 minutes into us waiting Kylie said she had to go potty. I told her to hold it which she does really good at. {There was no bathroom there.} A few minutes goes by and she proceeds to scream she has to poop. I walk a few blocks down to a random mexican food drive thru and it cost 25 cents to use the bathroom. To my luck after fighting Delainey to leave my wallet alone I sat it behind me at the car place, left it there, I had no quarters. We go back to the car place and Kylie said she could hold it. 5 more minutes go by, and now there are other people in the car place, she is screaming "I have to poop." Over and over again. We walk a good 10 blocks down to a taco bell, she peed. The second we got back to the car place she claimed she had to poop again! Thank God my car was done a few minutes later and I could leave. So he rings me up, EIGHTY FREAKING DOLLARS! It cost me $80 to sell my car!

But the car is gone and I will survive the few weeks Ryan is home without a car. We will probably save money since I wont be able to go to Chick-Fil-A anymore. {Sorry Lenora :( } But life goes on, there are many people with 1 car and they survive. We now have the money to move home! It was making me nervous how close it was and how low our bank account is. Last night I put my name in a few moving companies to get quotes. Oh my lanta the amount of calls I've gotten today from them. It gets rather annoying. I'm hoping we will get a good rate seeing as Ryan wont be around to help load and we will have to pay someone to load as well as drive the truck. I thought the day would never come but in 2 short months, that I'm certain will blow by, my husband will be gone and I will be back in NC with my friends and family. A bitter sweet feeling that's for sure!

P.S. My boyfrannn Garst got back from Afghanistan a few days ago. He called me last night at midnight. {He's in Hawaii and forgot the time difference} I answered only because it was him and I was glad to see his name on my phone again. After I answered he knew I was asleep I'm sure because I sounded half asleep. I have no idea what I said to him to be honest. Garst and his new girlfriend will be here in January and I can not wait. It has been since hmm May '09 since we have seen him.  I'm glad he made it home safely after all he went through over there. If you'd like to read about his accident you can here. It is an incredible story and makes my heart pound every time I read it.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If I Sell It Will He Sell Me?

I have been talking about getting a new car since I moved to California. I cant stand my car and when I bought it I was utterly in love with it. Really I just couldn't wait to get in a nicer car. My 1998 Mountaineer just was NOT cutting it anymore. I started looking at Pacifica's and thought it was the best car. Now after owning it for 3 years I have figured out quite a few things that aren't so pleasant about this vehicle.

1. It has many blind spots and you {ok I} will back into anything and everything.
2. The tire sensor is a little touchy and will always tell you your tires are flat or too high.
3. When you put the third row up, there is room for hmm a small tote and an umbrella stroller.

I have 2 kids and a double stroller, and even my single stroller is quite large. Where as having the 3rd row up isn't always necessary, the trunk is worthless with it up. I'm moving home in a few months and do not want to have to pay to ship it. I know I will be getting a new car soon so why waste the money to get it to NC?

So I came up with this brilliant plan to sell my car and use the money to move home. Then after a while of being in NC and saving some money we can have a good down payment on a new car. I have had my heart set on a Tahoe for years. The sight of them make me blush. They are the most beautiful thing I ever did see. But recently I found out with the 3rd row up it has almost the same room as the Pacifica. So now I'm questioning my love for a Tahoe. Now I'm starting to think okay maybe a Suburban? Then my husband reminds me I am a small person and that is a big car. But unlike the Pacifica it has a flat back window. I'm convinced the back window on my car is what causes me to back into things. I don't like curved windows! I plan to shop around and really get the car I will want for years. Ryan will be gone so I am in no rush. I will have his car to drive until I absolutely need one.

Its amazing. And I want it.
I posted my car on Pendleton Yard Sales yesterday at like 12 and by 3 someone was at the house looking at it. They are very interested in the car and he just came to test drive it. Ive gotten 4 other emails since then but am waiting to see if they want it before hand. I have yet to talk to Ryan who really was not too thrilled of the idea of another car payment. But everyone I have talked to has said, "You should do it." So if he gets mad I can just tell him to call all of them and blame it on them. Good plan, right?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No More Babies No More Bottles!

As you all know Delainey turned one last month, so this means time to take away that precious bottle. When Kylie was this age I had an easy time taking her bottle. I have this theory that if you do it all at one time it is an easier process. Stop giving formula and take away the bottle. In my eyes putting more than formula in a bottle is wrong. When I see juice in a bottle I want to scream, milk is okay. { I wouldn't do it but go for it} A bottle was made for a baby, if your kid can say bottle chances are they are far too old to have that bottle. I feel when parents don't take their bottle away when they start giving them milk its a crutch for the parent not the child. Most parents don't want to deal with the crying or whining. Sooner or later that little one wont have a bottle the sooner you take it the better. Unless you're going to let them take a bottle to preschool? But off my soap box.

Delainey's 1st Cup of Milk

The first day without bottles started in the morning. I was terrified for nap time but we made it. She cried for less than 15 minutes and was out for a short nap. Bed time she cried for about the same time and I did not hear her again until 6:45. {Mind you I was enjoying the bed to my self and she probably got up and cried her self back to sleep a few times} The second day she was a little upset. It hit her, like oh shit this lady took away my bottle and I don't think shes giving it back. We still did good though. Nap time she only cried 5 minutes and was out for almost 3 hours. Bed time broke my heart because I was upstairs where I could hear her. I normally go downstairs so I can hear the faintest noise of her crying. I feel like such a bad mom to let her cry but I know it is what is needed for me to be sain. This morning she was up at 6:15. I laid there half asleep thinking, she'll go back to sleep. After saying that 10 times I realized this baby was not going back to sleep. So I got her and tried to get her to lay down with me but that didn't happen. I have a hard time feeding her solids because she spits anything and everything out.

Delainey's Menu

Mom's Poptart
Grilled Cheese
Hot Dogs
Peanut Butter Sandwich
Chicken Nuggets
Mac & Cheese

Those are most of the things I can always get her to eat. Things she does not like include any and all vegetables and spaghetti. She is getting 2 top molars so I am hoping after that she can broaden her foods to eat.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Real Internet?!

We have lived in this house for 4 months now and have always had on and off Internet. It wasn't bad at first just a little frustrating then it came to a screeching halt this month where we had NO Internet at ALL! It was by far the most stressful thing. I haven't been able to do my online Christmas shopping, make our Christmas cards or pay the Internet bill! I procrastinated and did not call about it until last week. After getting sent to east coast tech support 5 times I was beyond frustrated. I'm almost positive they have a "pissed off customer" tech support because the lady I finally ended up having was obviously a black lady ready to kick my hiney for being rude. She couldn't help me and later gave me a new number to call if I didn't receive a call that day. I of course forgot and just called this morning. I got the nicest lady and she said well Ma'am they are already headed your way this morning. Well shit fire that would of been nice to know so I wasn't wearing white pants with black boy shorts? {Don't ask, just what I grabbed this morning} She said he would call then come by, 10 minutes go by and my door bell rings. What the heck?! I run to get a hoodie to cover as much of my "lazy stay at home mom" look as I could then answered the door as if he didn't see me run past it to get the hoodie!

Turns out they had the Internet ONLY going to one jack in the house. Just so happens to be the only one I did not try. Who on earth keeps their modem in the bedroom? So after about 25 minutes of him switching wires we are back in business. Of course the first thing I do is jump on blogger because I have missed blogging more than life its self.

Ryan was home for Thanksgiving and I mastered my first Thanksgiving feast alone. We had turkey, sweet potatoes, pea and asparagus casserole, green beans, dressing {made by MIL}, cheesy mashed potatoes {made by Mo}, rolls, apple and pumpkin pie. It was all so good and I was so happy to have my husband home to enjoy it with us. The week having my mother in law here was for a lack of better words, interesting. We put up the tree after Thanksgiving and man did I get in the Christmas mood. I was so ready to get presents and enjoy another holiday as a family.