Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I know you have all missed me right?!

I have not been on my computer in over a week. We are limited on time with my husband these days so I am enjoying the time to relax while I have his help as well as his company. His dad was here this weekend, to babysit for my first Marine ball. I thought that Ryan would be a  Master Gunny Sgt before I would make it to one but nope I made it. We had a lot of fun. The amount of alcohol my husband consumed was definitely at a Marine level. That night we got home at 1am and man was I tired. I have yet to load pictures on my computer but have one to give a sneak peak.

Ryan got off the ship early Monday morning but got off work at a decent hour that day. We took that opportunity to head to the pumpkin patch. The girls each got a small pumpkin and then we got a 70lb pumpkin. Ryan guessed it was 50lbs but he is apparently more diesel than he thought. ;) Kylie had a Halloween party on Saturday where she got to do some cute crafts. Sunday we obviously went trick or treating and man did she love it. She was at the door before her friend who was with us even knew she was headed to the next house. It was so cute to see her so excited. Kylie made off with an entire bucket full of candy. The next morning Ryan hid her bucket in a few places but some how she found it every time. She was on a sugar high all day then crashed from 7pm-8am.

Ryan and Kylie carving our huge pumpkin!

She was a butterfly! I could NOT find antenas anywehre!


  1. Dude, our blog pics are so similar:) Me with blond hair, me with black hair, me with red hair...