Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Delainey!

I wrote this yesterday and my computer refused to let me publish it. :( So here it is today!

I can not believe Delainey is a year old today! It blows my mind how fast kids grow up. The second grows even faster than the first. We will not celebrate her birthday until Ryan is home on Friday but I had to wish her a Happy Birthday today!

37 weeks 4 days

This was one of my last pictures pregnant with Delainey bug. I hated being so big but like most people start to miss the belly after its gone. Her labor was nothing but ordinary. I went in at 3 to get my membranes stripped. I started getting random contractions immediately after. I just went and laid down tried to ignore them. Ryan got home and he said lets go to the hospital! I said just go eat dinner blah blah blah. Why on earth did I care that he would get a home cooked meal?! So after an hour of him home I said okay lets go. I go to the bathroom before we leave and sure enough my water broke. I think it runs in our family that once our water breaks that baby has a max. of 30 minutes to get there. So we get in the car get on the high way, by this point I'm screaming in pain not being able to sit since that little peanuts head was already as low as it could go. They put me in a wheel chair and just leave me there for a second, I pretty much just wanted to walk instead. I get in the room and can barely get a gown on before I am in the bed ready to deliver. The nurse checked me and said yep you're 10 cms. Well anyone with a brain could tell you that she was crowning by the time I got to the hospital. They kept telling me not to push and that is what hurt. The second the doctor walked in he said has she pushed yet? In my mind I'm going what the hell I could of been pushing already?! So 15 minutes in the hospital and 10 minutes with the doctor Delainey is in my arms. Yes folks that means I was forced to NOT get an epidural. My first comment after it was over was "Man that feels so much better". I scared every woman in labor that day with my screams of holding that baby in. After delivering her they were taking blood and hooking up IV's. The guy said, well we normally do this before hand but since there was no before hand with you I guess we will do it now.
Delainey Marie Burke
7lb & 18inches

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