Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am so excited to find out this week that my best friend will be having a boy. I knew from day one that baby was going to be a boy. I said just to spite me she will have a boy.Where as I want a boy more than anything at least I will have one to spoil rotten. I think that was the highlight of my last 2 weeks.

Aint she just darlin?

Things have been stressful, annoying and over whelming around here. Kylie is having such a hard time without Daddy and man is it killing me. The child is bipolar. One minute she is screaming and the next she is hugging and kissing me. I don't understand at all. Three more days and hopefully all this will pass. {Just for it to all start back up when he leaves for the 3rd time} 

I have my Thanksgiving shopping list ready to go just waiting so I can go at it alone, when I say alone I mean with Mo but NO kids. I want to make a cute centerpiece and be all domestic this year. I looked at making a wreath as well but it needed far too many supplies for me to handle. Maybe after a full day of sleep Saturday I will be up for the challenge. I have all this stuff I want to get done but the way Kylie has been leaving the house is a challenge and leaving a store is an even bigger challenge. She has always been a pretty good kid, never had this much trouble with her but change kills her.

I finally heard from Ryan after a week of not talking to him. He was apparently stranded on an island for a few days for whatever reason. Worst part is he was on a beach right by our house. I so could of just left Kylie stranded on that island with him!

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