Friday, November 12, 2010

Ahhh the computer actually works!

I have had one ruff week and a half and my computer finally decided to connect to the Internet. Ryan's last ship op was easy as pie. It flew by with no problems. Kylie was good, I kept kinda busy, the house stayed cleaned. This ship op is the death of me. I realize this one is about a week longer but I was NOT prepared for it to be this hard. Seven month deployments are easier than what I have been threw in 8 days! When he first left as my last post stated how horrible Kylie has been. She cries and whines about everything. Every 10 minutes she is screaming about something and quite frankly I am OVER it. I miss Daddy just as much as she does but am I screaming about not getting my way? Okay so I do complain a hell of a lot.

Monday I had Lord knows what! I was throwing up from 8-8 every hour on the hour. Stomach virus or stress I have no idea  just glad it is over with. Now that I know my neighbors I have the option of sending the kids over to play when I need it. I put Delainey down for a nap that morning and sent Kylie next door. I am so grateful to finally have the ability to do that. I took a nap my self and nothing changed I felt just as bad. Around 3 that afternoon I started to try to find a way to get a hold of Ryan. I was a little over holding an 11 month old while throwing up so she didn't stick her hand in the toilet. Not to mention my 3 year old was making her own dinner. So about 4-5 hours go by after I resulted in contacting Ryan's Sgt and Ssgt and I FINALLY get a call from Ryan. At first the word was yes he could come home for the night. Mo was going to go pick him up from the field they were in. Then 30 minutes go by and I get a call from him saying Ssgt said no. He said to Ryan "Well she made it all day she can make it thru the night, what is she going to do when we're deployed?" If I could have talked to this man I would of ripped him a new one. First off I am moving home during deployment for this very reason, to have help when needed. Second, YOU are NOT deployed therefore he should be able to come home and help his family when they need it. Ryan knows damn well I never would of called unless I really needed him. I'm not one to call for stupid things. But over 24 hours of no food or liquid I was worried I'd end up in the hospital for dehydration.

Tuesday I woke up feeling a lot better. Still a little slow and wanting rest, which didn't happen! I am finally back to my normal self today. Two kids make it hard to recover from any kind of sickness.

Now I am ready for Ryan to be home and Thanksgiving to come. I have eaten so much fast food I am ready for a good home cooked meal! The thought of eating all the good food for Thanksgiving makes me warm inside. I am already stressing about Christmas presents for our families. I start thinking and making list this early every year but then procrastinate until the last minute. I need motivation! I am a little tempted to shop on black Friday this year. I never have, I hate crowds but have the urge to do the unthinkable this year.

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