Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Delainey!

I wrote this yesterday and my computer refused to let me publish it. :( So here it is today!

I can not believe Delainey is a year old today! It blows my mind how fast kids grow up. The second grows even faster than the first. We will not celebrate her birthday until Ryan is home on Friday but I had to wish her a Happy Birthday today!

37 weeks 4 days

This was one of my last pictures pregnant with Delainey bug. I hated being so big but like most people start to miss the belly after its gone. Her labor was nothing but ordinary. I went in at 3 to get my membranes stripped. I started getting random contractions immediately after. I just went and laid down tried to ignore them. Ryan got home and he said lets go to the hospital! I said just go eat dinner blah blah blah. Why on earth did I care that he would get a home cooked meal?! So after an hour of him home I said okay lets go. I go to the bathroom before we leave and sure enough my water broke. I think it runs in our family that once our water breaks that baby has a max. of 30 minutes to get there. So we get in the car get on the high way, by this point I'm screaming in pain not being able to sit since that little peanuts head was already as low as it could go. They put me in a wheel chair and just leave me there for a second, I pretty much just wanted to walk instead. I get in the room and can barely get a gown on before I am in the bed ready to deliver. The nurse checked me and said yep you're 10 cms. Well anyone with a brain could tell you that she was crowning by the time I got to the hospital. They kept telling me not to push and that is what hurt. The second the doctor walked in he said has she pushed yet? In my mind I'm going what the hell I could of been pushing already?! So 15 minutes in the hospital and 10 minutes with the doctor Delainey is in my arms. Yes folks that means I was forced to NOT get an epidural. My first comment after it was over was "Man that feels so much better". I scared every woman in labor that day with my screams of holding that baby in. After delivering her they were taking blood and hooking up IV's. The guy said, well we normally do this before hand but since there was no before hand with you I guess we will do it now.
Delainey Marie Burke
7lb & 18inches

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am so excited to find out this week that my best friend will be having a boy. I knew from day one that baby was going to be a boy. I said just to spite me she will have a boy.Where as I want a boy more than anything at least I will have one to spoil rotten. I think that was the highlight of my last 2 weeks.

Aint she just darlin?

Things have been stressful, annoying and over whelming around here. Kylie is having such a hard time without Daddy and man is it killing me. The child is bipolar. One minute she is screaming and the next she is hugging and kissing me. I don't understand at all. Three more days and hopefully all this will pass. {Just for it to all start back up when he leaves for the 3rd time} 

I have my Thanksgiving shopping list ready to go just waiting so I can go at it alone, when I say alone I mean with Mo but NO kids. I want to make a cute centerpiece and be all domestic this year. I looked at making a wreath as well but it needed far too many supplies for me to handle. Maybe after a full day of sleep Saturday I will be up for the challenge. I have all this stuff I want to get done but the way Kylie has been leaving the house is a challenge and leaving a store is an even bigger challenge. She has always been a pretty good kid, never had this much trouble with her but change kills her.

I finally heard from Ryan after a week of not talking to him. He was apparently stranded on an island for a few days for whatever reason. Worst part is he was on a beach right by our house. I so could of just left Kylie stranded on that island with him!

Shutterfly Loveee

I have used Shutterfly for years. My dad use to use to send me pictures of my sister since he lived a few states away. Now I do the same with my kids. Its great to be able to send prints to my grandparents so all they have to do is check the mail. No need to run in some where to pick them up. We've used Shutterfly for our Christmas cards, which you can find here.  They are priced so great and its so fun to make custom cards. Christmas of '08 I gave my Mom and Mother In Law each a calendar custom with pictures of our families. I put almost 2 years worth of pictures on the Calendars. You can fine those ovaaa herrree. When using shutterfly you have so many choices from mother's day cards to new years cards, or even cups and mouse pads. You have a lot of options! I've made books to send with my husband on deployment as well. I can't wait to make our Christmas cards for this year. Which means I need to step up and get a family picture to put on our cards!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Ahhh the computer actually works!

I have had one ruff week and a half and my computer finally decided to connect to the Internet. Ryan's last ship op was easy as pie. It flew by with no problems. Kylie was good, I kept kinda busy, the house stayed cleaned. This ship op is the death of me. I realize this one is about a week longer but I was NOT prepared for it to be this hard. Seven month deployments are easier than what I have been threw in 8 days! When he first left as my last post stated how horrible Kylie has been. She cries and whines about everything. Every 10 minutes she is screaming about something and quite frankly I am OVER it. I miss Daddy just as much as she does but am I screaming about not getting my way? Okay so I do complain a hell of a lot.

Monday I had Lord knows what! I was throwing up from 8-8 every hour on the hour. Stomach virus or stress I have no idea  just glad it is over with. Now that I know my neighbors I have the option of sending the kids over to play when I need it. I put Delainey down for a nap that morning and sent Kylie next door. I am so grateful to finally have the ability to do that. I took a nap my self and nothing changed I felt just as bad. Around 3 that afternoon I started to try to find a way to get a hold of Ryan. I was a little over holding an 11 month old while throwing up so she didn't stick her hand in the toilet. Not to mention my 3 year old was making her own dinner. So about 4-5 hours go by after I resulted in contacting Ryan's Sgt and Ssgt and I FINALLY get a call from Ryan. At first the word was yes he could come home for the night. Mo was going to go pick him up from the field they were in. Then 30 minutes go by and I get a call from him saying Ssgt said no. He said to Ryan "Well she made it all day she can make it thru the night, what is she going to do when we're deployed?" If I could have talked to this man I would of ripped him a new one. First off I am moving home during deployment for this very reason, to have help when needed. Second, YOU are NOT deployed therefore he should be able to come home and help his family when they need it. Ryan knows damn well I never would of called unless I really needed him. I'm not one to call for stupid things. But over 24 hours of no food or liquid I was worried I'd end up in the hospital for dehydration.

Tuesday I woke up feeling a lot better. Still a little slow and wanting rest, which didn't happen! I am finally back to my normal self today. Two kids make it hard to recover from any kind of sickness.

Now I am ready for Ryan to be home and Thanksgiving to come. I have eaten so much fast food I am ready for a good home cooked meal! The thought of eating all the good food for Thanksgiving makes me warm inside. I am already stressing about Christmas presents for our families. I start thinking and making list this early every year but then procrastinate until the last minute. I need motivation! I am a little tempted to shop on black Friday this year. I never have, I hate crowds but have the urge to do the unthinkable this year.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Things That Come Out of a 3 Year Old's Mouth

She's adorable right?
Most of my friends and family see my kids thru pictures and sometimes I feel I would enjoy them better in still images. That cute and adorable little model up there is a pain in my rear end 99.5% of the time. I love her but she is wearing me out this week!

My husband is a Marine as you all know so you can guarantee he and his friends don't have the cleanest mouth and I have to admit my self that I swear like a Marine as well. We have yet to have any problems with Kylie saying bad words but the things she says sometimes really make me wonder. Where do kids hear these things and know how to use them in the right context. This week has been more than interesting with Kylie and her attitude. The start of the week was 2 days of her screaming and whining because she didn't want to clean the SAME mess. Two days she refused. I wouldn't give in. I know better than to let her make such a huge mess and never clean it up. { I did however end up cleaning it but I didn't let her see me do it}

End of day one of this attitude she looked at me and said " I don't want you to be my mother anymore." Yep my three year old used the word mother? About 2 hours later she told me she wanted Grandma to be her "mother" because she wouldn't make her clean up. I thought I had a few years before she would start telling me she didn't want me as a mom but I guess with such a diva of a child I was wrong!

Day two she was calling Delainey a loser. I don't call many people losers in fact I cant recall the last time I even used that word. I assume she heard it from my lovely neighbor. After saying her 11 month old sister was a loser over and over she proceeded to push her over.

Today was much better than usual for our horrible week. But tonight she sat down to clean up her toys before bed and said "Bummer" whisper "Damn it" I am guilty to be the one who says damn it often. But when hearing her say it before I told her you don't say that word you say bummer. Any time anyone raises their voice in our house she screams for them to say bummer whether they are cussing or not. It's so hard not to laugh when they say funny things like this but I held it in and told her yet again it was a bad word and she couldn't say it.

I always joke that we will get a phone call on the first day of kindergarten.

"Hello Mr Burke, your daughter said the f word to another child today."
"Well I don't know where the f*ck she heard that from."

Hopefully my joke does not come true and she continues to scream at Marines for cussing! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I know you have all missed me right?!

I have not been on my computer in over a week. We are limited on time with my husband these days so I am enjoying the time to relax while I have his help as well as his company. His dad was here this weekend, to babysit for my first Marine ball. I thought that Ryan would be a  Master Gunny Sgt before I would make it to one but nope I made it. We had a lot of fun. The amount of alcohol my husband consumed was definitely at a Marine level. That night we got home at 1am and man was I tired. I have yet to load pictures on my computer but have one to give a sneak peak.

Ryan got off the ship early Monday morning but got off work at a decent hour that day. We took that opportunity to head to the pumpkin patch. The girls each got a small pumpkin and then we got a 70lb pumpkin. Ryan guessed it was 50lbs but he is apparently more diesel than he thought. ;) Kylie had a Halloween party on Saturday where she got to do some cute crafts. Sunday we obviously went trick or treating and man did she love it. She was at the door before her friend who was with us even knew she was headed to the next house. It was so cute to see her so excited. Kylie made off with an entire bucket full of candy. The next morning Ryan hid her bucket in a few places but some how she found it every time. She was on a sugar high all day then crashed from 7pm-8am.

Ryan and Kylie carving our huge pumpkin!

She was a butterfly! I could NOT find antenas anywehre!