Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sick Babies Make for an Exahusted Mommy!

Wednesday Kylie woke up pretty pitiful, just didn't want to do much. Around 12 she insisted she was not sick.

"Mom, I'm not sick I'm just tired, leave me alone."

So we went about our day as usual. She took a nap which is very rare so I knew something had to of been up. However she woke up from her nap feeling fine and playing. I took her outside to show her that her Daddy's ship was viewable from our house. Which excited her until she realized that didn't mean he was coming home that day. I wasn't brave enough to hit the store when I knew she wasn't 100% so Mo came over that night so I could get formula and diapers. You know the 2 things you CANT run out of and I do every time it's hard to leave the house. Not even 10 minutes after leaving the house Kylie threw up on Mo. How does that work? I was home with her all day long but the 15 minutes I am gone she does it. Luckily Mo was feeling okay and did not add to the pile of throw up. She even had it all cleaned up and Kylie in her night clothes when I got back. The next morning Kylie was fine and ready to play. I of course forced her to be stuck in the house for the next 24 hours. So having 2 kids means the "24" hour virus turns into a 48 hour virus. Delainey cried continuously for hours. I knew she didn't feel good but couldn't do much for her. I gave her Tylenol and we stayed away from solid foods. By Friday we were all better.  I spent the day attempting to clean up the mess of our 2 days stuck in the house. I sanitized toys and washed all blankets and clothes.

Kylie being pitiful on Wednesday night!
Yep, she is back to normal.
Nothing too exciting has gone on around here. Ryan's dad and his girlfriend will be here in the middle of next week. Then our ball is on Friday! Hopefully I will have a more exciting blog in the weeks to come.

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